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Hoof Cleaner by Happy Healthy Hoof
Carefully formulated by active Farrier, Jessica Baker, Hoof Cleaner by Happy Healthy Hoof, offers amazing, dependable results, is all natural, easy to use and non staining formula.

About “Jess The Farrier”— Jessica Baker
Jess is an AFA certified farrier with 5 years experience shoeing in the central Illinois climate so she has experienced some of the worst conditions for trying to keep hooves clean and healthy. It can be a challenge! Hopefully, with what we have to offer, we can help you to  overcome the challenges with a little more ease and style!
How Did Happy Healthy Hoof (HHH) Come To Be?
Says Jess,  Hi! My name is Jess and I started Happy Healthy Hoof! I’m a farrier in central Illinois which means MUDDY. Wet springs, wet winters, wet falls, maybe two weeks in the summer that it really dries up. Terrible for horse feet! I had so many clients who were struggling to get rid of thrush in their horse’s hooves. The number one thing I would recommend would be to pick out their hooves regularly and then of course keep the horse on a regular trimming or shoeing schedule. After that I would have a hard time recommending a topical treatment because they are all so  caustic. If you only apply it once it wouldn’t really get rid of the thrush and if they applied it regularly it would dry out the frogs, turn them rock hard, and not promote new healthy frog growth.

After some brainstorming I came up with the HHH formula which is gentle enough to use daily as a preventative, but effective enough to fight a bad case of thrush. I thought Id just give it to a few of my clients who’s horses were really struggling as an added bonus of having me as their farrier. It worked great and I kept getting requests for more. I wasn’t motivated to just give it away over and over so I did start charging people and I felt bad charging people for something unbranded in a cheap spray bottle that looked like crap. So I made some nice labels, bought some better sprayers, and next thing you know… Happy Healthy Hoof was born. My husband and I personally pack every order and we love to hear from our clients!

About Happy Healthy Hoof Spray
Happy Healthy Hoof Cleaner is your horses new best friend! 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS make it so much safer and gentler to use on your horses hooves as often as needed. Our ingredients sacrifice no quality and increase effectiveness over most other hoof cleaners because it will NOT harm your horses hooves! Farrier formulated, our product was created in the heart of Illinois swamp land, some of the worst conditions for a horses hoof. Make no mistake, if it can clean here in Illinois, it can clean anywhere. 

What Are Some Of The Key Ingredients in Happy Healthy Hoof?
You’ll love the Natural Lemongrass Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and other natural essential oils that compose this amazing, highly effective and gentle spray. Spray, wipe out debris and spray again and you will go a long way in helping YOUR horse’s hoof to be a Happy Healthy Hoof!
Is It True That Happy Healthy Hoof (HHH) Can Be Used Every Day If Necessary?
YES! Unlike other sprays that can be caustic and even dry out the frog and hoof wall, Happy Healthy Hoof is 100% Natural and gentle enough to use every day. HHH can be used year round in all kinds of weather. If you have an active case of thrush that you’re trying to cure I recommend using it once a day for a week or until the thrush clears up. If you are using on healthy hooves to prevent thrush and other issues I recommend using 2-5 times a week to thoroughly clean the frog and sole.

What If My Horse Already Is Suffering From Thrush?
Then you are really going to enjoy the amazing benefits that HHH has to offer. If you have an active case of thrush that you’re trying to cure I recommend using it once a day for a week or until the thrush clears up. Make sure to spray it on, wipe all dirt and debris away and then spray HHH back on to soak. If you have a particular area, you can even soak a cotton ball with HHH and stuff it in for an hour or so, and then remove… to ensure a good application!

How About Whiteline? Can HHH Help Discourage Whiteline?
HHH can be helpful to prevent thrush, white line, and any other related issue but is not to replace your farriers opinion and regular work. HHH when used correctly (spray and wipe) helps keep everything cleaner and bacteria or fungal infections at bay so yes it is helpful for white line disease but remember the most effective treatment to almost all hoof problems is regular farrier care first and a healthy diet, with proper supplements if necessary. Your individual farrier will be able to help guide you.

What Do People Say About HHH?

Says Mike,
HHH is great for keeping my horse’s frog and sole clean and free of dirt, mud and nasty thrush! I really like that the effective ingredients are not harsh or toxic. The nozzle seems to be heavy duty and works awesome. The Happy Healthy Hoof even comes with 3 nice washable towels to use in your hoof cleaning ritual. I highly recommend Happy Healthy Hoof…. 5 STARS!

Says Carl,
 I ordered this product and was hoping to find a safe, non toxic thrush preventative and treatment. I liked that you can use this without gloves or concern if a little transfers to me or my horse’s skin. I really like the fact that it works! During the Spring Thaw, we become a ‘mud farm’ and are horses are out 24/7. Happy Healthy Hoof worked great this year in preventing Thrush. Very pleased. 
5 Stars! 

Says Daisy, 
It’s working! It treated her thrush successfully. We use it daily now for cleaning and prevention.
5 Stars! 

Says Reddy, 
Great product! I needed to find a product for our horse that would help with seedy toe. I wanted a natural product that no only tackled this issue, but to also prevent future infections. Happy Healthy Hoof Cleaner helped and we now use it daily. My daughter rides 5 days a week and says it’s very easy to use and really cleans the hooves. We will be purchasing again! Thank you! 5 Stars! 

Doesn’t Your Horse Deserve To Have Happy Healthy Hoof?
We think they do and having healthy hooves is vital to their health, well being, and performance. At just $30 for a bottle,   you will love Happy Healthy Hoof— give it a try and you’ll see why our clients keep coming back again and again. Call and talk to Jess today or just put in your order!

Contact: Jessica Baker
Sidney, Illinois 61877
Phone: 470-242-4663
Website: Click Here To Connect

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