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TaylorSelect Horse Bedding

What’s your horse bedding preference? Pine shavings, pine pellets, chopped straw? Taylor Select has it- and each one is Safe, Clean, Economical and of the purest quality!

Why Should I Use TaylorSelect Horse Bedding?
Quality, Cleanliness, Purity and Affordability

As farm and livestock owners ourselves, we understand both the financial commitment, the need for comfort and wellbeing of your animals, and the importance of being able to balance those needs economically. At TaylorSelectHorse Bedding, we offer a variety of superior bedding products to satisfy even the most discriminating buyer. Our products range from pine shavings of varying sizes to pine pellets and chopped straw. With so many products to choose from you are assured to find the right product for you.

Our horse shavings are manufactured from pure, softwood pine. The raw materials go through a rigorous screening process to eliminate allergens and dust. The equine respiratory system is delicate and our goal is to provide the safest, softest, most absorbent animal bedding possible. All of our products are environmentally and animal friendly and our bags are 100% recyclable.

What Bedding Solutions Does TaylorSelect Offer My Horses?
Every horse and stable has unique needs and circumstances-- at TaylorSelect, we understand this and offer the best bedding in the industry!

* Pine Pellets-- just add water and they dissolve into a soft and comfortable footing that is particularly appreciated by horses suffering with arthritis, hoof problems or horses that just appreciate a little softer footing.
Our bedding pellets are made of kiln-dried, heat compressed small pine flakes. Highly absorbent, this pelleted product is also a great space saver in your bedding storage area. When prepared for stall use, the bedding pellets expand to more than five times its original size. The expanded pellets provide a highly absorbent and extremely cushioned based. This environmentally friendly bedding option is also highly economical due to its fine flakes and clumping characteristics that allow you to easily remove only the soiled product during stall cleaning. *Please read and follow product preparation prior to spreading in your stalls.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Economical
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to Store and Transport

* Classic Cut Large Flake Shavings--  Our Large Flake Shavings are the kind of shavings you bring to a show. The largest flake size we offer, these shavings are very airy, fluffy, and kiln-dried for increased absorbency. Classic Cut Shavings are perfect for thick, banked stalls. Like all of our pure pine shaving products, these Classic Cut Shavings go through a rigorous screening process to remove dust and allergens.

• Show quality
• Airy and fluffy
• Kiln dried for absorbency
• Screened for dust and allergens

* Professional Blend Shavings-- 
Our Professional Blend shavings are a mix of small and medium-sizes shaving flakes, offering the best of both worlds. The medium-sized shaving flakes provide the fluff while the smaller shaving flakes absorb the wetness. The blend of flakes also means less waste. Smaller sized shavings are able to fall through the fork tines easier so less is lost during the stall cleaning process. Kiln-dried for maximum absorbency, this shavings blend provides a very cushioned base for your horse stalls. Like all of our pure pine shavings, the Professional Blend Shavings go through a rigorous screening process to remove dust and allergens.

• Economical mix
• Kiln dried for absorbency
• Screened for dust and allergens

* Mini Flake Shavings--Super popular-
Our Mini Flake pine shavings are extremely efficient, absorbent and environmentally friendly. The smaller flake also results in less waste as the mini flake shavings easily fall through your fork tines when cleaning stalls. Not only does this result in less waste, but also better value. Our Mini Flake Shavings go through the same rigorous screening process as all of our other products. Our goal is to eliminate as much dust and allergens as possible.

  • Less Waste
  • Better Value
  • Absorbent
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Screened for Dust and Allergens

* Chopped Wheat StrawOur Chopped Straw is the ideal bedding for horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, alpacas, dogs, sheep, guinea pigs, llamas and more. It provides a soft and warm base for your animals, making it perfect for use in a foaling stall. We find that horses bedded on this product are more likely to relax and spend time laying down. Once the bag is opened it expands to approximately 10 cubic feet. Chopped Straw is more absorbent than a baled straw and comparable in absorbency to our Mini Flake Shavings and Pine Pellets. Less product loss during the stall cleaning process makes Chopped Straw much more economical than a baled straw. It’s also an extremely clean product. Dust and allergens are removed after the straw is chopped. We use only wheat straw and take great care from the baling stage to processing to ensure our chopped straw is consistent and of superior quality. Wheat straw is a highly sustainable and biodegradable product, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.  

  • Economical choice
  • Biodegradable
  • Screened for Dust and Allergens
Is It True That TaylorSelect Horse Bedding Ships From 8 Plants Nationwide?

YES and that is how we are able to keep our shipping and production costs as low as possible so we can pass those savings on to YOU! TaylorSelect is currently shipping nationwide from our 8 plants.  Remarkably, all of our sales staff at TaylorSelect is a seasoned horse person and we use the product at our own farms so we are able to expertly help our customers choose the right product for their farms.   We understand our customers’ concerns and challenges first hand and we are ready to help.  We pride ourselves on being proactive and easy to work with and we strive to make our customer’s lives easier.

Because of our multiple locations, we are able to offer not only competitive pricing but a variety of different choices for the customer to choose from.  Each plant produces a high-quality product but the product that is produced may be slightly different because of the raw material that is available.    For instance, we have the best mini available on the market, hands down.  However,  for our mini flake we have available for our customers varying sizes of mini and even a “fluffy” mini for those that want the look of a more traditional shaving but still have the sought after “pick- ability” of a mini that saves time cleaning stalls and reduces consumption.  We understand that one size does not fit all and we can tailor the product to suit our customers’ needs.    


Is It True That TaylorSelect Offers SAFE and CLEAN Bedding Options?
You can count on it! None of our facilities work with wood species that are detrimental to horses such as black walnut or cherry.  Because of this there is no risk of cross contamination that could be harmful to your horse.  All of our shavings are screened for dust and allergens to minimize potential allergic reactions.  For those animals allergic to pine we are happy to offer chopped wheat straw as an alternative.    The chopped straw is super absorbent and virtually dust free.

Make Sure That Your Stable Has TaylorSelect and Order Today!

If you could order the cleanest, safest, most absorbent shavings and know that you were getting the BEST pricing possible... why wouldn't you order from TaylorSelect! Our clients come back again and again and you will too- pick up the phone and let us show you how Taylor Select Horse Bedding can give you both savings and quality that your horses can stand on!

Contact: Robin Young 
6248 Forest Preserve Road
Rockton, Illinois 61072
Phone: 815-601-3002
Website: Click Here To Connect

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