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Advanced Equine Structural Integration with Equine Freedom Solutions
Advanced Equine Structural Integration with Equine Freedom Solutions.   Clinics, Saddle Fitting, Bodywork, Training, Retreats

About Kelly Snyder, Director Equine Freedom Solutions...
Kelly Snyder, owner of Equine Freedom Solutions is a horse lover as well as a horsewoman. She does not consider herself an equestrian as much as a full-on horsewoman who isn't afraid to tackle almost all aspects of horses and horse care. Riding is only a small piece of what we can do with, and learn, about horses, yet it has become the only thing people seem to think, talk, or read about. As a result, the horse industry has become flooded with equine “specialists” of every sort, and horse owners without knowledge of anything but riding, end up at the mercy of these “specialists”—who often can't agree on anything—leaving the horse owner broke and frustrated, and the horse no better off than it was before. Kelly Snyder hopes to inspire and encourage other horse owners to become more knowledgeable about their animals and their care, thus improving the welfare of the horse.

What is Equine Freedom Solutions' Mission ‒ and what Qualifies Them to Work with MY Horse? 

Kelly Snyder of Equine Freedom Solutions (EFS) is highly qualified to work with your horse and produces amazing results that her clients rave about. Kelly is a: 

* Certified Equine Massage and Bodywork Therapist, is passionate about exploring every possible reason as to why your horse might be experiencing pain and not moving and performing at its optimal level. This passion inspired her to become, a bodyworker and saddle fitter and to study with a highly skilled, veteran corrective farrier. Kelly’s bodywork is intuitive, yet precise, with remarkable results. 

* Certified Advanced Equine Structural Integrator through the Equine Natural Movement School, Battle Ground, WA and is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT14691), earning her license after having graduated from the the WNC School of Massage. 

* She apprenticed with Jack Boyd of Asheville Structural Integration and Catherine Hunter of Sacred Connections Horsemanship, learned saddle fitting from expert saddle fitter and saddle designer, Ron Friedson of Pegasus Saddles, and currently assists corrective shoer and farrier, John Banks.

How is Training Offered by the Equine Freedom Solutions Team DIFFERENT from Other Training?
Rather than turning to harsh tie downs, severe bits, the latest therapeutic modality, fad training techniques, or other gimmicks Equine Freedom Solutions founder, Kelly Snyder realizes that lasting change is the result of all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together. Unlike others who attempt to splice together success from random pieces, Kelly and her colleagues draw from traditional, scientific, time-proven knowledge that considers, and addresses the needs of the whole horse—not just pieces.

This wholistic approach, which creates amazing rides on quiet, responsive, yet forward horses, starts with removing all causes of pain or discomfort. 

How does the Equine Freedom Solutions Method Discover what My Horse needs to become Successful?    

Our team first checks the horse’s hooves and tack, for all potential problems. Only when the horse is comfortable and able to focus, does the team move onto a proven, systematic training program—designed to preserve the horse's health, soundness and well-being. The team turns to each other, and other qualified professionals to find real, lasting answers to each horse’s problems… and the results — are amazing!

How does EFS  help Horses and Riders to Become More of a TEAM? 
Equine Freedom Solutions', unique approach successfully helps horses and their riders improve movement and performance while eliminating pain, fear, and confusion—all of which hinder performance, health and partnership. The EFS Team begins by stripping away the layers of pain, fear, and confusion to build the horse and rider back up slowly and correctly. Frustrating or scary rides become a thing of the past. Riders feel safer and more secure in the saddle, horses are happier and more willing to cooperate. How do we do this?  By focusing on the basics that build the horse's and the rider’s foundation.

Equine Freedom Solutions starts ‒ From the Ground UP
 (starting with your horse's hooves!) 
Equine Freedom Solutions' team begins with healthy, balanced hooves, correct fitting tack and establishing healthy boundaries to build confidence in both horse and rider.
Your horse also receives massage, body and energy work to quicken the healing process.

But I have tried other Therapies and Trainers ‒ Why weren't they able to Help Me?       
New equine therapy modalities and training methods are being created all the time—yet most are all alike. Unfortunately without other important pieces of the puzzle, none of those therapies or training methods can create true, lasting change. Why do these new therapies, training methods and gizmos constantly keep showing up on the market? Kelly and her colleagues believe wholeheartedly that it is because the equestrian world has lost touch with traditional riding and training systems that kept horses sound and functioning well into old age. Otherwise, why is it that despite all of our advanced technology and knowledge, functionally unsound horses have become the norm—horses with constant back soreness even though they are ridden in custom made saddles costing thousands of dollars, horses that receive regular chiropractic and acupuncture yet have pain related behavior issues, and horses 7 years of age and under getting hock injections! Why are teams of vets, therapists and acupuncturists necessary to keep our horses going?
Note: I know it has been said before, but it is the foundation of our success! Equine Freedom Solutions doesn’t rely on gadgets or the latest fad training method to help horses improve and become their best. We use a time-proven system where amazing rides on quiet, responsive, yet brave, forward horses begins with proper care and tack, and then moves onto a proven, systematic training program—designed to preserve the horse's health, soundness and well-being.

