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2.6 Times MORE EFFECTIVE than Chlorine Bleach-- MOMS and AQM by OdorXit
AQM (Air Quality Manager) and MOMS (Mold, Odor, Mildew, Smoke) by OdorXit are 2.6 Times more effective (and SAFER!) than Chlorine Bleach!

How Did OdorXit Come To Be?
Founded in 1999, OdorXit is a family owned, small business operating in Hamilton, Ohio. In 2014 and 2015, OdorXit won the Best of Business Mail Order Odor Elimination Products award and in 2014 won the award for Best Mail Order Merchandise Company in Hamilton, OH.  OdorXit proudly offers product made in the USA!

What is Our Company Mission?
To provide safe, natural and highly effective odor, virus, bacteria, mold, mildew elimination products; paired with years of experience, extensive research and a commitment to service excellence. Educating our customers in the science of odors and providing them with the necessary tools for success, is our highest priority.

Take the Fear Out of Corona Virus and Oxidize it And Other Odors SAFELY with MOMS by OdorXit!
Are you still wiping down doorknobs, horse stalls and common areas with bleach?  Stop!  Use Chlorine Dioxide by  It’s safer and 2.6 times more effective than chlorine on viruses, mold, and mildew, even smoke, dust mite matter and so much more. 

Is MOMS (Mold, Odor, Mildew, Smoke) and AQM (Air Quality Manager) SAFE?

ABSOLUTELY! Spray it on your hands, the horse tack, stalls, and barns and anywhere hands and horses want to go.  It’s that safe!  Try that with bleach.  NOT!  Keep your barns, stalls and your home safe with AQM and MOMS by OdorXit – they both contain chlorine dioxide!

Why OXIDIZE--- and not Sanitize?  What is The Difference?
A sanitizer deactivates/kills pathogens, ie kills bacteria and renders viruses harmless. An oxidizer breaks down organic waste products, like ammonia, into their components. Bleach does both of those things just fine. The chlorine dioxide used by OdorXit is safer and 2.6 times more effective than chlorine or bleach.  Chlorine dioxide or clo2 is the smartest choice!  

What is MOMS and is MOMS Safe For My Family and Animals?
MOMS stands for Mold Odor Mildew Smoke – which are some of the odors this safe and highly effective liquid water and chlorine dioxide product gets rid of on-contact.   But what’s chlorine dioxide (clo2) you ask and is it safe for my family and animals?  Clo2 is actually chlorine plus an extra molecule of oxygen.  That’s why we say it “oxidizes” odors on anything that can be oxidized –  changed its composition - with oxygen. It is very safe like most things are when you follow the directions.  You can be in the room, barn even stall while this product is working.  It doesn’t harm surfaces, fabrics, it doesn’t stain or leave any residue.  Yet it is 2.6 times more effective than chlorine and completely safe for humans and animals!

How Do I Apply MOMS?
Mix, spray and let it dry.
Nothing to clean up.  It’s that easy!

What is AQM and Is It Safe For My Family And Animals?

YES-- completely safe! AQM stands for Air Quality Manager and is another chlorine dioxide (clo2) based product that safely oxidizes odors, germs and anything that can be oxidized – but by putting the clo2 gas or vapor into the air (instead of into water like MOMS).  AQM needs a fan to circulate the gas in the air throughout the room or enclosed area, barn, car, etc.  In 3 to 30 days depending on the size of the room, amount of odor or area to oxidize, the source is oxidized and gone.
  • Viruses-- like Covid19
  • Germs
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Body odor on riding clothes, fabric etc.
  • Smoke
  • Mothball odor
  • Dust mite matter
  • Pet dander allergens
How Easy Is It To Use AQM? 
AQM is very easy to use and completely safe when you follow the instructions that come with each packet. 
Open the silver air tight container when you’re ready to use it. Remove the white packet inside and place it inside the plastic protector (included) with a few drops of water and place this behind a small fan. 
  • Set the fan on low. 
  • And walk away. 
  • It’s that easy! 
About The OdorXit Team
Deb McMillan Meyer- OdorXit President, OPHP, NPHP, Certified Mold Inspector
Deb is an author, past president of the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association and Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Investors Association and a leading authority on treating mold and odor damaged real estate properties. Her specialized knowledge of odor elimination relating to real estate, has made her a recognized and trusted member of the industry.

Martin Meyer- The Odor Wizard
Since 1999, Martin, the engineer of OdorXit, has spent countless hours developing and testing the best odor elimination procedures. With a background in computer engineering and years of experience, his knack for helping customers find solutions to those really tough odor problems, has earned him the title of The Odor Wizard. Martin is also the brain behind the Odor Wizard; a massive online index of odors and how to eliminate them, located at

Elizabeth Meyer Connolly- OdorXit Sales and Marketing Manager, Jill of All Trades
Elizabeth, Deb and Martin’s granddaughter and self proclaimed geek, joined the company four years ago as a sales affiliate, and quickly became a greater asset to the company. Her ability to view OdorXit products as a personal consumer has brought a fresh perspective to the company; introducing new marketing ideas and language that helps to educate and often times entertain consumers. When Elizabeth isn’t working with OdorXit, she is raising her four co-chief mess and smell makers with her husband Terence.

