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Hoof Doctor by Mineral Medix
Hoof Doctor is an all natural topical that can be used over the WHOLE HOOF and has been known to help at least 90% of hoof problems!

About Mineral Medix — The Proud Makers of Hoof Doctor
Established in 2014, Mineral Medix Corp. is a Canadian-based manufacturing company specializing in the production and distribution of the highest-quality natural medical supplements across North America. Our products are made of only the finest natural ingredients and are intended to provide consumers with the best effects for their health. With support from Mineral Medix, you can be sure that your health is in good hands!

Mineral Medix Proudly Offers 5 Different Lines of Health Products:

GUARD+ - Advanced Natural Health Products and Supplements
The GUARD+ line uses traditional natural herbal ingredients with the most advanced and efficient formulas to fight targeted symptoms and their underlying problems across the entire body.

Zeolite - Natural Detox Based on Clinoptilolite
The most effective detox products to adsorb toxins, heavy metals, radioactive elements, and free radicals that may have entered your body with drinking water or food.

ZeoPad - Univeral Water Sorbent Purifier
The use of ZeoPad in the water treatment process helps supply your body with chemically and biologically pure water, free of harmful toxins.

ZeoPet - Advanced Health Care for Your Pet
ZeoPet's complex nutritional supplements have been developed with special blends and mineral compositions to adsorb harmful environmental pollutants and encourage optimal health in dogs, puppies, and cats.

Equine Line - For Healthy and Happy Horses!

Consists of Hoof Doctor - hoof care and protection solution & ZeoEquine - zeolite detox for horses.

Hoof Doctor — PROTECT, PREVENT, and HEAL…
Hoof Doctor offers a topical, all-in-one added layer of protection when painted onto a horse’s hooves. The all-natural formulation acts as a sealant. By coating minor nail holes and surface cracks, the bacteria and fungus that cause thrush, cankers, abscesses and white line disease, are blocked from entering the hoof wall. It also helps the hoof maintain an optimal moisture level by supporting the hoof’s natural process of replacing its outer layers of keratin, making hooves strong. 

How Can Birch Bark, One of the Leading Ingredients- Help My Horse?
Birch bark extract is one of the main active ingredients found in Hoof Doctor. Birch bark has been used for centuries in both human and veterinarian medicine because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. The main component of Birch Bark is called betulin. That’s what gives birch the characteristic white color. Research studies conducted in human medicine have provided evidence that betulin has naturally occurring pain relieving qualities, which provide relief to horses suffering from a variety of hoof ailments. 

What Other Key Ingredients In Hoof Doctor Help To Provide its Outstanding Results?
Certified omega-3 oil, Vitamins A and D, which are found in fish oil, are also key ingredients in the Hoof Doctor topical. Together, these components promote tissue repair and encourage the growth of healthy hooves. You can use Hoof Doctor with confidence. The formulation follows FEI regulations and does not include prohibited substances identified on the FEI 2019 Equine Prohibited Substance List.

What Hoof Problems Can Hoof Doctor Help My Horses With?
So many!
Due to Hoof Doctor's active ingredients' antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, restorative, and Keratinization properties, Hoof Doctor is capable of treating most common hoof related issues such as:

    •    Thrush and Cankers
    •    Quarter Crack and Sheared Heels
    •    Hoof Wall Cracks,
    •    Corns and Sole Bruises
    •    Hoof Abscesses,
    •    Seedy Toe/White Line Disease
    •    Laminitis/Founder

Can Hoof Doctor Help My Horse With Tender Hooves?
YES! One of the great advantages that Hoof Doctor has to offer is that it is very effective in the relief of hoof sensitivity. The ingredients of Hoof Doctor are incredibly potent and act on multiple fronts to provide a multi-faceted effect:

1. They create a protective layer preventing moisture from getting inside the hoof while simultaneously keeping the hoof healthy.
2. Due to deep penetration properties, Hoof Doctor restores tissue repair, strengthening the keratinization process

What Advantages Does Hoof Doctor Offer? 
Hoof Doctor is like nothing you've ever tried before—it is the ONLY hoof care product that you will need to use on your horses' hooves to:  

* Help eliminate hoof sensitivity 
* Improve the quality and elasticity of the horn hoof plate 
* Prevent the loss of natural moisture of the hoof 
* Strengthen the keratinization process (keratoplastic effect) 
* Prevent thrush (rotting hoof frog) 
* Stop the destruction of the hoof horn from external factors such as excessive cooling or overheating, mechanical injury (hoof cleavage), and excessive dryness or humidity. 

