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Doc's Hemp Powder For Dogs

Doc's Hemp Powder is Pure Organic Hemp CBD and a superior choice for your dog! Non GMO, Pesticide and Solvent-Free. Can ease stiffness from normal exercise and activity.

What Was the Inspiration for Doc’s Hemp with CBD?

Doc’s Hemp with organic CBD was founded by two horsewomen passionate about holistic health not only for their own health and well being, but also for their animal companions. In 2016, Stephanie Bradley was asked to join in a hemp powder with CBD (cannabidiol) trial for horses. Stephanie immediately jumped at the chance to participate. Within one week she saw positive results in all of her four horses, especially her pony, Sparky, a 25-year old with Cushing’s syndrome (hypercortisolism) and Oscar, a 27-year old thoroughbred. Stephanie recalls that they both began to “run around like wild men!” After six months of successfully participating in the trial and gaining happy horses, she decided to join the Doc’s Hemp team to help more horses and educate their owners. As time went on, the team explored using hemp products with CBD with other animals.  Stephanie gave her dog, a 9.5 year old lurcher, a tiny spec of hemp (about 1/16th teaspoon) to rave reviews. The team reached out and donated the product to rescue shelters for sheep, goats and chickens and received positive feedback.

After receiving these great results, the team found that many critters enjoy Doc’s Hemp CBD powder so they expanded their mission from enhancing the lives of horses to ALL CREATURES great and small…thus, Doc’s Hemp was born.

What Sets Doc’s Hemp Apart From Other Horse CBD Products?

Doc's Hemp Powder and Oils are sourced from naturally genetic strains of hemp grown in Vermont under strict natural farming practices. Doc’s Hemp Powder is PURE ORGANIC HEMP CBD and a superior choice for your horse:
  • Made in the USA
  • Organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free and solvent-free
  • Contains no mold inhibitors or preservatives commonly present in many CBD pellet products
  • Uses the clean CO2 extraction method to obtain pure cannabinoids,  
  • terpenes, oils, flavonoids and essential amino acids from the whole hemp plan with no added fillers
  • Uses full spectrum hemp with less than .07% THC, well below the 0.3% legal limit
  • Offers a mild, natural flavor tolerated well by most horses
  • Veterinary approved and third-party tested
  • Working on earning National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) quality seal of approval!

What Conditions Can Doc’s Hemp Help or Support My Horse?

If your horse’s joints are stiff from a daily exercise routine and activities, Doc’s Hemp can help! But there are other physical and behavioral conditions that the product may support your horse such as:
  • Helps to maintain contentment during separation, travel, motion sickness and tension caused by changes to a regular routine.
  • Promotes relaxation and a calming effect.
  • Helps manage normal stress.
  • Supports digestive tract health and healthy digestion.
  • Helps support the immune system.
  • Helps maintain healthy joints, connective tissues and joint mobility.
What Products are Available from Doc’s Hemp?
Doc’s Hemp Powder is formulated from full-spectrum hemp that is easily digested and contains less than .07% THC which is legally below the legal limit of 0.3%. Organically grown and processed in the United States, Doc’s Hemp Powder is non-GMO and third party tested with a Certificate of Analysis. The hemp meal contains 20% plant protein, 30%
fiber, and cannabinoids including CBD, CBG (cannabigerol), CBC (cannabichromene), as well as terpenes, flavonoids and essential amino acids. There are NO additives or NO inactive ingredients! Doc’s Hemp Powder is available in two sizes: 130 grams and 260 grams with 25 mg of CBD per scoop.

How Is Doc's Hemp Made?

Doc’s Hemp Oil is derived from organic full spectrum hemp. The CBD is processed with CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction. This technique is frequently recognized as the safest and most effective method for producing a pure end product FREE of solvents, heavy metals and pesticides. Doc’s Hemp Oil is derived from organic non-GMO hemp plants and is third party tested with a Certificate of Analysis. The mild flavor is tolerated well by most animals. The hemp contains CBD, CBG, CBC, terpenes and flavonoids. Doc’s Hemp Oil is available in three sizes: 30 ml (300 mg of CBD), 50 ml (600 mg CBD) and 4 ounces (50 ml CBD).

How Long Should My Horse Use Doc’s Hemp?

Doc’s Hemp is safe to use indefinitely. But if your horse does not have a chronic problem and has gotten better, you can discontinue using it.

What Does InfoHorse Say About Doc's Hemp?
"Before I even got a chance to use this amazing product on my horse, my daughter, Nancy (25 years old) had a terrible bout with kidney stones that left her in agony. She called me up in tears and desperate. I rushed off with my "Doc's Hemp Oil", gave her a dose for her weight, and within 2 minutes, her pain went from a "10" to a "2"--- she never let me take it back. It saved her until her body passed that stone. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, it would have been hard to believe the incredible-- SUPER FAST-- and lasting results!!" -- Ann Pruitt, Director,

What's the Best Way to Use Doc's Hemp?
Always start at the recommended serving size that appears on the label of either Doc's Hemp Oil or Doc's Hemp Powder.  Visit Doc's Hemp website for more details or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Become a Doc's Hemp Ambassador!
Doc’s Hemp invites you to tell about your  pet's experiences with Doc's Hemp.  Consider spreading the good news and join the Doc's Hemp Ambassador Program! Remember once you try Doc's Hemp, you will want to share the good news-- call us today and let us help you with your order!!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
1214 North Poes Road
Flint Hill, Virginia 22627
Phone: 703-888-9175
Website: Click Here To Connect

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