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Horse Walkers and Equinecisers by Centaur Horse Walker Corp.

Best made, most affordable, and extremely durable Horse Walkers and Equinecisers by Centaur Horse Walker Corp.

About Centaur Horse Walkers- A 60 Year History of Excellence
Centaur Hot Walkers™began manufacturing hot walkers in the late 1960s. To date, we have manufactured over 6,000 standard hot walkers and over 1500 Equinecisers (European style free travel of horse). Currently, Centaur has several models of automated horse walkers from which to choose with many more options to customize to your specifications. Many popular custom options include special colors, various fencing systems, and roofing systems to keep your horses protected from the elements. Over 100 of Centaur's proprietary horse walkers are available for rent at The Los Alamitos Racetrack in Cypress, CA.

Are Centaur Equinecisers The ONLY ONE With Private Entry/ Exit for EACH Horse?

The answer is "YES"— and that sets us apart from EVERY competitor! Our Equinecisers are the best made anywhere in the USA! We understand that you probably will only use 1 gate most of the time to load and unload horses, but what happens if a horse goes down, and it is on the opposite side of the entry/exit gate? How can you get to him/her quickly, especially if you have other horses in the machine? How do you get the horses out, so you can get to a horse that pulls a muscle, or trips and cannot physically move, and who is a great distance away from the entry/exit gate? Centaur is the only exerciser company that offers an entry/exit gate for each horse... and when seconds count- you'll be glad you have a CENTAUR!
How Is An Equineciser DIFFERENT Than a "Hot Walker"?

The Equineciser Horse Walker by Centaur allows the horse to exercise untethered between moving gates, so he can move in a more natural manner, with his head free. There is a distance of 34 feet between each gate, so the horse has plenty of room. When allowed to manage his own speed, a horse will go a little slower at times and a little faster at times. The free flow horse exerciser allows for this natural regulation of energy expenditure, resulting in a more comfortable exercise session.
What Speeds Are Available With The Equineciser?
The Centaur Horse Equineciser can go from 0 to 32 miles per hour, allowing the horse to exercise at all speeds, including the walk, trot, jog, and gallop in both directions. The horse moves between outer and inner fences that are set in concentric circles. The outside fence forms a circle with a diameter of 68 feet. As the horse travels the circle, the footing banks against the outside fence.
How Is The Equineciser Safer and Better Training For My Horse?

YES! The faster your horse goes, the more the surface banks, so limb loading remains even. This is the contrast to lunging in the arena, where the surface is flat, the circle is small, and considerable-torquing force is placed on the limbs. The centrifugal forces are more like those on a racetrack and help the racehorse adapt to that strain. The Exerciser offers an advantage over the high-speed treadmill in that it provides the opportunity to train around a curve, rather than continuously going in a straight line. This might help in the adaptation of the cannon bones to the compressive forces of running around the turn on a track-like-surface in a way that is impossible to achieve on a treadmill.
Is It True That Centaur Equinecisers Offers The Highest Quality For The Price?

YES! Centaur Equinecisers offers an innovative, high-quality custom-built line of Equine Training equineciser for the thoroughbred and equestrian industries. With a total of 5 decades manufacturing experience, our horse exerciser experts can customize your exerciser in any configuration from 3 to 8 horses. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround and can deliver most of our horse training products to you within two weeks.

 • Programmable Exercise Routines
 • Not a Chain or Belt Driven Drive!
 • 5 Year Warranty on Drive System
 • Variable Speed Settings from 0 to 32 miles per hour
What If I Just Want a Traditional 2-6 Horse "Hot Walker"?

Centaur has been making traditional 'Hot Walkers' for over 60 years! We are horse people committed to ensuring the safety and well being of your horses! We make it easy to keep your horses fit and healthy with a wide range of customizable exercise equipment ideal for 2, 4, 5, or 6 horses at a time. We presently sell and lease with an option to purchase all of our products.
Is It True That Each Walker Is Built To My Specifications and Needs?
Yes— and this is one very important feature of our customer service that really sets us apart! Centaur Horse Walkers builds each horse walker (and Equineciser)to individual client specifications. Unlike other makers and distributors or horse exercise equipment, Centaur Horse Walkers does not use a dealer network – our customers deal directly with us, the manufacturer. This saves our customers from hefty middleman fees and other unnecessary charges which can complicate your decision. Our experienced staff at Centaur Horse Walkers is ready to answer any and all questions you might have about our products, or about the manufacturing, delivery, or installation process. We understand that horse exercisers represent a significant investment for any horse owner, and we promise to do our best to make your entire experience with us a smooth and hassle-free one right from the start. All horse walkers, miniature horse walkers, and hound walkers are proudly built in the USA.

Is It True That Centaur Offers LOW Prices Without Sacrificing Quality?
YES. Our standards and quality are the best in the industry-- and our prices are outstanding for the customized package that each client receives... Our prices range from $4,295 to $8,995  for our Hot Walkers!

Our TWO Horse Walkers:
Our 2 Horse Walkers offer the same wonderful quality as our other models. You will have your choice of a Single Speed that goes in both directions- or our Variable Speed that also goes in both directions! You'll love our 'quick releases', steel base cover and the low prices — depending on which speed options you select, + delivery and tax! You'll find it hard to beat the quality, design, durability, and longevity for this price!

