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Maximum Performance™
See why leading Horse Trainers in the country make Maximum Performance™ the only supplement for their horses!

About Maximum Performance™

Maximum Performance was created to combat the deficiencies in animal feeds due to the depletion of our nation's soils from over-farming and the use of pesticides and herbicides. Minerals, and especially calcium, play a critical role in keeping bodies healthy, active and strong.

Why Is Calcium So Important?

Calcium and phosphorus make up nearly 70% of all the minerals in a horse’s body. They are used up and excreted in sweat during exercise. They must be replenished through diet. When there is not enough calcium in the diet, the body pulls from the bones, teeth, joints, and connective tissue. The body must replace about 20% of its total calcium each year. If there is not sufficient intake of proper forms of calcium, the bones can degenerate and, in severe cases, leave the bones hollow and fragile like a web. This deficiency affects all of us – horses, dogs and humans alike. USDA reports state that our soils are very low on calcium and other minerals.

So How Can We Be Sure Our Horses Are Getting All the Calcium and Other Nutrients They Need? 
Feed Maximum Performance
    •    Provides high calcium content with the right balance of other minerals
    •    Proprietary formula made with the finest minerals available in the U.S.
    •    Quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
    •    Chelated to provides the highest absorption rate (90%) and bioavailability

What About Horses With Cushings?
Horses owners report to us all the time that their "cushings" horse has never looked, performed or felt better. In as little as 30 days you can SEE the difference that your cushings horse is FEELING!

Horses Are Athletes

Proper nutrition can prevent problems, help a horse feel good, think clearly, and do his best.
For them the importance of calcium includes:
    •    Oxygen delivery to the muscles
    •    Normal function of metabolism
    •    Conduction of nerve impulses  to the muscles
    •    Muscle contraction of the legs and body
    •    Heart muscle for pumping blood-- improves circulation right to the FEET!
    •    Contraction of the diaphragm for breathing
    •    GI muscle contraction for digestion
    •    Strong bones and teeth
    •    Cartilage and joints for peak performance with fewer injuries
    •    Helps prevent fatigue and lactic acid buildup in the muscle
    •    Shorter recovery times while maintaining muscle mass
                             - Horse
Can Maximum Performance Help Horses With COPD?
Many COPD medications can cause the body to loose calcium, therefore a strong calcium, mineral supplement can not only replenish the calcium that is lost, but it can help to stregnthen the lungs and strengthen the heart, which can help with circulation. Many of our COPD clients report their horses are better with Maximum Performance!

Why is the Calcium In Maximum Performance Better Than Other Calcium Supplements?

Our formula is chelated – an amino acid is added that permits the vitamins and minerals to immediately enter the blood stream.  And now it contains calcium citrate, which has even higher bioavailability than calcium carbonate. You can see a difference in a week, sometimes a few days. 

Can It Help Stomach Ulcers?
Some 72% of all performance horses have ulcers; and 57% of foals are born with ulcers (study done by Gastroguard). Many yearlings at Thoroughbred sales are on ulcer medicine and muscle builder – all because their feeds tend to be high in protein and low in calcium.  Their bodies are acidic, out of pH balance. With Maximum Performance the body becomes alkaline and properly pH balanced.

Can It Help Prevent Bowed Tendon or Suspensory Ligament Damage?
Yes! Without proper nutrients, tendons lose elasticity. They can bow, slowing locomotion or causing serious injury to the tendon. This also affects the joints. This unique formula quickly provides the nutrients that contribute to muscle, bone and tendon development for both young and older horses, allowing for their maximum performance! Biotin and other nutrients help nourish the tendons, allowing for the strength and elasticity required to release energy stored in the tendons for propulsion. Top trainers use Maximum Performance to maintain their horses and win!

Does Maximum Performance Have a Calming Effect on Horses? What About Cribbers? Weavers?

 Yes, Maximum Performance supplement has a very calming effect. Calcium improves nerve conduction, reducing anxiety and misfires at nerve endings. Magnesium in the formula also has a wonderful calming effect. Many horse owners with cribbers notice a BIG reduction in cribbing or stall weaving after only 30 days on Maximum Performance-- this is a HUGE benefit to the horse-- and the owners.

What About Enteroliths (Intestinal Rocks)?
Yes! Maximum Performance can help prevent enteroliths in horses. Calcium does not build up in the body; any unutilized calcium is excreted through the urine or sweat. Intestinal calcium rocks are created when there is not enough calcium; the body must draw from its own bone and marrow and harvest it.  What is produced is not digestible and creates a stone.  

What About OCDs?
Lack of calcium will create OCDs, Sesamoiditis, contracted tendons, ulcers and other digestive problems, colic, thumps – the list goes on. Maximum Performance ensures that your horse gets the best, most digestible form of calcium that is completely utilized by your horse's body and the benefits go on and on!

Doesn't My Feed Provide Enough Calcium?
No, not nearly enough – and not with proper absorption rate! Look at your feed tag and you will find protein, crude fiber, and very little calcium; many have only .6%. Less than 1%!

What Can It Do for Breeding Horses?
Mares – it helps:
    •    Fertility, ovulation, conception rates
    •    Fetal development & birth weight
    •    Protect mare from mineral and bone loss due to fetal demand
    •    Colostrum yield and quality
    •    Muscle contraction during foaling
    •    Release of placenta
    •    Reduce uterine artery rupture
– it helps:
    •    Improve libido and sperm count
    •    Maintain muscle mass during breeding season
    •    Prevent Laminitis
    •    Prevent testicle atrophy
Foals & Young Horses
– it helps:
    •    Support bone and tendon development
    •    Increase growth rate
    •    Joint cartilage formation and maturity (knee closure)
    •    Relieve contracted tendons and enlarged joints
    •    Prevents and repairs OCD lesions

What Do Horse Owners Say About Maximum Performance?

Whether we are top competitors or weekend trail riders, we all want the same respect and responsiveness from our horses. Maximum Performance allows your horse to give you his best.

Clinton Anderson nationally known trainer says, I've been very impressed with the results of using your product. It is easy to use and when mixed with my mare's grain, she eats it easily. Her heart rate recovery on endurance rides has been excellent and she looks like a million bucks. Everyone at the ride comments on her and I give a lot of the credit to your product. She has never looked or performed better.

Gerald O. Thompson We've been using Maximum Performance for two years now. We put of a lot of pressure on our horses as we attend most of the major events for barrel racing in the southeast. Since being on MP our horses handle stress much better, travel better, look better and just have fewer nagging problems.

Van Bert Farms Since using this product, our horses have won over 50 World Championships. In our band of 75 Mountain Horse broodmares, we have had a 98% conception rate. Shiny coats and strong hooves are trademarks of Van Bert Farms. Maximum Performance has certainly made a difference in our business.

Diane Roberts The improvement in the hoof quality is amazing, and they hold up well to the demands of big-time barrel racing and the hardship of the winters.

Toni Guirino Since I put my barrel horse Shoot on MP, we have won two weekends in a row. He is a different horse. His overall condition is the best it’s ever been. I love this product. Update – I wanted to let you know Shoot is still winning. I won my first pro rodeo, and I haven't won a rodeo since 1990. Since then I have placed almost every time.

Order Maximum Performance for Your Horse Today!

Top trainers are using Maximum Performance for good reason – it works and it works quickly.  Give them what they need to help them succeed – take your horse to the MAX!  For more information or to place an order, please contact us below. 

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. 221053
Louisville, Kentucky 40222
Phone: 502-817-1947 0r 931-224-3511
Website: Click Here To Connect

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