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GastroElm™ Plus
GastroElm™ Plus helps clean your dog's organs- which can help restore a healthy digestive system and discourage Pancreatitis or other digestive related problems

GastroElm™ Plus Has Helped THOUSANDS of Horses, Dog and even Cats, Since 2013!

Got digestive disorders? Throwing up? Pancreatitis? Lack of Appetite? Even veterinarians have called GastroElm™ Plus a MIRACLE for horses, dogs and cats. Its all natural ingredients are soothing and restorative to the body and help to both heal and discourage ulcers and digestive upsets….

What About My Dog That Suffers With Pancreatitis— Can GastroElm Plus Help?

YES! Our ingredients help to sooth and cleanse organs! If your animal has a sensitive stomach or is a finicky eater, GastroElm Plus is the perfect solution to avoid future vet bills.  It’s also great for dogs who tend to get into things that they shouldn’t be eating.  Simply give them a dose whenever stomach upset arises.

What Is GastroElm™ Plus Made From That Makes It So Effective and Soothing?
When veterinarians familiar with healthful herbs, see our ingredients- they marvel and are excited to give this amazing product to their clients. GastroElm™ Plus contains 4 simple, yet powerful ingredients that work in synchrony with each other in a way that is hugely beneficial to your horse and animals.  It is manufactured in the USA using a proprietary blend of high quality "human grade" Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Dandelion Root Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder blended with the finest Appalachian wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark Powder.

How Does GastroElm Plus Work and What Are The Ingredients?
GastroElm™ Plus forms a smooth gel that acts almost like an internal bandage when mixed with water.  It coats and soothes the stomach and digestive tract to help the animal feel better very quickly.

Slippery Elm soothes and lubricates the mucous membranes that line the digestive tract. That makes it an excellent treatment for ulcers, gastritis, colitis and other inflammatory bowel problems. It’s high in fiber, which helps normalize intestinal action. This means it can be used to relieve both diarrhea and constipation. Our slippery elm powder is specially ground to easily mix into a smooth gel instead of being clumpy, so it’s easy to use with an oral syringe if needed.

Milk Thistle is supportive to the liver and other vital organs to aid in long term health.  Since it is a powerful liver cleanser, it helps rebuild liver cells while removing toxins from the body that are processed through the liver. Milk thistle is effective at naturally reversing the harmful effects of pesticides in the environment and food supply, heavy metals in the water supply, pollution in the air that we breathe and even poisons!

Marshmallow Root helps restore integrity of the gut lining by forming a protective layer around small junctions (avoiding leaky gut).  In addition, it seems to be beneficial for inflammatory bowel diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Dandelion Root has many nourishing and healing properties for the digestive tract.  Additionally, the antioxidants in dandelion root have been shown to be supportive to the liver as well.  It also possesses antimicrobial properties that can help stop the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

What is the EASIEST Way To Ensure My Dog EATS GastroElm?
 Feeding is easy and important to make sure that your dog enjoys the full  and beneficial effects of ingesting GastroElm. Take a look at our short video below...

s it True That GastroElm Plus Is Also Beneficial To My Horse or Dog’s Liver and Kidneys?

YES! Milk Thistle is an amazing natural cleaner to your horse and dog’s organs— as are the other 3 ingredients— Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm and Dandelion Root! GastroElm™ Plus can truly help your horses and dogs from the inside out!

I Also Have Horses, Can GastroElm Help My Horses?
YES-- we get outstanding results with horses also!
What Kind Of Horses Are Prone To Ulcers? All  horses— particularly horses that are under any kind of stress from performance, travel, or training. It’s been estimated that up to 60% of show horses and 90% of racehorses may develop moderate to severe ulcers. Ulcers and digestive issues are also a leading health issue for older horses who may no longer process feed or hay as effectively.  Many of the best performance horses are high strung, which is a characteristic that can lead to more ulcers and digestive issues because a worried mind leads to more acids in the stomach. Get REAL results for less than $40 a month! GastroElm™ Plus  for horses

What Do Dog or Horse Owners SAY About GastroElm™ Plus?