In addition, Hoof Doctor is unique in its ability to provide care for the hoof because it:
* Has antibacterial properties (kills most bacteria, including tubercle, bacillus and anthrax spores) and has an antifungal effect 
* Has a strong Antiseptic effect 
* Has an Antiparasitic and insecticidal impact 
* Has Anti-inflammatory properties 

Can I Apply Hoof Doctor To The Entire Hoof and Frog?
YES! It is so safe, gentle and effective that you can apply Hoof Doctor to the entire hoof in complete safety. It's recommended to apply Hoof Doctor on the whole hoof to ensure the fastest and most efficient effect.
Can Hoof Doctor Help Protect My Horses That Are Standing In Mud?
While we never recommend leaving your horses in the mud for long periods of time, we do know that rain is a part of life and that there may be consecutive days where constant rain makes it impossible for you to find a dry spot for your horses. Make sure your horse is not out in the mud and rain for hours on end. But, if you need to lead your horses into a wet area for a few short hours a day, make SURE to apply Hoof Doctor before turnout. Hoof Doctor creates a barrier that keeps hooves from becoming oversaturated in moisture and keeps hooves from absorbing toxins and bacteria. This is a huge benefit for your horse and can allow them a few hours of protection in a wet environment without damage to the hoof. 
Until now, there hasn't been any product on the market that can provide such a broad and effective treatment for hooves.

What Are The MAIN Ingredients?
Each ingredient is all-natural, highly effective, and incredibly nutritious for the hoof wall and horn!
  • Birch Bark Extract
  • Organic Omega-3 Oil
  • Vitamin A & Vitamin D
  • Other 100% Natural Ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Essential Oils, etc. 
Is Hoof Doc Is Non-Caustic With NO Harmful or Petroleum-Based Products?
That is RIGHT… Hoof Doctor is so safe that you can apply to the entire hoof from sole to wall and horn and help to nourish and protect your hoof each and every time. 

How Do I Apply Hoof Doctor- and How Often?
Hoof Doctor should be applied to the entire hoof 3 times a week for optimal results in protection and prevention. 
  1. Clear the hoof of visible mud/ordure.
  2. Ensure the hoof is clean and dry.
  3. Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the hoof sole and walls.

What If I Am Dealing With Thrush, Cracks or Other Severe Problems?
To treat severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week.

What Do Horse Owners Say About Hoof Doctor?

