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Kool Kurtains by Certified Shade Technoloties, LLC
Kool Kurtains™ are a NEW, Technically-Advanced product that are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to deflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat rays.

How Important is Your Horses Comfort To YOU?
Like you and I, your horse just wants to have a comfortable life. They want good food, clean water, and loving care. Horses don’t want to be sweating in the sun or having insects crawling all over their face and bodies.  A shelter is nice, so is a barn— but how hot is that shelter or barn in the heat of the noon day sun? Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the glare of the sun from overheating that nice shelter or barn? KoolKurtains are made from an extremely advanced textile called CS80 (certified Shade 80) which actually is scientifically proven to deflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat rays!! Horses love the cool… they’ll soon learn to seek out the areas protected by KoolKurtains!

Make Your Horses Home A Happier, More Bug-Free, Bird-Free, Heat- Free Place To Be!
Kool Kurtains are the newest, technologically-advanced means to affordably create a cool, bug-free, and bird-free haven for your horses. Kool Kurtains offer passive cooling and environmental screening for your equine facility while permitting airflow. Kool Kurtains are great for run-in-sheds, barn aisles, stall doors, dutch doors, and arenas.  If you need shade or insect and bird screening; you need Kool Kurtains.

At Kool Kurtains— We Make SHADE!
Kool Kurtains are made from CSTechnologies’ exclusive textile, CS 80®, (Certified Shade 80) a durable, weather resistant, anti-microbial textile that has been scientifically tested and certified to a deflection rate of up to 80% of the sun’s heat rays.  The percentage of deflection varies with the angle of the sun. This technologically- advanced textile and its application via Kool Kurtains, provides many advantages for horse, farm and ranch operations of all sizes.

What Are My Color Choices & Which Colors Help Repel Bugs A Little Better?
The 3 beautiful color choices we offer are BLACK, Dark Bay and Natural Weave. CUSTOM colors are available at an additional price in White, Hunter Green, Grey and Beige — if you would like custom colors, we are happy to send you swatches and the additional charges. 

Which Colors Help Repel Bugs More and Which Are “Cooler"
You will be surprised to learn that ALL the colors offer the SAME cooling properties… there is no difference! ALL are certified “CS80” and all will help provide a noticeable  temperature change your horses will enjoy. Now— for the ability to repel bugs— the DARKER colors do better. Bugs do not like feeling ’trapped’ and when they see the black or dark bay, it reminds them of a cave and they want to avoid it. So, the darker colors are a little more ‘bug repellent” 
Note: Also the DARKER colors let a little less ‘light’ in— so it appears a little darker inside. 
Can Kool Kurtains Customize Orders To Fit Horse Trailers, Dog Shelters, Patios and More?
You bet! We help people with special orders to fit any area you need us. Dog Shelters, Horse Trailers, Barn Windows, your imagination is the limit. We are here to help!

Can I Keep My Kool Kurtains Up In The Winter Time?
Absolutely!!! Many of our customers leave Kool Kurtains up on run in sheds year round even in colder climates.  They feel Kool Kurtains help to keep out rain and snow and preserve bedding.  Additionally, they feel Kool Kurtains provide protection from the cold winter winds— horses really enjoy the privacy and feeling of protection within Kool Kurtains!
What Sizes For BARN AISLE OR RUN-IN-SHED Applications?
  • Kool Kurtains Panels come standard 35.5” wide.
  • Kool Kurtains come standard lengths in 6” increments 7.0’ through 10.0’ 
  • Kool Kurtains have a 2” reinforced header with grommets at the top of each panel for easy installation and application.
  • Kool Kurtains are usually attached to the inside header of the aisle or run-in. 
  • Ideally, Kool Kurtains panels should overlap each other by 4 to 6 inches.
  • Kool Kurtains should never touch the ground or cover a center post or pole.  
  • Kool Kurtains come in three standard colors:  Dark Bay (chocolate brown), Black, and Natural Weave (light beige tweed).
  • All colors provide the same scientifically-tested protection:  up to 80% deflection of the sun’s heat rays.
  • Custom lengths and applications are available.

To Measure for Kool Kurtains, You Only Need To Take 2 Measurements!
Measuring is so easy!! You need the HEIGHT of the open space (how tall is the open space) and the LEGNTH— how WIDE is the open space? That’s pretty much  all you need.    
Note: If the Run In Shed has a pole or post in the middle - you will want to measure each section separately. We want the POST or POLE exposed so your horses— and you— don’t run into it!

Are Kool Kurtains Easy To Install?
Yes they are! You will love how easy it is! Some customers have related to us that they use large cup hooks to hang Kool Kurtains, although caution is needed to ensure open ended hooks are secure from horse’s reach and that Kool Kurtains are secure on the open hooks in wind.  Other customers have told us they have used heavy duty staples to hang Kool Kurtains …it’s personal choice and largely dictated by how much wind the Kool Kurtains will encounter. We are happy to advise you.    Note: Kool Kurtains need to be at least 4-6 inches OFF the ground so your horse doesn’t step on them!

How Do I Acquaint My Horses With Kool Kurtains?
OK… we all have horses and we know how they react the first time they see something new. Be patient. Help your horses to see the panels are nothing to fear— give them rewards and pats for standing near it, let them touch it with their nose.  Let them see YOU walk in and out without a problem and, then, as safety permits, walk them in and out. The first time or two, they may ‘jump’ in and out— so don’t stand right in front of them— but after a time or two, with your encouragement and rewards, they will see that Kool Kurtains are nothing to fear. Very soon they will seek them out and even seem to ENJOY the gentle brush of the Kurtains over their backs and sides as they walk in and out. Bottom line— take a few minutes and help your horse to learn how wonderful Kool Kurtains really are!

What Do They Cost?
The real question, is how much do we save? Kool Kurtains only cost $69-$99 (depending on how tall of a panel you need) and are 35.5 inches wide. They should over lap slightly. Ordering is so easy and Kool Kurtains are the most cost effective, gentle and effective way to keep your shelters cooler, more ‘bug free’ and inviting to your horses. A 15’ wide opening that is 8 feet tall (without a pole in the middle!) should take about 5 panels and ordered with a 7.5’ TALL Kurtain (remember, you want the curtain to be about 4-6 inches from the ground so that your horses don’t step on them)

Order Your Kool Kurtains Today!
You will wonder how you ever got along without them. Make your pasture shelter or barn a TRUE SHELTER from Heat, Sun, Rain , Snow— and BUGS! Your horses will LOVE having a place to escape the outdoor elements, flies and mosquitoes and you will love seeing happy horses. Call Ellie at Kool Kurtains today— we’ll help you with your order and answer all questions you have. Order today and make your horse’s life COOLER and HAPPIER!

Contact: Ellie Trueman 

Ocala, Florida 33475
Phone: 301-407-0744
Website: Click Here To Connect

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