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Dr. Martha M. Faraday, 4 Oaks Equine
Have you tried everything and your horse still isn't well? Dr. Martha M. Faraday understands that the root causes of your horse's challenges are hidden in your horse's history and feeding regimen.

Does Your Horse Suffer From Ulcers, Colic, Laminitis, Underweight/Overweight, Heaves, Neurological Problems, Anxiety, or Injuries that Will Not Heal Properly?
Dr. Martha M. Faraday understands that Food is the Foundation.  What goes into your horse’s mouth is fundamental to his or her health, physical and mental balance, and the longevity of his or her working life.  But knowing what to feed is incredibly confusing.  Which of the many feeds made by the many feed companies is the best for your horse?  Should your horse have mixed grass hay? Alfalfa hay?  Timothy or orchardgrass hay?  First cut or second cut?  Should you feed more than one kind of hay?  How much protein is enough?  Should your horse be on a low carbohydrate diet?  Does your horse need more or less fat?

Would You Really Like To Understand The "Why" Of Your Horse's Problems?
Of course you would! Think of all the heart ache you could save, the hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars that could be back in your pocket and not wasted on  chasing solutions to problems you didn't know the causes of.

* Why is your horse fat even though he is on a dirt lot and eating very little? 
* Why is your horse too thin even though she eats constantly? 
* Why does he have no topline no matter what you feed him?
* Why does she tire so easily under saddle?
* Why do his ulcers keep coming back even though you have treated him for ulcers?
* Why is she irritable and aggressive when you get near her barrel?
* Why does he have chronic diarrhea? 
* Why are her hooves brittle and prone to cracking and abscesses? 
* Why did he develop breathing problems that now show up every spring and fall? 
* Why did she develop arthritis at age 5? 
* Why is he still lame after months of rest?
* Why does she spook at everything? 
* Why does he still have hind end weakness after being treated repeatedly for EPM? 
* Why does your broodmare have laminitis again? 
* Why does his Lyme disease keep coming back?  

Can Dr. Martha Really Help Me With A Feeding Program? What About Supplements?
Dr. Faraday has helped horse owners literally feed their horses to restored health and vitaility. Her programs are practical and she will help you also know which supplements are the right ones that will treat your horse’s gut problems- to overweight/underweight, chronic pain, lack of confidence, immune dysfunction, or lameness that you have not been able to resolve. Dr. Faraday will provide you with a protocol that details exactly what to feed, how much, when, why, and where to get it, with full support from her as you implement the protocol.

So, How Does This Process Work?
It's actually very easy. You will provide information about your horse’s physical, behavioral, and psychological/emotional challenges including a detailed history and any diagnostic test findings (blood work, x-rays, veterinary evaluations, etc.).  You will also send Dr. Faraday pictures of your horse (from the front, back, and both sides), pictures of his/her feet (front, sides, bottom), and video from the side of your horse walking (with additional video if your horse has complex gait problems).  You will send her a hay analyses and water analyses if you have them (Dr. Faraday can tell you where to get these easy reports!). She will review all of this information,  looking for the root causes (nutritional deficits) that could account for your horse’s issues.

Dr. Martha M. Faraday will then design a custom diet to address nutritional gaps as well as specific problems such as ulcers, inflammation/pain, weight management, lameness, neurological issues, pregnancy issues, etc.  The goal of the program is to provide your horse with what his/her body needs to repair itself and return to vibrant health.  Suggestions regarding how to optimize horse-keeping also are provided such as how to handle spring grass for overweight/insulin resistant horses, colic prevention practices, how to prevent pain flares in horses with chronic inflammation (e.g., arthritis), and feeding transition plans for broodmares during pregnancy and nursing.

For Just $350, You Will KNOW How to Help and Get 3 Months Full Consult Support!
We mentioned the price FIRST— so you will know that the amazing service we are about to describe— is AFFORDABLE to every horse owner!! The fee of $350 covers everything; review of all information provided by the owner (a detailed history form that can be downloaded from the website, findings from diagnostic tests, pictures and video, hay analyses, etc.), analysis of current feeding regimen, design of a custom feeding program that is provided in written form, and 12 weeks of support.  Support is unlimited.  The owner can call, email, or text as needed.  The mystery of what to feed, what supplements to use, and why will be solved! Your horse's body will actually feed itself the nutrients it needs to support better health, performance and vitality!
Can I REALLY Talk to Dr. Faraday All I Need To During The 3 Months Consult Term?
YES!  We know how much your horses mean to you—you will have questions as you implement your new feeding program.  And Dr. Faraday wants to hear from you about how your horse is doing. During the 12 weeks of support, you can talk with her as often and as much as you want. 
Note: After the initial 12 weeks, if you would like to continue with extended support, then please email for a reasonably priced longterm consultation fee.