Who are the Equine Freedom Solutions TEAM Members and what can they offer Me?        
Kelly, Catherine, Ron, John, Brian, and Meade each an expert in his or her field, combine more than two centuries of knowledge and expertise to offer amazing success for those blessed to work with them. This article in the Tryon Daily Bulletin describes how these experts work together to help horses and their owners reach new levels of success. 
Kelly Snyder ‒  Equine Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Kelly Snyder of Equine Freedom Solutions (EFS) is a Certified Equine Massage and Bodywork Therapist, is passionate about exploring every possible reason as to why your horse might be experiencing pain and not moving and performing at its optimal level. This passion inspired her to become, a bodyworker and saddle fitter and to study with a highly skilled, veteran corrective farrier. Kelly’s bodywork is intuitive, yet precise, with remarkable results. Kelly is a certified Advanced Equine Structural Integrator through the Equine Natural Movement School, Battle Ground, WA and is a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NCLMBT #14691) through the WNC School of Massage. She apprenticed with Jack Boyd of Asheville Structural Integration and Catherine Hunter of Sacred Connections Horsemanship, learned saddle fitting from expert saddle fitter and saddle designer, Ron Friedson of Pegasus Saddles, and currently assists corrective shoer and farrier, John Banks.

"When I took Sonny to my trainer, after only the second session, she [the trainer] was amazed at his change. Before I really struggled to keep him in a jogging/sitting trot. Now he was prancing around like the king of the world! I highly recommend Kelly for her expertise in equine structural integration, her kind and loving manner, and her intuitive energy healing capabilities." ~Laura

"Obe has become more elastic longitudinally through her spine - I can feel this in the transition between collected work and extended work. I can also see this in her tail carriage - up and away from her body rather than clamped." ~Jennifer 

Catherine Hunter  ‒ Classical Trainer, Riding Master, Author
Equestrian Consultant, author and Peace Rider, Catherine Hunter of Sacred Connections Horsemanship is a rare treasure in an equestrian world flooded with trainers and instructors who have forgotten the time-proven systems of the past. Like the past masters, who used these traditional, classical systems, Catherine excels in correctly and humanely training quiet, steady, bold, forward horses and riders. 
A nationally rated rider, a licensed trainer and former police horse trainer, Catherine's more than 50 years of equestrian experience includes training with U.S. Cavalry Instructor and Olympic Coach, Gordon Wright, Olympic riders and coaches such as Egon Kamarassi and Lendon Gray, ANRC National Judges including Jimmy Cantwell, Pam Cantwell Baker and Kay Russell, and nationally acclaimed author, Jane Marshall Dillion. 
Catherine’s training and instruction focuses on the traditional forward riding and classical dressage systems, which equine bodyworker, Kelly Snyder, discovered helps loosen restrictions in the horse’s fascia and connective tissue. This approach to riding and training supports better, more balanced muscle development, which relieves pain and improves movement and performance.

Catherine helps you:
    •    Become one with your horse
    •    Feel more secure when you ride
    •    Ride without hurting your horse
    •    Develop a deep, two-way communication with your horse 
    •    Discover riding/training designed to support your horse's health,   soundness and well-being

“Folks are amazed how well I ride now and the performance of my horse. They always want to know, 'How do you do that?' Before riding with SCH, I was a tight rider, looking good, but clutching for dear life to my horse, unable to achieve the performance from my horse Shaddeaux and feel good about my riding. Now I gallop over hill and dale with confidence, relaxation, cooperation and security from Shaddeaux.” ~Jeanine W. 

“I love the results I've seen using the Sacred Connections Horsemanship system to rehabilitate abused horses. The foundation of clear communication is strong, so confidence and trust builds in horse and rider allowing both to relax and connect through their divine essence. What joy it is to gallop securely across a field on a horse that once grabbed the bit and bolted from fear. Patience and practice are key to success in horsemanship.
   I grew up riding hunter/jumpers on the show circuit in southern CA and I loved my time at the barn, but something was missing. My knees and low back hurt, and I rode with stiff arms from trying to manage an off the track thoroughbred at 12 years old before I was ready. When I found Sacred Connections Horsemanship and began to study forward riding, unlearning years of old habits took time.
    Gradually I noticed my knee pain eased, my back pain eased and I was able to connect with my horse in the present moment. Riding is now a cooperative and consistently joyful experience.” ~Mare M.