 Testimonials come in literally every day! Thousands of horse and dog owners and even veterinarians have raved about the amazing results!

My 16 year old dog, Casey, came down with Pancreatitis and IBD and my Vet suggested giving her several different medicines. I am not a fan of giving a dog medicine due to all of the side effects and all medicines are eliminated through the kidney’s. She was so sick that I considered putting her to sleep to end her suffering. I watched a You tube video about Gastro Elm and after being sick for almost three weeks I decided to try Gastro Elm.  20 minutes after my sick dog received Gastro elm her appetite came back, it was a miracle! I gave my dog Gastro elm three to four times a day (one hour before every meal). By the second day of being on Gastro elm my sick dog came roaring back to life. Her energy returned, her nauseas abated, her appetite came back and I no longer heard any gurgling acidic noises in her stomach. Gastro Elm saved my dogs life. I now give her 1/2 teaspoon in the AM and 1/2 teaspoon before bed (with a snack). No more 5 AM bile throw ups and my dog now wakes up happy, wagging her tail and rolling on my bed. Gastro elm is by far the best holistic product I’ve found and I will always keep my dog on it for the rest of her life. Thank you!

Awesome! This worked so well for my dogs that I tried it on my horse who had major GI issues and this along with good feed changed her life! This product made it possible for my 22 year old horse to get back to eating baked hay along with her soaked pellets. She’s putting on weight and looks amazing.

What you have created is truly a miracle. I call it the “miracle gel” for people not familiar with it. We are forever grateful to you! After Amadeus was diagnosed with pancreatitis, we were struggling with him having constant flares and ending up in the hospital. It was becoming an endless cycle. The medications he was on, were just not working for him. One evening he started to have a pancreatic flare, I gave him a dose of Gastro Elm Plus, for the first time. Within 10 minutes, it was over. It literally stopped his flare in it’s tracks. I went on to give him this twice daily, and we have not had a pancreatic flare since. (He was on daily Cerenia, which we have been able to stop). I cannot speak highly enough of this product, the speed at which it works and it’s effectiveness. This is a MUST for anyone with a pet with gastrointestinal issues. Angel was lucky to have you, as are all of the sick souls that you help on a daily basis.

Many blessings....Teresa M.

This stuff is AMAZING! My dog had been vomiting daily at 3am. Vets couldn’t figure it out. He was on Pepcid and Prilosec for months and that only slightly helped. I gave this to him twice a day for 3 days, then he stopped eating it in the morning so now I just give it once daily in the evening. He has not been sick since using this except if we happen to forget it 2 days in a row. He will never go without it now, and if I forget he reminds me to get it. My dog loves it and so do we!

My horse has been so hard to get saddled up, biting me, wont stand still. And he gave me a hard time standing at the mounting block. Started him on your product 2 weeks ago. Today Dakota did not try to bite me. Easy to cinch him up. Lunged both ways, walk and trot. Stood at the steps and let me get on first try. I truly believe it’s because of the GastroElm Plus. Thank you so much. This product has been a Heaven send for me!!
Cynthia R.

At Less That $30 For A 3 Month’s Supply For Dogs --  Wouldn’t You Try GastroElm Plus?
Health and performance are inseparably tied together. Join our thousands of testimonials (too many to put on our site) from our many thousands of happy users. The GastroElm™ Plus for dogs  help dog owners who are struggling with digestive, pancreatitis or coat problems and the testimonials given for both horses and dogs roll in every day! If you have a horse
GastroElm™ Plus  for horses offers SUPERIOR results at a truly AFFORDABLE price! Bottom line,  avid horse and dog owners who wanted to take a ‘miracle’ product that is affordable so that all horses and dogs can enjoy the benefits of a healthy gut and the happiness that can result need to rrder GastroElm™ Plus today--  and get on the road to happiness, relief and peace of mind! Order TODAY!

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