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Equaide by HyTec Equine Group, LLC.
Equaide was effective at treating all types of wounds and many skin disorders of all animals! Equaide not only prevents the formation but dissolves even the worst cases of proud flesh without harming healthy tissue.

About Traci Baker, Creator of Equaide and The HyTec Equine Group, LLC.
HyTec Equine Group is the company that makes Equaide as well as other wound care products for horses, dogs, cats and other companion animals and livestock. I am Traci Baker, the creator of Equaide and together with my husband Andy, my brother Carl and his wife Kim, are the owner-operators of HyTec Equine Group, which was named after my first horse, HyTec. We are a family owned business that loves horses and basically all animals, and operate out of Cincinnatus, New York.

How Did The Formulation For Equaide Come About?

Says Traci Baker, owner, and formulator: While I was working as a Veterinary Technician, I developed Equaide for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue, commonly known as Proud Flesh. While my focus was initially on treating proud flesh, I quickly discovered that Equaide was effective at treating all types of wounds and many skin disorders. I worked with a number of veterinarians and stables on eastern Long Island and in Maryland providing my solution, but it wasn't until a wonderful veterinarian encouraged me to sell Equaide more broadly that the HyTec Equine Group was born in 2001.

Is It True That Equaide Is Both Effective,  Yet Gentle and Safe?
Yes! Equaide has been thoroughly tested for Safety and Efficacy and won't burn, blister, slough or scar, and there are no white hairs.  The Equaide solution is in a water base, not alcohol. Our unique formulation, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, was specifically designed to treat excessive granulation tissue. Equaide promotes a healthy wound bed which accelerates healing for all wounds. Equaide has been used by veterinarians around the globe!

But What If I Can’t Bandage My Horse? Will Equaide Stick To The Wound?
Equaide was formulated so that the solution won't run or drip off of wounds
and can even be used without bandaging (though bandaging is encouraged). Equaide also prevents flies and other bacteria carrying insects from contacting the wound, a necessity in the barn environment.

What If The Wound Is Older or I Already Have Proud Flesh?
We get this question all the time— and, frankly, we haven’t had a case yet that that Equaide hasn’t had success with! Yes, we are bragging, but it’s also true.  The first step, the area must be scrubbed/cleansed to facilitate a small amount of blood.  Second, rinse and blot the area dry then apply the Equaide and wrap with a non-stick pad- if wrapping is possible.   Repeat every day for one week, or until the proud flesh is level with the surrounding skin, then every two days until healed.

Do I Need To Wrap The Wound When Using Equaide?
Tricky answer...No and Yes.  If treating a wound, no bandage is required.  The Equaide solution will quickly dry to a protective shell over the treated area.  While the Equaide solution will stick to the wound, wrapping prevents it from being brushed off in the barn or farm environment.  Treatment for wounds, cuts, or sores on the body or face do not require wrapping.  When treating Proud Flesh, wrapping is recommended, if possible,  until the granulation bed is level with the skin edges!

How Many Applications Will I Get Out Of A Standard 2oz Jar?
The Equaide solution is highly concentrated and is applied thinly to any wound surface.  The application is typically done daily for the first week, and every other day thereafter.  Naturally the size of the wound and the severity effects the amount of Equaide required.
2 oz is only $32.00- an amazing price for such an effective treatment!

Are Larger Jars Available?
Yes. We have a 5 ounce jar for very large wounds or for veterinarians, farriers, and large barns.  Contact us if you are interested.  

Note: If you have never used Equaide, please start with a 2 ounce jar since it is highly concentrated and goes a long way.

What If I Am Dealing With Proud Flesh Already 2mm Above The Skin?
Getting the areas to bleed slightly is necessary for Equaide to treat the existing proud flesh. With just a 2mm growth of proud flesh you shouldn't need to do any "scraping".  Just a good scrubbing with washing is fine. We are happy to help you with questions.

I Would Like to Know The Ingredients?
So would our competitors! Equaide has been sold since 1998 under Trade Mark Secrets protecting our intellectual property and ingredient list. What we can disclose is this.....  Equaide is formulated in a water base with a unique blend of minerals and activated charcoal.   The unique formulation is safe and effective. There is no other product like Equaide on the market!!!

Does Equaide Offer A Guarantee?
YES! We have an unconditional 100% guarantee on our product in the 2 oz size.  Simply return the 2 ounce jar of Equaide within 60 days for a full refund.  While we are totally confident that Equaide works, we have stopped offering refunds on the 5 ounce jar due to the unscrupulous behavior of some consumers and the high cost of producing Equaide.

What About Wounds Or Rainrot or Other Coat Conditions?

You will find that Equaide works on any WOUND, or skin condition! Typically, wounds on horses are difficult and slow to heal, especially in the limbs below the knee or hock.  Wounds in the body regions heal at a rate of 0.2 mm per day on average, while wounds on the leg only heal at the rate of 0.09 mm per day.  The limb areas are primarily comprised of bone, tendons and ligaments and lack underlying muscle- LEG WOUNDS are very common and we are happy to help.

So How Does Equaide DIFFERENT From Other Proud Flesh Treatments?

There are many compositions that have been proposed as wound healing agents which consist mainly of caustic substances to eat away the granulation tissue.  The problem with the caustic substances is that they only destroy cells, and in addition to destroying the exuberant granulation tissue, these substances also destroy healthy cells and may even cause further damage to the wound. Equaide does NOT harm healthy cells! These substances have not been significantly effective in promoting the healing of wounds. 

Equaide has solved a desperate need for conditions below:
  1. Dissolving equine exuberant granuloma (“proud flesh”) when present
  2. Preventing the creation of proud flesh at the start
  3. Accelerated healing for wounds in horses
  4. Guard against bacterial and fungal conditions typical of a stable environment
Does Equaide Offer A Bandaging Kit  To Help Me?
Yes we do! So many of our clients have requested a Bandaging Kit to go with their order that we were happy to put one together for them. At only $42 it is a very comprehensive and affordable kit!

This Kit Includes:

* 2 ounce jar of the solution in an oversize jar for easy mixing and application
* One ounce typically provides three weeks of treatment for an average wound.  Serious wounds tend to require several weeks of treatment
* 8 non-stick gauze pads
* 8 rolls of gauze
* 3 rolls of self-adhering bandaging tape
* A mixing stick and applicator
* Bandaging and care instructions

Equaide Is an Absolute MUST For Every Tackroom! Order Today!
Wound care is a part of horse ownership— and so many wounds can become a proud flesh nightmare if left untreated. Equaide is the ONLY product that can both prevent, and treat, proud flesh, all while helping greatly speed up the recovery process of the wound.  Take a look at our CASES and the incredible results. We are confident that Equaide is the best solution for the treatment of Proud Flesh and wounds available today. Send us an email to answer your questions-- and ORDER Today!

Contact: Traci Baker
727B Route 23
Cincinnatus, New York 13040
Phone: 888-330-7107 or 607-863-4695
Website: Click Here To Connect

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