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Healthy Bones by Kingdom Nutrition Company

Healthy Bones by Kingdom Nutrition Company helped to restore the well known, famous, race horse "TEAK'S NORTH" to health after congenital bruising on both legs!

About The Kingdom Nutrition  Company…
Kingdom Nutrition Company, its ownership have been participating in all facets of the equine industry and equine nutrition maximization of performance, for 40 years! We have examined- experienced each and every need of the equine Athlete, with the guidance of the foremost nutritionists and state-of-the-art facility, and through this effort our exquisite “boutique” line of supplements was created!

What Is Healthy Bones?

Healthy Bones, by Kingdom Nutrition Company, is the most comprehensive, and effective bone, joint and ligament supplement on the market today. It accelerates healing in the body by increasing circulation, and  helping to increase synovial fluid to both protect and lubricate your horse’s joints. Horses with injuries, arthritis, or joint discomfort will love how Healthy Bones— in only 2-3 months, can really get them feeling better and on the way to complete recovery. It is truly a COMPLETE bone supplement and has no competitor on the market today that offers as comprehensive support as offered by Healthy Bones.

Did TEAKS NORTH— The MONMOUTH STAKES Winner, Use Healthy Bones To Overcome Leg Injury?

YES! “Teaks North” winning the Monmouth Stakes in this video, suffered severe conjugal bruising in both legs, so he was sent to Justin Sallusto (owner of Kingdom Nutrition Company) from the Ruffian hospital and was nursed back to optimum  health with the use of multiple Kingdom Nutritional Products and Healthy Bones He raced while on the products, winning multiple GRADE 1 Stake Races.

Can I Feed Healthy Bones To My Youngstock?
Healthy Bones offers wonderful support for both broodmares and steady growth in foals. It ensures that foals and weanlings receive balanced mineral nutrition to help support the growth of strong, healthy bones, joints and ligaments.

What If My Horse Has Experience A Fracture?
ESPECIALLY if your horse has experienced a ‘fracture’, you are absolutely going to need that horse to receive the nutritional support to stregnthen an heal the bones and ligaments in the way that ONLY Healthy Bones is able to do! There isn’t another supplement out there that can give your horse the help to repair that fracture as quickly or effectively as Healthy Bones!

What Are The Key Ingredients Of Healthy Bones?

Calcium           17- 18.5%
Phosphorus      7.7-8.5%
Magnesium      4.2-5%
Vitamin D         1140-1600

Should I Use “Supreme Vitamin” In Conjuntion With Heathy Bones— For Better Long Term Results?

YES! While Healthy Bones  is the most comprehensive bone, joint and ligament health restoration supplement on the market today, your horse’s health and well being can be greatly improved by the addition of our extremely well designed Supreme Vitamin . Supreme Vitamin provides BOTH Prebiotics and Probiotics— as well as complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid support to obtain optimal health, well being and thus, enhance your horse’s performance ability. It is the foundation product created by Kingdom Nutrition Company to aid in digestion.

Why Does My Horse Need Prebiotics? Don’t They Only Need Probiotics?
Prebiotics act as a food source for your horses existing gut microbes. Unlike Probiotics— Prebiotics can introduce NEW and healthy bacteria into your horse’s gut— thus improving digestion, absorption and enabling your horse to benefit from the good feed and  healthy supplements you are buying!

Is It True That "Supreme Vitamin" Can Actually Help To Detoxify My Horse’s Gut?
Yes, that is absolutely true! Horses using our Supreme Vitamin on a regular and consistent basis, often have a deepening of color, often even dapples will appear, and will ACT in a manner that shows you they are feeling good and up to doing the tasks at hand— most of all, enjoying life!

 Is There A Money Back Guarantee With Healthy Bones and ALL Kingdom Nutrition Products?
Yes. We have offered this “money back” guarantee (of course, you are responsible to USE the product and follow our instructions!) for many years and NO ONE, has EVER asked for their money back. Instead, they become part of the Kingdom Nutrition family for many years to come and refer all their friends!

"Healthy Bones" Is The Best Bone, Joint and Ligament Support On The Market Today!
It is The ONLY Product Of Its Kind! Kingdom Nutrition Company has a national reputation for offering a SUPERIOR, first class line of “boutique” supplements that have no equal in the horse world. A little more expensive- and a LOT more effective, Healthy Bones is the only product of it’s kind for BONE, JOINT and LIGAMENT health and well being. When top Race Horse Trainers depend upon Healthy Bones- you can too! Call and tell us about your horses!

Contact: Justin or Tess 
8 Iroquois Court
Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722
Phone: 917-885-1198
Website: Click Here To Connect

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