Together, Deb, Martin and Elizabeth, have coached thousands of individuals across the globe in eliminating odors from homes, cars, boats, businesses and even barns. With their comprehensive knowledge of odor science, and over 30 years combined experience in odor remediation, the Meyer’s have created a brand that is safe, effective and trusted by professionals and home users alike.

Do You Ever Put Your Tack or Saddle or Blankets Away Wet?
Mold and mildew is stinky that’s how you can tell it’s in the room - but OdorXit has that covered too.  Our MOMS – Mold Odor Mildew Smoke and AQM Air Quality Manager will knock out any mold or mildew odors in the stalls, on your leather or tack and it won’t harm your horses either.  MOMS is just spray and walk away while AQM just needs a fan.  Call our toll free help line and our odor experts will be happy to tell you more and VIEW our amazing Video below!

Is It True That OdorXit Uses Essential Oils? Why Is That Important?

Of Course! Why fight Mother Nature with anything other than herself?
For centuries, essential oils have been used in cultures around the world as a remedy for cleaning, hygiene and health problems. In recent years, the effects of these naturally powerful oils have been proven as a viable alternative to modern chemicals used in everyday products, and even medicine. By harnessing the power of highly concentrated essential oils, OdorXit products are the safest way to eliminate unpleasant and sometimes harmful odors from your life.
Adding a little OdorXit to your natural cleaning arsenal, will go a long way; and is a healthier and more planet friendly option than trying to hide odors with “mountain breeze” or “citrus splash”!

Is It True That OdorXit Products Do Not Contain Harmful Bacteria or Enzymes To Destroy Odor?
Absolutely! Concentrate and Magic each use a different blend of Non-Toxic All Natural essential oils and salts to effectively eliminate and neutralize odors. Using big name enzyme or bacterial based odor removal products are a popular option when faced with an unpleasant odor problem. Unfortunately, those same products can create a larger problem than the one you intended to solve. Enzyme and bacteria based solutions are considered to be “live” and therefore have a shelf life. Exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight and oxygen can render these “live” entities inactive. If the affected area has been treated with cleaner of any kind, it creates a barrier that can also causes these products to fall short of their intended result.

For example: Pouring a large quantity of one of these inactive solutions on a urine soiled area, and leaving it to soak can cause the urine to re-dilute and spread further, and the affected area to expand; leaving you with a bigger problem than you started with.

Odor Wizard Tip: Using bleach to clean up urine can be dangerous for people and pets, due to the ammonia gas present in decomposing urine. When this ammonia is mixed with chlorine bleach it produces free chlorine which is extremely poisonous, and can cause severe respiratory distress in animals and humans alike.

Does OdorXit Products Also Eliminate Odors Unrelated To Animals and Pets?
You can bet your boots they do! Take a look in your cleaning arsenal, and pull out all the deodorizing products. Is there one for pets? Diapers? Bathrooms? Kitchens? Cars? Laundry? The list could go on! We bet you have at least 3 products in your home that claim to remove odors from your life; when in reality, most “deodorizing” products are just chemicals and perfumes that mask the unpleasant scent with a fruity or flowery smell. Scented air fresheners can add character to your home, but the ingredients in air fresheners/deodorizers are widely unregulated and can cause a whole host of health problems. Our products are highly effective, safe and all you will ever need!

NOTE: Using Odorxit Products puts the power of Mother Nature in your hands for a fresh smelling life, wherever it’s needed, without those harmful chemicals.

Is OdorXit Concentrate Effective Without Being Diluted With Water?
In this case, more does not equal better. In order for OdorXit Concentrate to be effective, the essential oils must be diluted with water. Our packaging was created with shipping costs in mind. By offering a highly concentrated product, you get the most bang for your buck. Follow the simple dilution instructions according to the bottle size, and store any excess diluted product in a secure bottle until your next use. You may only need it once, but you’ll always want it on hand. Magic by OdorXit is bottled for personal and household use, and generally does not need dilution. For larger jobs, check out our Magic Product page for dilution and usage instructions.

Why Is Pet Urine Odor So Difficult To Eliminate?

We are so glad you asked, and we love science! Few things on earth assault our Olfactory Senses as does Pet Urine. Popular myth would have us believe that pet urine odor is due to a bacterial issue. In reality, pet urine odor from a healthy animal has very little to do with bacteria. The chart below simplifies the process that leaves us scrambling for air freshener and tempts us to rid our homes of beloved four legged family members.