How Does Dr. Faraday Do It?
Dr. Faraday is a scientist and an intuitive.  She works on your horse’s challenges from a scientific basis, analyzing the current feeding regimen, lab work, x-rays, etc., to identify nutrient gaps that produce the symptoms you have identified.  She also builds an intuitive picture of your horse during your conversation; these insights suggest the path to health that will work best for this particular horse.  Her success rate is amazing.  Clients come to Dr. Faraday from across the world!  On her website,, take a look at the case histories and testimonials.

What Kind Of Problems Can Dr. Faraday Help With?
* Ulcers and colic
* New or old injuries; post-surgical recovery
* Heaves, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
* Respiratory and skin allergies
* Other immune dysfunction (e.g., cancers)
* Chronic pain from arthritis, injuries
* Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD)
* Insulin resistance, pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (Cushing’s), laminitis, founder
* Polysaccharide storage myopathies (PSSM1 and PSSM2)
* Weight loss or gain
* Anxiety, lack of confidence, explosive or unpredictable behavior
* Wellness and performance
* Healthy aging
What Kinds Of Recommendations Will Dr. Faraday Will Make?
Reasonable ones, the kinds that any horse owner can do! 
Typical recommendations include: changing a horse from one type of feed to a different type of feed that better meets the horse’s needs; adding foundation supplements such as trace minerals and sea salt; adding key vitamins such as Vitamin E, A, and C; obtaining hay better suited to the horse’s needs (e.g., higher in protein, lower in starch/sugars); adding supplements designed to address specific issues such as pain/inflammation, ulcers, weight control, neurological deficits, lameness; adjusting exercise programs; adjusting foot care routines.
Is It True That Dr. Faraday Helped Ariaan, The Friesian Horse From the Movie ZORRO!
YES! Ariaan, the Friesian in the 2005 movie The Legend of Zorro, came to me at age 14.  He arrived malnourished, 100 lbs. underweight, arthritic in the front legs with an untreated hock injury, and profoundly depressed.  He was in despair; although he was only 14, he looked like a horse in his late 20s.  His body was failing him, he knew it, and he did not believe he could be helped.  After a few weeks with me, Ari realized that his physical and mental health were my top priorities.  Once he was certain that I would do my best for him, he threw himself enthusiastically into his rehabilitation.  He recovered and went back to work as my trail horse for the next four years, a job that he loved.  Unfortunately, a prior owner had evented him, jumping three foot fences repeatedly – a sport that his Friesian conformation was not designed for.  The arthritis in his lower legs (severe upper and lower ringbone) became increasingly difficult to manage and he is now retired at age 21.  But Ari continues to support the health and wellness of other horses by teaching me what works for older horses with severe arthritis.  Despite his x-rays that show forests of bone spurs on both front legs, we have developed a regimen that allows him to comfortably walk, trot, and canter in his field and enjoy his life as part of a herd of five. He also does some therapy work with me with human clients suffering from grief, loss, and trauma.  You can see Ari here as a young horse in one of his most famous movie scenes: 

Knowledge is POWER! Let Dr. Faraday EMPOWER You To Help Your Horse - CALL TODAY!
Few things are as empowering as finding the desperately needed answers to questions that you just can’t answer yourself! Dr. Faraday has the talent, skill and knowledge to help your horse.  Add up what you have spent to-date on feeds and supplements and regimens that have not solved your horse’s problems.  Now consider that for $350 you will get answers and a strategy to put your horse back on the path that leads to health and vitality!  Let Dr. Faraday put you in control of your horse’s health and wellbeing and CALL HER for an appointment today!!

Contact: Dr. Martha M. Faraday

Berryville, Virginia 22611
Phone: 540-532-0001
Website: Click Here To Connect

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