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The Lapp Energy-Free Drinker by Eagle Plastics, LLC
No electricity, built to last, The Lapp Energy-Free Drinker by Eagle Plastics, LLC will ensure your horses, cows, goats and other livestock get plenty of clean, cool, water, and all Energy Free!

Our Company History...

Lapp Energy-Free Drinkers has been a family owned and operated business since the mid 1980’s. Founder Alvin Lapp, a farm raised Lane, PA native, began with a sharpening and fiberglass business but always enjoyed inventing new products. The first drinkers were made of fiberglass until he perfected his design, including the ball baffle, but Alvin wasn’t satisfied with it and continued to improve upon his and others designs. As a result Alvin began hand making single wall molds to manufacture his drinkers using plastic and developed the Lapp Energy-Free Drinker Thermacap Baffle pad design. To this day the free floating pad and bucket design is safe and effective for sheep, calves, deer, colts, horses and larger livestock.

Who Runs Eagle Plastics, LLC , Makers of Lapp  Energy Free Horse Drinkers,  Now? 

Alvin’s sons Nathan and Andrew Lapp, who worked closely with their father for many years, now oversee the daily operations of Lapp Energy-Free Drinkers and feel blessed with the business their loving father left them after his passing. “We pay close attention to the quality of all of our products; our goal is to offer our customers the best quality products. We always look for ways to improve upon them where possible to ensure our energy free drinkers will function flawlessly in any weather condition, and have always great things we are working on every year.


What Is an Energy-FREE Horse Drinker and How Does That Benefit My Horses?

An Energy-Free Horse Drinker needs no electric, gas or wires and will NEVER cause your animals to receive an electric shock! Drinking enough water is vital to the health and well being of your horse and plays a vital role in discouraging colic. You NEVER want your horses to fear their waterer (electric shock!) or to find the water frozen over or so hot from the sun that it is not refreshing. 


Benefits of our Waterer:
*  Needs no gas or electric – no wires to cause electric shock.

*  The drinking baffle and insulated thermacap are designed to keep cold out in the harshest temperatures.

*  Manufactured of a strong polyethylene product – will not rust.

*  One of the easiest drinkers on the market for small calves, sheep, etc., as well as all big animals to drink from.

*  Combination of drinking baffle and underground air temperature45-48F., keeps drinker from freezing with very few animals drinking from it.

 Round corners – better animal durability and safety.

*  A good water supply with non-corrosive 3/4” none siphoning plastic water valve, with 3/4”   

*  PVC shutoff  valve (Will work with gravity flow under pressure).

* Very well insulated with high density urethane foam to keep working in extreme cold climates. No wasted running water to keep it from freezing.

*  Proper installation is essential for proper function, an adequate heat well under its mounting base in order to work properly. (Especially for outside installations).

*  Very durable, rounded edges for safety and comfort. Built to last decades to come!

Important: Use Teflon tape on all valve and water line fittings.


Our SINGLE Drinker….

The Single Drinker is one of our most popular models. It is an 8 gallon drinker, weighing approx 44 pounds. It is 19 3/4” wide, 17 “ high and 28 3/4” long. It will easily accommodate up to 30 horses (or even more sheep or cows)! 

Only $545.00 and will last for decades!


Our DOUBLE Drinker

The Double  Drinker is meant to have one hole on one side of the fence and one on the other so that you have the benefit of ONE installation, but the ability to water 2 groups of animals! Our Double Drinker holds 14 gallons, weighs approx 57 pounds is 19” wide, 19.5” high and 34 3/4 “ long. It will easily water up to 50 horses, 400 sheep and over 100 cows. Only $639.99 and will last for decades!

Installation Is EASY and Your Waterer Will Last For Decades To Come!

We have clients that have used the same waterers over 20 years! Many of our clients take the time to come back and report to us that the Lapp Energy-Free Drinker is the BEST horse drinker they have ever had! Once your Energy-Free Horse Drinker is installed, you will enjoy it worry-free for decades to come. 


Easy Installation Instructions:

1. Pour concrete slab on top of ground – minimum 24” wide x 33” long x 4” thick. In the off center of concrete slab leave a hole 10” x 10” to bring underground water line up through.


2. For best results – use a 10-14" diameter plastic, or corrugated, pipe. (Pipe should be 18” below bottom frost line), leave this hole open for water line and air space. 

Note: Do not allow concrete to be in contact with water supply line.


3. Insulate around pipe with Reflectix unfaced reflective roll insulation, or equivalent. This will keep the cold and frost from getting under drinker, having 45-48F., underground air temperature rising into drinker year round keeps drinker from freezing in winter and cooler on hot summer days.


4. Fasten ‘L’ brackets to drinker with short bolts in four (4) corners.


5. Set drinker on concrete slab – drill 3/8” holes for brackets into concrete slab. Before fastening drinker to slab, put a layer of silicone caulk on ALL surfaces inside and out that contact concrete slab.


Very Important: Seal with heavy bead of silicone caulk all around top of underground hole, and around outside of drinker to seal out cold.


6. Install 3/4" plastic pipe coming to drinker, leave approximately 10” of pipe sticking out from the top of your concrete base.

Option: Use a 12” to 14” PVC Drain Pipe underground instead of insulated box: Purchase 1/2" Arm-a-Flex (closed cell foam) from your local plumber and glue to inside of pipe, leaving 3/4" sticking out of the top for a sealing gasket.

Note: Do not use any steel pipe.Do not allow concrete or pipe to be in contact with water supply line. Pipe clamps & caulking not included.



What If I Want To  Become A Dealer?

We have dealers many areas but there are always more areas that can benefit from our amazing Energy-Free waterers. Dealers are weleomc. Nathan or Andrew are happy to talk with you. You will LOVE having one of the best built, longest lasting, low maintenance waterers on the market today! Our pricing is very reasonable and we are excited to talk with you. 


Order Your Lapp Energy-Free Water Drinker Today!
We have dealers all throughout the USA. Once you install these amazing waterers, you will enjoy them for decades to come and they are almost maintenance free! So many of our clients have told us that our Energy-Free Horse Drinker were the BEST investment they ever made. Call and talk to Andrew or Nathan today and tell us about your horses and property and let us help you!

Contact: Andrew or Nathan Lapp 
P.O. Box 12
New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557
Phone: 717-354-7126
Website: Click Here To Connect

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