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5 Strands Affordable Testing
5 Strands Affordable Testing

How Did 5Strands Affordable Testing Come To Be?
5Strands Affordable Testing was founded 3 years ago by Lisa Blaurock, Ethan Steed, & Austin Collins. Lisa was having digestive issues for years & after paying thousands of dollars for several doctors to tell her that ‘we can’t figure out what’s wrong with you’, she got mad at the system and found answers for herself. After figuring out that she had to eliminate gluten, dairy & yeast items her digestive issues started going away. She has always had the desire of helping others and what better way to do that then by making yourself & your pet healthier and happier!  5Strands was created out of a burning desire to assist others— both animals and humans— to experience what “healthy" feels like. Sometimes in this busy world we neglect looking after our own body and that of our horse, dogs or other pets.  It is extremely easy to just eat the first thing in sight or what is available in the present moment, or to just open up a bag of kibble, or sack of grain—  and pour it out for our animals to consume. But was it the best thing to eat? Food is the FUEL for our body— are you putting things in your body, or that of your animals, that can actually cause harm? 5Strands can give you a roadmap and put you and your animals on the wonderful ‘path of health’!

5Strands Mission Statement is: “To empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets. We strive to fill the void of consumer-driven needs with our affordable testing”.
See our story in the video below!

5Strands tests for "Intolerances"-What is the difference between an "Allergy" and an "Intolerance"?
Some of the symptoms will overlap. However, there are a few important differences.  An allergy is a reaction involving the immune system. This reaction is typically immediate and can be life threatening. Most of the time, the symptomatic response will be vomiting or diarrhea, severe hives, facial swelling, or shortness of breath.  An intolerance does not involve the immune system and has a delayed reaction. The response will not be life threatening. A food intolerance will typically indicate that your pet is lacking the digestive enzymes to break down a certain food item and digest it. In results, they will experience unpleasant and unwanted physical reactions. Symptoms of intolerances are bloating, stomach pain, itchiness, inflammed skin, sneezing, watery and red eyes, poor skin and coat, hair loss, eye discharge, and anal gland swelling. Some, if not most of these issues are very difficult to see on your pet until it is too late and turned into an ongoing issue. The most common of the symptoms will be the excessive itching and paw biting.

So, How Can 5Strands Help Me Help My Dog?
You can use the testing results as a screening tool to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to address your pet’s issues.

5Strands Offers TWO Kinds of Tests For Your Dog

TEST 1— Pet Standard Package— $144
                 includes testing for :
255 Potential Food Intolerances (proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, grains, fats, additives, etc)
    • 100 Potential Environmental Intolerances (trees, grasses, chemicals, fabrics, and dust mites)

—   Pet Food IntoleranceTest $88
    •    255 Potential Food Intolerances
    •    Proteins (chicken, turkey, venison, bison, beef, etc)
    •    Seafood (salmon, crab, shrimp, trout, etc)
    •    Fruits & Veggies (peas, sweet potato, apple, strawberry, etc)
    •    Grains (oats, brown rice, soy, barley, etc)
    •    Fats, Additives, Food Coloring, Preservatives, etc

What Will I KNOW After My Dog Has This Amazing Test?
You will receive a comprehensive report that indicates all of the items that your pet has registered a response to. They are color coded like a Stoplight. The Level indicates the type of response their body may experience with ingestion or exposure.

Level 3—(STOP!)  Level 3 intolerances are considered items that your pet's body registered an imbalance to and may be very likely to cause noticeable symptoms. Reactions may show up as inflammation, digestive upset or issues, skin problems, fatigue, etc. These items need to be ELIMINATED from their diet or avoid exposure to the item as much as possible.

Level 2 (Slow Down) Level 2 intolerances  are items that your pet's body has registered an imbalance to with symptoms that may result in reactions like itchy skin, runny nose, watery eyes, etc. These need to be avoided or greatly reduced.

Level 1 (Be Aware) Level 1 intolerances are items that the body registered a low level imbalance. While there may be no noticeable symptoms, they may potentially cause issues over time.  consumption should be in very limited amounts.

How Do I Understand My Report?

Looking at the "levels" above help you know which results are the most critical. These results can be cross referenced with the master list of items that your pet was tested for.  Only feed your pet what is left on the master list for 6-8 weeks and see if the symptoms lessen. Our helpful video below will make reading and understanding the report easy!

What Are Some Things I Should Do After I Get My Report To Help My Dog?
We know that you will need a little guideance to help adjust your dog's intolerances.
The video below has some very helpful ideas and tips to make this adjustment easier for you both!

What Do Dog Owners Say About Their Experience With 5Strands Affordable Testing?
We get calls from grateful pet owners every day--glad to finally know and learn what is causing some of the discomfort and issues their pets are experiencing.  To see what other people say about their experience with 5Strands Affordable Testing, please click on the link to check out some of their case studies:

Call and Order today.........The Answers You Need Are Just a Few Strands of Hair Away?

5Strands is all about helping to restore health to your animals and to the people who love them. Without good health, humans and animals find it hard to find joy in life. Let us take the guess work away and send us a few strands of hair from either yourself-- or the animals you love-- and let us set you on the path to better health today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
595 Old Norcross Road Suite D
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046
Phone: 833-600-8378
Website: Click Here To Connect

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