My mini has been struggling with FOUNDER for almost 2 years. She is trimmed every 3-4 weeks but has been very difficult to trim as her feet were so sore to stand on. I only used the Hoof Doctor 3 times before her trim and the difference was night and day. I am so excited to see her moving again and will continue to use.
Sharon from Kuna, Idaho, USA — Horse Owner
As one of the oldest and still-active trainers in the county, my word and integrity are still highly respected as the “Gentleman of the Industry”. We old-timers say, "THE FOOT IS THE HORSE.” In racing I have seen it all, and tried many foot dressings over my 79 years of experience. No product is as good as this. Period. I say that because I’m now a firm believer that HOOF DOCTOR creates foundation. The foot is not only an importing part of the horse, as we always used to say, “The foot IS the horse.” I have told many trainers that we guarantee success. Overcoming thrush has never been easy, but this natural product has made it easy. I am the greatest critic of many supplement providers who come around not understanding a horse and our industry, but the people behind HOOF DOCTOR understand our unique business and understand the anatomy of the foot. This makes it a unique pleasure doing business with the HOOF DOCTOR professionals. Refreshing in that they know about horses.
George Handy Sr | New England, Massachusetts, USA Hall of Fame Trainer
I am thrilled to report about my experience with this amazing product. I purchased my horse 2 and 1/2 years ago, fully aware that he had a hoof condition. I was willing to take him and his condition on as I have had many horses that I had rehabilitated with various conditions. He had had a split hoof and subsequently had exposed his hoof to bacteria etc. I proceeded with hoof hygiene and regular farrier support and supplements. I continued to read up and try anything to help my horse. We had a couple of abscesses during this process but I kept up with the trimming treatments of all kinds, including thrush buster, white lightning, soaking etc. My farrier continued to pack the seedy toe each time he trimmed and I was diligent to keep his hooves picked out and clean bedding etc. Anyway, getting to the this amazing product, my husband had bought me some gifts for Christmas and Hoof Doctor was given to him as the owner had met me and knew I had a horse. I immediately began to read the pamphlet and felt good about it, so I started it right away. After a few weeks, it was time for the farrier to trim. At that time, it was the first time he said my horse's hooves were in great shape. He said there was no trace of thrush and no need to pack the hoof. The only thing that had changed was my use of the Hoof Doctor product. It is a natural based product and obviously ordered it and was thrilled with the quick service. I am so happy to have found this product!
Julie Wright | Collingwood, Ontario, Canada Horse Owner
I met Eddie through a very close friend of mine around December 2019 at Gulfstream, I learned about the Hoof Doctor and I was very impressed of what it can do so I asked Eddie to provide me with samples and I gave many to my friends who happen to be Vets, Trainers, Farriers and owners, after a few weeks I get so many good feedbacks from so many people, a lot of them are saying how it's is a miracle product and how it made their horses totally different. Now, everyone is asking me where I can purchase the product, so I asked Eddie and he told me that the product is available at all tack shops, so please contact the tack shop near you to enjoy the amazing Hoof Doctor.
Mirtha L | Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA — Horse Lover and Enthusiast
I own a very beautiful Horse and a short while ago my Farrier told me that my horse had a very bad case of white line disease, he tried many different hoof dressings and nothing helped, so I went to my tack shop to get some supplies in Orangeville and I saw this new product and I picked up a sample of the hoof Doctor, I read the brochure to see what it can do and I couldn't believe it, so I gave it to my Farrier to try and after applying once a day for just 4-5 days it was like magic, we saw major improvements like we never saw before and after just another 2-3 days the disease was gone, it's unbelievable, I want to thank the people at hoof Doctor for creating such a good product, and I highly recommend it to all horse owners!
Michael Caruso | King City, Ontario, Canada — Horse Owner
I see the changes that this product made in a very short period of time. I can tell for the horses I have worked on, Hoof Doctor allows the foot wall to "breathe." It provides anti-fungal properties to fully eliminate thrush. I guess the bark of the tree have many magical properties in which Hoof Doctor has harnessed for our horses.
Ulmer Reyes | Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA — Farrier
I have been using Hoof Doctor on my 17 year old, 17hh warmblood mare for 6 weeks and I love it! She is a big girl with a history of DDFT tears, navicular changes and with very thin soles is abscess prone. So, anything I can find to keep her more comfortable on her feet means the world to me. Since using Hoof Doctor, I noticed that her soles look the best they ever have, the cracks on her heels have finally closed and she is standing more square at rest.  I would recommend Hoof Doctor to everyone I know who has a horse in their life.
Tina | Burlington, Ontario, Canada — Horse Owner
I have used Hoof Doctor for 2.5 Months on my 3 horses, one with dry crack, one with Thrush and the other one without foot issues. The cracks have grown in nicely and have not returned, the thrush has gone away and the other has perfect hoofs. When put on before work, arena dirt does not stick. I would highly recommend this product for horses with problem feet or horses in a high-intensity program, I will continue using it on a daily basis.
Alexandra Schenk Delray Beach, Florida, USA Horse Owner
I saw a very quick turnaround with a hoof of one of our horses, the lower part had no integrity due to a very debilitating thrush. The lower wall had no integrity, and both the coronet band and the hoof with pinchers were extremely painful. After just 4 days of using the Hoof Doctor, I couldn't believe my eyes—it was like a new horse.
Martin Vasquez | Miami, Florida, USA — Blacksmith at Gulfstream
I have two horses in training and a pleasure horse on the farm. The stabled horses have improved, but the real test was with my riding horse on the farm where his feet are exposed to much wetter conditions. HOOF DOCTOR worked just as George Handy described: “HOOF DOCTOR seals without making the foot mushy. The product keeps out excess water, but also breathes.” I love this product, and so do my horses. My stable size is growing and I would say, “From the feet up!”
Denis Lammers | New York, New York, USA — Trainer at Gulfstream


At $36.99 for 15 oz (FREE SHIPPING)— Everyone Can Afford to Have a Hoof Doctor In Their Barn!
Hoof Doctor understands that everything is riding on your horse’s hooves— including the life and well-being of the horse.  Take a look at the testimonials above — we know that you will NEVER find another product like Hoof Doctor! You’ll love our FREE SHIPPING and easy to use, highly effective product. Let your horses enjoy the advantages of using Hoof Doctor and call to order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
99 Park Avenue, PH
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 888-777-7899
Website: Click Here To Connect

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