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Flack Farms, Inc. Award winning Hay and Shavings Supplier Supplier For the USA
Flack Farms, Inc. Award winning Hay and Shavings Supplier Supplier For the USA

About Flack Farms, Inc.
Flack Farms Inc. is owned by Steve and Lisa Flack and has been producing, buying,  and marketing hay and straw for almost 25 years from our home in Indiana.  We are a full-time hay production facility. They both attended Purdue University and worked in the crop protection industry for several years, where Steve became increasingly intrigued with forages and their role in the nutritional needs of livestock.  We decided to make our own hay to feed our sheep flock and sell to others, and began by making small square bales.  We quickly progressed to a large square baler to maximize the efficiency of our operation as our acreage and customer base grew.  It was very gratifying to be able to work face-to-face with our end users and actually have flexibility in our marketing, as opposed to traditional row crop producers.  We have continued to build those relationships through the years, while expanding, updating, and diversifying along the way.

Is It True That Flack Farms Was Honored As 2019 "FARM FAMILY" of the YEAR?
Yes…. what an honor for this amazing family— Steve and Lisa Flack, who has been such an amazing family serving the USA with such great hay and bedding throughout the United States. They also bring in Alfalfa around the entire country in addition to growing their own outstanding quality of alfalfa with their own fields. Their reputation for excellence in the farming community has earned them this distinct honor.

See the video about this below:

Does Flack Farms Grow Their Own Alfalfa and Orchard Grass?

In addition to bringing in and selling the best quality alfalfa from across the nation,  they also grow several hundred acres of alfalfa and alfalfa/orchardgrass hay utilizing 2 big square balers to ensure that we are making quality hay in a timely manner.  We sell our products all over the United States, filling the needs of several different customer groups:  horses, sheep, beef cows, dairy and exotic animals.

What Are My Excellent Hay Options?
All of our award winning hay is absolutely outstanding, fresh and top of the line. Here are our amazing  hay options:

*  Alfalfa/ Orchard Grass
Timothy/ Alfalfa
*  Timothy

Is It True That Flack Farms Owns and Uses One of the Very FEW Steffen Bale Conversion Systems?
YES!! Several years ago we had the opportunity to purchase a Steffen Bale Conversion System that allows us to take our big square bales and cut them down into different sizes and weights to fit your specifications.  We are now able to “make hay” year round in our building that is dedicated to housing and operating this incredible machine. 
SEE our VIDEO of the Steffen Bale Conversion System BELOW

Is It True That Flack Farms Will Also Furnish Straw or Pine Shavings?
The convenience of getting an outstanding selection of straw or pine shavings bedding, adds to Flack Farms amazing service.  So many times, in rainy seasons, local bedding sources run low, but our clients can depend upon clean, first class bedding all year round and we are happy to add this to your orders. So….In addition to offering all cuttings, qualities, and sizes of hay bales, we can also source your straw needs and run those bales through the Steffen machine to cut them down to the size you prefer. Finally, we also sell different types of pine shavings to fit any livestock bedding need you may have.

Baled Straw: Flack Farms offers clean, fresh cut wheat, oat, and rye straw for use as livestock bedding.  Our straw bales are compact and convenient, and are available in 4 different sizes

Chopped Straw: If you are looking for a bulk alternative to bagged bedding, chopped straw is a great choice.  It is highly absorbent with low dust, and the smaller particle size makes it easy to sift out animal waste.  This product is readily available year round and is bulk delivered in a walking floor trailer. An additional advantage is that chopped straw is more eco-friendly than pine shavings as no trees are destroyed in the production process

Pine Shavings: You may select from FINE flakes to LARGE flakes— This is a very popular product we offer that contains 1/2 large flake, 1/3 fine, and 1/3 blended shavings.  The blended final product goes through a dust removal process.  These shavings provide a soft bedding and are easy to clean.  They are sold in a compressed 2.5 cubic foot bale that expands to 6.5 cubic feet.

Your Farm, or Training Stable Will Love The Convenience, Friendliness and QUALITY That Flack Farms Offers!
Whether you need hay, straw, or pine shavings, or just want to sell some of your own product, please give us a call so we can quote you a price.  We pride ourselves on being family-owned, and when you call you will talk directly to Steve and our products will be shipped in our own trucks.  We look forward to hearing how we can help you! Call and talk to Lisa or Steve at Flack Farms today!

Contact: Lisa or Steven Flack 
3124 West 800 North
North Manchester, Indiana 46962
Phone: 260-568-1585
Website: Click Here To Connect

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