Brian Schwager ‒ Rider Movement Specialist
Wellness Movement Specialist and Performance Enhancement Trainer, Brian Schwager of Wellness Movement Center in Asheville gradually became an important asset of the Equine Freedom Solutions team after Kelly Snyder saw how his work greatly improved her daughter’s horseback riding, mounted archery, and kung fu abilities. Since then, Kelly and Catherine have recommended him to several of their clients with successful results. Brian has more than 35 years of qualified knowledge and experience which he uses to assess and treat areas of dysfunction within a rider’s body, thereby helping improve the rider's abilities. Besides improving a person’s mobility and stability, his goal is to also reduce the level of any pain the rider may be experiencing. Brian is a Level 1 Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist Practitioner, and Level 2 Certified Functional Movement Screen Specialist and Selected Functional Movement Assessment Specialist. 

"Since working with Brian, I have noticed increased balance and strength. He always impresses me with his knowledge of the body. I also love how thoughtful he is when creating my programs. He listens to what my goals are and also what is going on in my life and then tailors a program to my specific needs. He is amazing and such a pleasure to work with!”  ~Rebecca

Ron Friedson ‒ Saddle Fit Expert and Saddle Designer

Saddle Fitter and Saddle Designer, Ron Friedson of Pegasus Saddles is a titan in the equine industry, yet is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is considered one of the top saddle designers and saddle fitters in the world, is a specialist in hard to fit horses, and holds multiple patents for helmet and saddle technology. Kelly and Catherine love his Pegasus saddles because the technology allows the saddles to fit any horse. For horses that have less than ideal toplines, due to atrophied or uneven musculature, Pegasus corrective pads, with 4 pockets and multiple shims for each pocket, make supporting the saddle over the horse’s back much easier. All this well-designed technology means that Pegasus saddles do not interfere with the horse’s movement, while actually improving the horse’s movement and performance and eliminating debilitating back pain problems. The Tryon Daily Bulletin featured 2 great articles about Ron's amazing Pegasus Saddles:

Article 1
Article 2

"I can only say great things of Ron Friedson. He will go beyond what is needed to make certain you are happy.  He is incredible to do business with and will always make time for you. I will never buy from anyone else. I love my new Pegasus saddle!" ~Susan

John Banks ‒ Veteran Farrier and Corrective Shoer 

John Banks, is a legend in his field, locally as well as regionally, while also being an extraordinarily humble man. Catherine and Kelly would not be nearly as successful  without John's wisdom and skill addressing hoof imbalances causing movement and performance issues often associated with pain throughout the horse’s body. John studied, trained and worked as a professional mechanical engineer before retiring. That knowledge is employed brilliantly in his ability to know when a horse’s hoof angles are causing discomfort and impairing quality movement. As a result of John’s eye for angles, deceased master farrier,  Red Tomlinson, employed John to teach hoof angles to students at his farrier schools. Reactions from horse owners after John has worked on their horse’s feet have ranged from tears of joy, hugging him with gratitude, and insisting he’s an angel!

Meade Neumann ‒ Life Coach and Master Healer

Meade Neumann of Renewed Spirit Healing provides emotional guidance, support, and empowerment for horse owners who dare to dream of having a better relationship with their horses through healing of their horses and themselves. Horses are known for mirroring their people, but often times that mirroring can bring up things inside us that are painful or confusing. This happens especially during any sort of healing process. Meade’s work provides powerful insight, balance, and perspective, which helps riders navigate the subtle inner world of emotions, so they can consciously choose a positive path towards happiness and success! She studied life coaching under priestess, Rhiannon Martin, is a graduate of the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage, and is also a Reiki Master and Norse Greenlief Healer. 

"Meade has a wealth of wisdom and healing tips." ~Mary

"I value my time spent with Meade. She has provided me with introspective elements that have been long overdue in my daily life. Over the years I have received relaxation, personal care and intuitive insights into my perspective. I have improved my self image and have learned to restrain when needed and how to let go of things as warranted for survival. My time spent with Meade is awesome and I adore it . . ." ~Kit

What Packages are Available to Me?   

    Local clients (within 1 hour of Asheville) 
    Non-local clients (within 2 hours of Asheville) 

* Local Single bodywork session for a horse ‒ $135 or a package of 5 sessions for $625 

* Non-local Single bodywork session for a horse ‒ $150 or a package of 5 sessions for $700 

* Local Saddle Fittings are $65 for clients ‒ $50 with a series of bodywork sessions

* Non local $100 ‒ $85 for non-locals with a series of bodywork sessions

(Saddle Fittings purchased with a series will be performed during one of the 5 sessions)

* Bodywork, saddle fit combo:  Locals $185 Non-locals $235

Can I get a Complete, All-Inclusive Program for My Horse?
YES! For those who are serious about getting the most out of their horse’s bodywork sessions and improving their horse’s movement, performance and comfort, a Complete Overhaul Program is available for only $2250 per month ‒ minimum 3 month commitment. 