The ring leader of this odorous operation is Urea Salt.  There are two types of Urea Salt, and it is present in human and animal urine alike.One that chemically bonds to whatever it deposited on and the Crystallized version.

The bonded version is very difficult to remove because it is no longer soluble. The crystallized version is readily soluble in water, but if not removed from the contaminated area, it too will chemically bond to the material.

Carpet is especially sensitive to this process as most carpet fibers and adhesives contain Hydrogen Sulfide, ensuring a continuous reactionary state. Hydrogen Sulfide is also present in the urine itself. Urea Salt is hydrophilic, meaning that it absorbs moisture present in the area; this includes humidity. When Urea Salt, Hydrogen Sulfide and moisture are present at the same time, the result is Methyl Mercaptan Gas. This gas is interpreted by our sense of smell as unpleasant and foul. For our furry friends though, urine odor is a form of communication; not something to be gotten rid of.
What good would marking your territory be, if the rain easily washed your scent away?

So How Does OdorXit Work?
Why, Contact Chemistry my dear! The essential oils present in OdorXit Concentrate eliminate the gas and odors present in the decomposition process. In order for OdorXit Concentrate to be effective it must come in contact with as much of the odor source as possible. Missed areas during use will cause the odor issue to continue. Use diluted OdorXit Concentrate to eliminate odors such as urine/feces/vomit, spoiled food, skunk and animal spray marking.

Special Note: The essential oil blend in Magic by OdorXit absorbs the odor gases in the air and neutralizes them immediately. Magic by OdorXit is great for recurring odors in bathrooms, cars, litter boxes and body odor from pets. Just a few sprays of Magic in the air or on the odor source, will absorbs those unwanted smells.

Where Can I Use OdorXit For My Horses or Dogs?

Here, There, and Everywhere! OdorXit can be used on any water tolerant surface, to neutralize the smell of urine, feces, skunk and pet body odor. It is as safe as soap, and can also be used directly on animals during bathing to eliminate any unpleasant odors they may be carrying with them.

Here Is The Tough Question: Is It True That OdorXit Can Eliminate Cat Urine Smell?

You bet cha! OdorXit Concentrate gives you the power to keep the cat and kick the smell! Cats by nature are not water drinkers. In the wild, they absorb most of their water from their prey. House cats have particularly strong urine because they do not consume as much water, making their urine highly concentrated. By using OdorXit Concentrate to neutralize urine residue when cleaning out the litter box, your feline friends will be less likely to use that basket of clean laundry. Not to worry if Fluffy decided to go outside of the box though, OdorXit Concentrate, a little ingenuity, and a dash of elbow grease can remove cat urine from just about anywhere! Add OdorXit Concentrate to your laundry, and you’ll never know Fluffy was there.

NOTE: For lasting freshness spray Magic by OdorXit in/near litter boxes, and even on Fluffy! Carpet padding and couch cushion foam can be very difficult to treat, please get in touch with us so that we can consult with you personally about the best course of action.

Can I Spray OdorXit Products Directly On My Dog To Eliminate Odor?
Yes...Spray Away! All our products are safe for skin! Using diluted OdorXit Concentrate during bathing and grooming eliminates odors and gives pets a fresh start. Save the tomato juice for the vegetable soup! (Diluted Concentrate gets the skunk out too!) Magic by OdorXit sprayed directly on pups or applied with a soft cloth, will help to neutralize odors from sweat/oil/anal glands.

How Often Should I Apply OdorXit?
Application procedures vary greatly, and depend on the surface and situation. To find out the best way to Make your Life Smell Fresh, visit our Odor Wizard online catalog or give us a call. If your odor issue is not in our catalog, give us a call and we will be glad to coach you to freshness!

What Does Say About
Honestly, we gave OdorXit a really tough problem to solve. For many years the older cat in our office had "missed" the litter box, urinating NEXT to the litter box. This was not only frustrating, but presented a real problem as we have clients in and out of our office all the time. We tried everything-- many products DID offer improvement-- but NONE completely obliterated the odor like OdorXit! We have also found that adding a little of the concentrate can safely deodorize our pets here too-- this is a truly amazing product I recommend to everyone!
Ann Pruitt- Director.

Is It True That I Can Call The People At OdorXit For Advice If I Need To?
The Odor Wizard is at your service by phone, email and on our website. Check out our widely praised Odor Wizard online catalog of hundreds of odors and the product and process needed to solve it. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide personalized service through any of these outlets, and invite you to get in touch with us, so that we can get you on the road to a Fresher Life

Are you ready to Smell the Fresh Life?
It may be impossible to believe, but OdorXit Products really do work, Naturally! You’ll love the way it restores your home, animals and life back to the healthy smells you enjoy. Visit us online at or give the Odor Wizard call and Make your Life Smell Fresh today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
3729 Riva Ridge Drive
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Phone: 1-877-636-7948
Website: Click Here To Connect

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