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Mojo Joint Supplement by Derby Downs, LLC
Results this effective, at a price this affordable, are simply unexpected, UNLESS you are using Mojo Joint Supplement by Derby Downs, LLC!

How Did MOJO Joint Supplements by Derby Downs, LLC, Come To Be?
Derby Downs, LLC- makers of MOJO Products was started in 2005.  We created a product, Mojo, that both took out the need for tons of different supplements and created one that met most, if not all, of the competitive and geriatric horses’ needs.  Mojo is balanced, unlike the combining many different products, and maybe even more important, MOJO is effective.  It works.  Derby Downs, LLC is the parent company of Mojo and is family owned and operated.  Jennifer Gilliand, the founder of this company is a graduate of Auburn University and horse owner.  Jennifer saw a need in the industry to eliminate all of the supplement combining for the health of the horses and also to cut out the confusion for the farm managers and grooms feeding the horses.  

That is how we have ran and operated our business from the beginning, quality, quality, quality.  We use "human grade" instead of feed-grade active ingredients, because if it is not good enough for you, why would you feed it to your animals?  We have opted for slow growth over rapid growth so we are relying on our customers to tell others how well it works.  Word of mouth and small advertising campaigns, instead of huge advertising campaigns have kept our products affordable and have always kept our end user, your furry member of the family front and center.  

Is It True That MOJO Was Actually Designed to WORK?
YES! That single goal— obvious as you think it might be, is what has set us apart and made us so successful! You see… when Jennifers was working with the nutritionist for the ingredient list the Phd asked Jennifer:  “What is the goal of the product and what do you want it to do?". Following a brief silence Jennifer replied “I just want it to work!".  She thought it was a crazy question and the nutritionist thought it was an equally crazy answer and said she had worked with some very large names over the last 30 years and that this was the first time someone had ever said their goal was RESULTS… NOT "profit margins”!! 

But What Makes Equine MOJO So Effective — and Yet Able To Be So Affordable?
Mojo understands that a horse owners need to have a product that is both highly effective and affordable to ensure that the horse will be able to enjoy the benefits of the product through out the life of the horse and not just a month or two. MOJO Joint Equine has a number of food-grade ingredients that target all the ailments of geriatric and performance horses. 

Note! MOJO can also be used as a very effective preventative plan which can delay and space out aggressive and expensive maintenance measures such as hock injections. 

So What Are Some Of The Human-Grade Ingredients in Equine Mojo?
Powerful and pure vitamins like Vitamin A, D & C and ten (10) anti-inflammatories: HA and Cetyl Myristoleate, Glucosamine and MSM, plus Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and yucca and Grape Seed Extract are among the impressive ingredients. Most impressive of all— the RESULTS!
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Cetyl Myristoleate
  • Glucosamine
  • MSM
  • Yucca Schidigera
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acid
Is It True That Cetyl Myristoleate is One of the Most Effective Ingredients In MOJO Equine? 
Many of the anti-inflammatories found in MOJO Joint Equine could stand on their own because of their beneficial properties and effectiveness. CMO is one of those ingredients. CMO is short for Cetyl Myristoleate and the benefits include use for joint pain and discomfort, arthritis, anti-inflammatory that helps keep free radicals at bay and there by keeping joint damage to a minimum. CMO also benefits the immune system. And that is just 1 of the 10 anti-inflammatories that could stand on their own. Maybe, just as important is all of our ingredients are balanced and meant to be fed together. 

Does MOJO Break All Industry Records For Use Of Only The MOST Effective Doses Of Ingredients? 
It is impossible for a label reader to know what their horse is getting when they supplement combine because they do not know the ingredient concentrations (there is 1% strength Biotin and 99% strength Biotin and the manufacturer does not tell you which one they used- if you don’t have to tell your customer which one you use and the 99% is 99% more expensive which one do you think the manufacturer is using. The more expensive ingredients means less money made by the manufacturer so most use the less expensive ingredients.

So…MOJO Uses More CONCENTRATED Ingredients Than Competitors?
YES and THAT is why our product is so effective and our customer come back month after month! So, for example if our product and someone else says they have 4000 mg of MSM and if they are using the 20% concentration feed grade MSM and we are using the 80% concentration Food grade. Ours is actually tested more stringently because it is intended for human consumption (food grade) and it is 4 times stronger because we are using the 80% instead of the 20% even though we both have 4000 mg of MSM listed on our bags. We also use USA companies to purchase through instead of directly where the raw materials are produced (mostly in China and India) because the American companies we purchase through test the quality of the raw materials when they are imported. All of these things cut into our profit margins but benefit the consumer, (you) and we feel it is worth it because at the end of the day we have a superior product that actually makes a difference with your horse, dog or cat. 

What Is The Dosage?

Loading Dosage:
Feed 1/2 scoop per 400 lb – 800 lb, twice daily
Feed 1 scoop per 801 lb – 1400 lb, twice daily
Feed 2 scoops per 1401 lb and larger, twice daily
Recommended dosing is twice a day for 7 days, if you cannot maintain desired results on one scoop a day, continue feeding twice a day.

Maintenance Dosage:
Feed 1/2 scoop per 400 lb – 800 lb, once daily
Feed 1 scoop per 801 lb – 1400 lb, once daily
Feed 2 scoops per 1401 lb and larger, once daily
Based on 1/2 scoop servings:

What Is The Cost?
When you consider all the ingredients are not only HUMAN GRADE by EXTRA STREGNTH— our pricing is extremely affordable!! We just explained the difference between MOJO and our competitors but, quite often, you will spend the LESS money on MOJO as you would expect to spend with one of our competitors— who offer a lesser product. 

4.5 lb will last 36 to 72 days— $55
10 lb will last 80 to 160 days— $99
20 lb will last 160 to 320 days— $195

What Do Horse Owners Say About Equine MOJO?

Jennifer N: Mojo Joint Rocks For the ingredients included, it would take several other supplements to get all this stuff at way much more cost. My horses seem to move better and their coats are definitely healthier since they’ve been on it. It seems to be very good for them.

Kaitlyn L: I buy a new bag every few months. My mare has been on it for years and recently I started my senior care lease gelding on it. The improvement in his movement and overall comfort is incredible. He has been on the product nearly 2 months now. He is stumbling much less, much smoother in his gaits, he plays and acts up in the field without becoming sore the next day. So far he has had 1 shoeing cycle and was not sore or swollen after having his shoes reset, so that is very good news! This boy is about 25, he has arthritis in all his legs, he has had tendon, splint, hoof issues a plenty! But now I feel the Mojo is helping him feel much better and much younger, which is good because he is a goofy boy who likes to act up, but usually it had 2 or 3 days on consequences, now he bounces back after a day of rest following some shenanigans.

Kathy D: We think it has helped our horse with arthritis very much. We are giving to both of our older horses.

Hailey G: I have heard the hype of mojo for years from a friend & finally decided to try it. WOW am I impressed and will forever use it ! Fast shipping and I can tell a difference in my 20 year old barrel horse within 4-7 days!

Doesn’t Your Equine Friend Deserve A Little MOJO?
We think they do! Just give us a try for 60 days— the difference your horse will feel and you will see! You’ll love it, we are excited to hear from you, call us today and tell us about your horses and let us show you how MOJO can help your horse regain optimal health and performance. Call today!!

Contact: Jennifer Gilliland- President
P.O. Boc 798
Albertville, Alabama 35950
Phone: 256-572-7422
Website: Click Here To Connect

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