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Indestructible Buckets & Pitchforks by K&D Equestrian
Indestructible Buckets & Pitchforks by K&D Equestrian. But we don't stop there, you can find all kinds of accesories for tack, feeders, mounting stools and so much more!

About K & D Equestrian
K&D Equestrian was founded in 1983 by K.A. Fomby. Since his passing in 2011, his son K.R. Fomby has continued his father’s legacy by taking over the business and continuing the operations to this day. K&D and their employees take great pride in the products that they manufacture and sale. Every product that is shipped out the door goes through extreme testing in the facilities and also in the field. K.R. being a horse owner himself  has firsthand experience in using these products every day, if asked he would tell you “They are built Cowboy Tough”. K&D is more than just another bucket, fork, brush, or feed tub; they are a family, and they want you to be a part of it along with many others who have tried and loved their products.

K & D Equestrian- "Horse People Serving The Needs of Horse People"
K&D Equestrian products are developed and tested at the family's F-Bar Ranch, right here in Gainesville, Texas. K&D Equestrian has provided what we believe to be the best quality equine products on the market. Our focus and our goal is to continue in this tradition; our products are designed by horsemen for horse men and women.  You can be sure that every K&D Equestrian product that meets our exacting standards, will meet yours. We use these products every day on OUR horse farm and we know you will enjoy them for your horses too!

Is It True That Our Forks and Rakes Are Nearly Indestructible?
YES! Bottom line— our pitch forks and rakes LAST! 
Our Rakes and Forks are made from a more rigid high impact material that gives it the qualities of strength and durability as well. We have tested these forks in harsh conditions and they have all preformed well. The cold frozen grounds to not bother them as well as the blistering heat that we find here in Texas. These forks and rakes will be a welcome ’surprise’ to clients, who have never used them before, because they are so extremely durable and well built!

Is It True That K & D Equestrian Also Makes Highly Durable Buckets?
YES! Being Nearly indestructible is not something that we normally advertise , but these buckets are made out of the same material and these materials are aircraft grade. All of our Silver Line Buckets and Platinum Line Buckets have very high impact ratings. If you watch our strength and durability video (shown below— we will insert below when we load this) you will see that we do put these buckets to the test to show all these great qualities. Can they be broken? The answer to this is anything can be broken with the right mind set, but for normal conditions and used properly these buckets can last long periods of time without replacement.

What Is The Difference Between The SILVER Line and the PLATINUM Line?

Our Platinum Line was designed by the Professional Horsemen for the Professional Horsemen. These buckets and feeders are not your normal everyday products. The thick -walled design is made of our high impact plastic. Platinum line products are cold weather resistant and are very durable when used in the correct way. Professionals rely on these products as tools of their trade and cannot afford to replace buckets and feeders every month or so. With the K&D Platinum Line, replacements are not necessary. Many of our clients say these buckets have lasted 15+ year! 

Our Silver Line of buckets are the toughest on the market today. These Buckets are made with a durable high impact material and will stand the test of time. The Silver line buckets are our lighter more user friendly bucket made for transporting feed and water to its final destination.  

What About Additional Grooming Products? 
K & D Equestrian offers a wide variety of well made Grooming Products! From Brushes to Totes, to Stools, to Combs and more! The grooming Brush/ Palm Brush is a great product for all walks of life. We have use these brushes on our horses, dogs, cats, and even humans! The two piece design brush allows us to mold the handle out of a tuff rigid material while the bristle is made out of a softer gentler material so that it does not hurt the skin of the animal or person using the brush. The Grooming Stool is a great product as it is a tote for all your grooming needs as well as it can fit a quart size bottle of your favorite hoof liniment, and also work as a mounting block to give a boost onto your horse. The Sweat Scraper works well when shedding water or sweat off of your animal. It also works great for shedding hair without using sharp blades that could damage the horsed coat and or skin. 

How Long Do Orders Take To Ship Out ? 
Our shipping is fairly quick comparatively. We used a standard 4-6 week lead time, but most orders are shipped within 10 day of receiving the a purchase order. We do not typically do back orders, but we do offer drop shipping for a small $5.00 fee. We do offer a free shipping program for our dealer customers to take advantage of for orders over $1,000. We also are flexable on orders as we do not have case quantity orders or minimums. 

Order Your DURABLE, LONG LASTING Stable Products At K & D Equestrian Today!
There are many places to buy buckets, pitch forks, rakes and grooming products— and, expect to buy them again perhaps in 6 months to a year. Few things are more frustrating than a cracked bucket, broken pitchfork and grooming products that just fall apart or break. At K&D Equestrian, you won’t have those problems. Our equipment is BUILT TO LAST and the LONGEST LASTING on the market today! Once you use our products, you won’t want to buy anywhere else, because you won’t be satisfied anymore with second best. Call us today and we’ll gladly help you with your order. Our prices are very reasonable and you’ll love everything we make!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 636
Gainsville, Texas 76241
Phone: 940-665-7776
Website: Click Here To Connect

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