 • Twenty enamel
Colors Palette
 • Adjustable diameter 24 ft. to 30 ft. on all 2 horse
 • All thermally protected motors
 • All galvanized steel covers
 • 5 ft. X 5 ft. Square bases
 • Quick release mechanisms on each arm
 • 2 Leads with protective covering and heavy duty swivel bull snaps
 • Primered undercoat and enamel finish
 • Head structure & arms made of square steel for added strength
 • Base constructed of 1/4 inch thick angle iron
 • Double V-Belt drive (950 lbs. Pull power)
Our 4 Horse Walkers:
Our 4 Horse Walkers offer 3 different models and speeds and sizes. Each of the highest quality and built to last. You can select from 1 speed (both directions, to variable speed in both directions or our Heavy Duty Model with variable speed. Pricing varies from but are extremely reasonable--   with delivery and tax added.

  • Twenty enamel Colors.
 • Adjustable diameter 24 ft to 30 ft on all 4 horses
 • All thermally protected motors
 • All galvanized steel covers
 • 5 ft x 5 ft Square bases
 • Quick release mechanisms on each arm
 • 4 Leads with protective covering and heavy duty swivel bull snaps
 • Primered undercoat and enamel finish
 • Head structure and arms made of square steel for added strength
 • Base constructed of 1/4 inch thick angle iron
 • Double V-Belt drive (950 lbs pull power)
Our 5 and 6 Horse Walkers
The 5 and 6 Horse Walkers are beautifully designed to handle 5-6 horses.  From $4695- $8995 with shipping and tax added. There are 4 models to choose from and each with many great selling features.
 • Twenty enamel
 • Diameter 40 ft.
 • All thermally protected motors.
 • All galvanized steel covers.
 • Quick release mechanisms no each arm.
 • Primered undercoat and enamel finish.
 • 5 Leads with protective covering and heavy duty swivel bull snaps.
 • Head structure and arms made of square steel for added strength.
 • Base constructed of 1/4″ thick angle iron.
 • Double V-belt drive ( 900 lb pull power).
What If I Need A Walker For My Miniature Horses?
We have them! Centaur has been working with miniature horse and pony breeders for 60 years. Our Miniature Horse Walkers have no equal in the industry, when you consider both the quality and the price. We have both models for both 4 and 6 miniature horses. Exercise can be especially important to little horses that tend to be overweight and need exercise more. Pricing is from $3895 - $6675 depending upon which of the 3 models you select from + shipping and tax—

 • Twenty enamel
 • All thermally protected motors.
 • All steel covers.
 • 4 Extra adjustable long leads with swivel snaps or 6 leads depending on model choice.
 • Primered undercoat and enamel finish.
 • Head structure and arms made of square steel for added strength.
 • Pull power – approximately 675 pounds
What Is The Support Structure's Made From For All Our Hot Walkers?
The overall structural design of the 6 Horse Centaur Hot Walker consists of a 8 5/8″ X 1/4″ wall vertical upright shaft which has a chain drive reduction of 5 to 1. We use 100 chain with 1 1/4″ pitch.The four support structures are made of 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ X 1/4″ heavy walled angle steel. The base legs are made of 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ square steel (1/4″ thick walls). The arms are 20' long and are made of 3″X3″ 2 1/2″X 2 ½" tubing (1/4″ thick walls) with a quick release mechanism on each arm with a lead attachment for your horse. The walking diameter is 40 feet. Optional Upgrade to 60 feet.
How Is The Drive System Powered and Controlled?
The drive system is powered by a 2 HP motor, single phase 220 Volt. The walker speed is controlled by using a remote control panel. An infinite range of speeds can be reached by simply adjusting the control panel dial. The Hot Walker can go forward and reverse. Speeds can vary from a slow walk to a gallop or canter depending upon the model that you select.
How Is This Walker Designed and What Safety Features Are There?
The walker is designed so that the main drive belts will slip at a predetermined amount of pull. The operator can change the amount of pull from practically zero up to almost 400 pounds. The arms are approximately 9'6″ above the ground which tends to minimize the problem of a rearing horse. The entire drive system is housed in a steel cover of 18 gauge. You have 20 colors to choose from. The unit is designed with your horse's safety in mind.
Depend On Centaur, Equinecisers and  Horse Walkers For  Your Exercising Needs!
Centaur Horse Walkers and Equinecisers have set the industry standard for Excellence, Durability, Flexibility and Affordability in the Hot Walker industry.  We make it easy to keep your horses fit and healthy with a wide range of customizable exercise equipment ideal for 2, 4, 5, or  even 6 horses at a time. 

Is It True That Centaur Fabricates EVERY Walker or Equineciser To Fit The Needs of The Client?
YES and this really sets us apart! Centaur fabricates every horse walker and automated exercise solution to the exact specifications of every client we serve! Our team has manufactured over 6,000 standard horse hot walkers and over 900 equinecisers to date. All of our horse walkers, miniature horse walkers, and hound walkers are proudly built in the USA. Call and Talk to Alan Cobham today and tell us about your horses!

Contact: Alan Cobham
5761 Ridgeview Ave
Mira Loma, California 91752
Phone: 951-202-2032
Website: Click Here To Connect

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