All Inclusive Packages include: 

    •    Full Board in Tryon, NC
    •    Evaluation and care of horse’s hooves by veteran Farrier and Corrective Shoer, John Banks and apprentice, Kelly Snyder
    •    Weekly Bodywork session for your horse by Kelly Snyder
    •    Training 3x wk by Sacred Connections Horsemanship's Lead Instructor/Trainer, Catherine Hunter
    •    5 additional private sessions with Catherine Hunter
    •    Discount on services from Wellness Movement Center
    •    Discount on purchase of Pegasus Saddle 
    •    Feed and supplements provided
    •    All work under saddle will be performed using Pegasus saddles and corrective pads to ensure each horse is able to move without saddle interference or saddle induced pain. 
Board includes: quality grass hay and feed, daily private turn out and matted stalls, large arena with jumps and access to trails. High-quality supplements by Advanced Biological Concepts included. (For specialty diet needs, contact Equine Freedom Solutions.)

Are Accommodations available for me?
YES. Airbnb accommodations are available at a discounted price. Contact Kelly at Equine Freedom Solutions for availability and pricing.  828-665-2589  or  Catherine at Sacred Connections Horsemanship 828-505-9221  

Ready for Answers ‒ not sure about a 3 month Commitment? 

A week-long evaluation package for $685 is available. Evaluation package includes: 
    •    Hoof balancing consult with John Banks and Kelly Snyder
    •    Saddle Fitting
    •    Training/performance ability evaluation for your horse with Catherine Hunter
    •    Riding compatibility evaluation for you with Catherine Hunter
    •    2 bodywork sessions for your horse by Kelly Snyder
    •    Conversation and evaluation of your riding goals and your horse's ability to meet those goals

Evaluations for local horses: (within 20 minutes of the Tryon International Equestrian Center) No need to move your horse! If the property owner or manager at your current facility allows outside trainers, instructors, farriers, and therapists, the Equine Freedom Solutions Team can offer the week-long evaluation package at your farm. (contact EFS for local pricing discounts)

What about a 3-Day Clinic-Retreat for You and Your Friends? Your Place or Ours!
We would love to help!! You and your friends can spend a magical weekend celebrating the magnificent spirit of the horse! The Equine Freedom Solutions Team offers wonderful 3-Day custom designed retreats to help you discover a deeper, more satisfying relationship with your horse. The EFS Team will create a magical weekend retreat at your facility or, bring your friends to Tryon for a weekend of learning, riding, and fun!

The 3-Day weekend Retreat includes: 
    •    Individual and group sessions for you and your horse with Riding Master/Trainer Catherine Hunter
    •    Personal massage sessions  
    •    Energy work or life coaching for you
    •    Energy work for your horse 
    •    Theory discussions
    •    A group drum circle
    •    A group trail ride!  *For horses considered able, and suitable for riding outside the ring.
    •    Healthy meals
    •    Accommodations for horses and riders
Just call us and we'll answer all your questions and help with all arrangements!  

Would a Horse Camping Retreat be more Your Style!
Imagine fireside drum circles, moonlit trail rides and your noble steed right outside your tent door. This weekend adventure/retreat is for those who like to camp, or want to discover the fun in horse camping. Drawing from her experience as an avid historical cavalry Reenactor, Catherine Hunter helps you and your horse easily and safely enjoy the fun and adventure of camping out! For more information contact Kelly at or you can call Catherine at 828-505-9221!

Where is Equine Freedom Solutions located?  
The Equine Freedom Solutions Team is based in Asheville and Tryon, NC. For those local to the area, team members are available for individual, on site consults or sessions. Those outside the local area can receive help remotely via Skype, video and phone consults. 

Equine Freedom Solutions offers Clinics, Training, Bodywork, Saddle Fitting and Riding Solutions apart from the Crowd!  
Our ‘team’ is amazing, but nothing is more amazing than the RESULTS we offer!! Whether you are coming in for complete training, a 3-day clinic or something custom just for you and your horse—we are horse lovers like you. We are anxious to help and can customize solutions for your individual needs. You and your horse will love our friendly, peaceful, kind way of working. We offer solutions that can last a lifetime. For more information, please call Kelly today at 828-665-2589 or speak to Catherine at 828-505-9221!

Contact: Kelly Snyder
354 Warren Creek Rd
Candler, North Carolina 28715
Phone: 828-552-3003
Website: Click Here To Connect

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