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Keep It Clean Cargo™ Liner
If you haul hay or horse supplies in your SUV or Vehicle Trunk, Keep It Clean Cargo™ Liner is for YOU! Less than $50 and it will keep your vehicle, hay and supplies, clean and fresh!

About Dawn, Creator of Keep It Clean Cargo Liner™
Says Dawn: I grew up with a passion for horses and was finally able to purchase a beautiful black Appendix Quarterhorse mare named Molly.  Molly eventually had 2 offspring out of the Dutch Warmblood Domino.  Molly lived to be 30 years old and I still have her two beautiful offspring Senate and Torre in addition to a sweet miniature mare named Brady.  Over the years I have enjoyed several disciplines including hunter-jumper, a little fox hunting and dressage.  

Today I spend most of my free time working with my horses at home, taking an occasional dressage clinic or riding with my friends as much as possible.  I can’t imagine my life without my horses and without all of the wonderful horse people I have met over the years. We eventually purchased and moved out to our Blueberry farm in Hockley, TX.  and to this day still have have both Senate and Torre along with a sweet miniature horse named Brady.  Life is good!

Why I Came Up with the Keep it Clean Cargo Liner™

The Keep It Clean Cargo Liner was born of necessity! Says Dawn: I would occasionally stop with my SUV to buy hay or shavings or plants and mulch. The debris would be terrible and although I tried to protect my vehicle with a blanket or piece of plastic the debris would invaribly get all over creating a terrible mess to clean up.  With The Keep it Clean Cargo Liner there is no time consuming cleanup needed! This amazing liner was years in the making so that the finished product is highly effective and so easy that anyone can enjoy it! 

Will The Keep It Clean Cargo Liner™ Impair My View When Driving?

NO!  The liner is closed up during transport. It conforms to whatever you are hauling so that your view is not impaired. When loading and unloading seal off the interior to insure that no debris gets inside your vehicle.

Are You Hauling Messy Items in Your SUV or Car Trunk?
™Many of us do! If you have horses, you may be using your SUV or Car Trunk to haul hay, shavings or supplies— and we all know what a mess that can leave! With the KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO LINER™ you can use your beautiful SUV or Car Trunk to haul almost anything without fear of soiling your cherished vehicle. Keep it folded neatly in your trunk/cargo area to be used when you are picking up supplies or using for a special event. At the nursery for plants and mulch, at the feed supply for hay or shavings, when hunting so that you can work out of your SUV or car without soiling it, at the beach to keep the sand out when loading coolers and beach toys, at the sporting complex, for firewood, for your Christmas Tree, for landscape rocks etc. It will keep your vehicle clean and spotless when using for any messy project or fun event!

About Our Easy To Use, Durable, KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO LINER ™

Made with reinforced, water resistant material the re-usable Keep it Clean Cargo Liner™ can be folded the size of a small pillow and kept in the back of your vehicle to be used as needed. It is the clear choice to keep your SUV or trunk area clean, and protected no matter what you are hauling!

The Keep it Clean Cargo Liner is Durable Too!

Made with reinforced, water resistant material the Keep it Clean Cargo Liner™ is durable and can be used time and again for all sorts of uses or events.  Hauling hay, shavings, firewood, plants and garden supplies, beach gear, landscape rocks, etc. You can now use your cherished vehicle to haul never before considered dirty, messy supplies.

Let Our Logan Liner Help You With 4-6 Bales Of Hay Protection!

The Logan Liner contains 4 to 6 bales of hay or supplies of equal space (approx.45-50 cubic feet). Longer, it fits in SUV's utilizing the whole cargo space with the back and/or passenger seats folded down.
Great to haul larger loads of Hay or shavings, or If you have a large gardening project it will hold many bags of mulch, soil, plants, landscape rocks, etc.  The Circumference of both the Chelsea and the Logan Liners are the same. The Logan is sized to accommodate Mid to Large Size SUV’s— only $49.99

Our CHELSEA Liner Is PERFECT For Your Trunk!
Hauling Hay and supplies in your TRUNK— No Problem!! Whether you are loading your trunk with hay and shavings or sandy beach towels from the beach—  Let us help you keep that trunk clean and fresh with The CHELSEA Liner! The Chelsea Liner holds 2 to 3 bales of hay in the back of an SUV or a Car Trunk. This picture shows the Chealsea Liner with 2 bales of hay in the trunk of a Mercedes! Only $39.99
Note: SO easy to use!! When transporting the hay the clips are removed and the liner is closed up. When arriving at your destination replace the clips and unload the hay. When unloaded remove the clips and pull the liner out!

What Do Horse Owners Say About the Keep It Clean Cargo Liner?

Carol Dierolf

I have been riding, training and showing Hunter-Jumpers for over 35 years.  I now own a Mercedes SUV so the Keep it Clean Cargo Liner is exactly the product that I need to keep the interior of my beautiful vehicle clean and new. I bought my liner about 1 and a half years ago and use it all the time hauling feed, hay, plants, bags of soil, mulch and all kinds of items.  Love, love, love my liner!!

Amber Dawn with Adept Equine
I made the mistake of hauling hay in my new SUV.  The very next day I purchased a Keep it Clean Cargo Liner and it worked awesome!  A must have for Horse and Garden People.

Lisa Rutherford
Keep it Clean Cargo Liner is a life saver for me.and my Mercedes.  Sometimes I don’t have the truck and I need to get hay, feed, plants, dirty signs from my real estate business and even grass.  I used to spend so much time cleaning my trunk out before I got my liner.  Now there is virtually no cleanup needed!  

Ann Pruitt from
I have been hauling hay in my little SUV whenever I wasn’t able to use my husband’s truck and what a mess— that hay sticks everywhere! I couldn’t believe that someone (of course it was a horse woman!) came up with this amazing liner— it is FANTASTIC. Just got mine and can’t wait to haul my first batch of hay!

If You Are HAULING Hay In Your Trunk or SUV… Let Keep It Clean Cargo Save Your Car!

You will love protecting your car or trunk from hay, shavings and supplies— but you’ll find that you use your KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO for gardening supplies, going to the beach, hauling paint or anything messy. Less than $50 and extremely long lasting and durable— you’ll wonder how you every got along without it.  Call DAWN and order TODAY!

Contact: Dawn Chmielewski
23810 Bauer Hockley Road
Hockley, Texas 77447
Phone: 281-851-1583
Website: Click Here To Connect

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