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Fight the Ravages of Cushings With Cushings PLUS™
Cushings PLUS™  helps to give your horse comprehensive nutritional support to keep Cushings under control for as long as possible.

What Is Cushings and How Can CUSHINGS PLUS™ Help My Horse?
Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, better known as Cushings disease, is a painful, debilitating and potentially fatal condition for horses. It is caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland in the horse's brain and leads to uncontrollable levels of hormones in the body. The symptoms of this include heatstroke caused by an inability to shed fur, laminitis episodes, anemia, colic and impaired liver function. While there is no cure for Cushing's, the symptoms may be managed using our proprietary Cushings Formula. Our natural Cushings PLUS™ formula increases blood flow and provides vital nutrition to the affected areas. Ingredients such as Chasteberry and Arginine will help the horse to finally shed that coat as well as reduce the severity of laminitis episodes, while antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E will improve the strength of the immune system, helping the body to fight the symptoms of this debilitating condition.   This natural formula is a one stop shop for Cushing horse nutrition.

What Is the Dosage?

1 scoop (32 cc per 1000 lbs.)
Loading Dose:
 One scoop 2 x day for the first three days
 1 scoop daily
Note! If a Cushings related Laminitic episode occurs give Nitro PRO™ immediately! one scoop 3-4 x day until episode is resolved.  You will be giving Cushings PLUS™ once a day during this time.  Feel free to call us for a custom protocol for your horse.

Can I Use Cushings PLUS™ if I Am Competing?
This formula gets real results for horse owners but will test at competitions. Please discontinue for 72 hours (3 days before) if your horse will be tested at a show.  

What Do Horse Owners Say About Cushings PLUS™?
Insulin Resistance (IR) and Cushings are on the rise!  Nutrition is a HUGE determining factor with this health challenge.  We get 2-4 calls almost every week regarding horses with Cushings or Laminitis from Cushings.  Below is a testimonial that is very common and related to the diversity of issues Cushings can cause.  

It’s not about our Products, it’s about our Results!

Hildi the donkey came to live with me about 13 years ago. We believe that she is half mammoth and half Andalusian donkey, making her quite large and with extremely long, gorgeous ears.

She has had a history of laminitis and abscesses in her hooves and was diagnosed with Cushings October 2018. After giving her the prescribed Prascend for 3 months I switched to Cushings PLUS. This spring she shed out well for the first time in three years. I believe the Cushings PLUS made the difference.

On May 27th Hildi suddenly went lame in her front left hoof - the same one as last summer. I started her on Nitro PRO thinking it was Laminitis, however I soon suspected another abscess. I ordered a bag of Injury PRO on the advice of the Equine Science Solutions staff and in two days it arrived!

The farrier came and opened up a soft spot on her sole, draining out a small amount of puss and blood. Four days later, after giving her the Injury PRO, Hildi went sound again. This is the quickest turn around she has experienced, so now I will always keep both Nitro PRO and Injury PRO on hand.

So grateful we found these products after using everything else.  They have made quite the difference in her quality of life and health.

Note: Since Cushings symptoms can be so diverse and caused by multiple circumstances, we invite you to call us to create a custom protocol for your horse.

Make Sure Your Horse Has Cushings PLUS™ To Help Fight Off the Ravages of Cushings Today!

For total health, there's no room for stress, anxiety, or discomfort.  While there is NO CURE for “Cushings”— you can keep it at bay and under control if you have the right supplements, feed and care. Cushings PLUS™ was carefully developed by putting all the essential pieces together; natural vitamins, minerals, hoof and coat conditioners; condition specific amino acids to trigger Nitric Oxide production for increased blood flow and ingredients to help stop the tumor growth. Our customers using Cushings Plus™ are getting real and amazing results with this natural all-inclusive formula! Discover Breakthrough Solutions for Extraordinary Health and Performance, backed by Nobel Prize Winning Technology

How Is Equine Science Solutions DIFFERENT from Other Competitors?

We Are NOT Chasing Symptoms— We Get to The CORE of The Problem!
Worry that your poor horse just can’t take another FAILED supplement?  Tired of products that don’t do what they promised or take too long to work? Our products WORK… they get RESULTS fast… we have HAPPY CLIENTS and HAPPY Horses!  If you are looking to spend money on cheap alternatives, we are here to wait patiently in the sidelines until you decide that your horse needs help and needs it now! Equine Science SOLUTIONS— offers— SOLUTIONS— we help to SOLVE and RESOLVE your horse’s health challenges.

Our customers will tell you, there is just nothing like it!  If your horse has Cushings, it not only affects their health, but their temperament, quality of life and at times, their ability to be ridden. You’ll love the empowering feeling of really supporting your horse with this health challenge.

When Your Horse Has a Health Challenge— 
Equine Science Solutions is Your Horses' Solution!
Providing your horse with our natural Cushings PLUS™ can help ensure that your horse has the best possible chance for a good quality of life.  Make sure that you have a powerful solution in your barn and call to order Cushings PLUS™ today!

Contact: Dree Ward
1000 N.Green Valley PKWY Suite 440-291
Henderson, Nevada 89074
Phone: 888-917-8565
Website: Click Here To Connect

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