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Beat Laminitis with Equine Podiatry Solutions!
Beat Laminitis with Equine Podiatry Solutions!

Who Is Derrick Cooke and Equine Podiatry Solutions?

Equine Podiatry Solutions LLC, founder Derrick Cooke,  is well-acquainted with the challenges presented by acute laminitis. A farrier for more than 35 years, Derrick worked with a variety of disciplines, including cutting horses, reining horses, working cow horses, roping horses, sorting horses, and many others. Derrick studied biology and chemistry in college. He has been aggressively researching a solution to get ahead of acute laminitis by preventing damage in the acute phase since 2006. Equine Podiatry Solutions, LLC was established as an LLC in December of 2019 to develop innovative solutions to common problems of the domesticated horse.

What IS Laminitis?

Honestly, we hope you never have to find out! Having said that, Laminitis is currently the 2nd leading cause of death and the most expensive to recover from disease in horses. This is primarily because of flawed theory’s concerning the nature of the disease. In 1998 Dr. Pollitt discovered active matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)that degrade the structures binding the lamina. MMP remain dormant until there is excessive free radical oxygen or peroxynitrite. Acute Laminitis is the perfect storm to activate the MMP. Inflammation will always produce reactive oxygen species and the lack of blood flow will create a buildup up Peroxynitrite . Desmosphyrine, offered by Equine Podiatry Solutions LLC is a a superoxide dismutase  that takes advantage of the instability of free radical oxygen and peroxynitrite. Desmosphyrine will turn both free radical oxygen and peroxynitrite to water before they build up enough to signal on the matrix Metalloproteinase. In effect Desmosphyrine tricks the MMP by creating a normal biochemical environment for the MMP!

Derrick Wanted a CURE— Not Something That Would Just “Manage” Laminitis!

Over the years, Derrick became more interested in the problem of acute laminitis and finding a possible solution. He read everything he could get his hands on and researched the biochemistry involved. “I wanted to solve the problem of laminitis in a manner that prevented damage in the ACUTE PHASE, rather than managing it in the chronic phase.”  Driven by the desire to provide long-term healing for horses suffering from acute laminitis- Derrick used his knowledge from his extensive college Chemistry courses to help create an actual solution to help prevent coffin bone rotation and put a STOP to Laminitis!

You Need To Apply Our Desmosphyrine In The ACUTE (onset!) Of a Laminitis Attack!

Our 3 day, 24 dose Desmosphyrine Treatment , should be on your shelf, because when Laminitis hits, you need to get it stopped almost immediately to prevent, permanent and irreversible results. It is in this phase that you will see your horse often rocking from front feet to back and hesitant to walk. It is in THIS PHASE that Desmosphyrine, offered by Equine Podiatry Solutions LLC takes advantage of the instability of free radical oxygen and peroxynitrite to turn both free radical oxygen and peroxynitrite to water before they build up enough to signal on the matrix Metalloproteinase (which can cause rotation of the coffin bone). In effect Desmosphyrine tricks the MMP by creating a normal biochemical environment for the MMP and helps restore your horse’s hoof back to normal. 

What is the DIFFERENCE between Acute and Chronic Laminitis?

** Acute Phase is the onset of Laminitis. The Acute phase is a condition where developmental pathways have accumulated enough to trigger a response from the horses body. They range from ingesting to much sugar or things that turn into sugar to internal problems of the endocrine system. There is inflammation in the lamina and damage occurs during the Acute phase. The goal of treating Acute laminitis is to minimize or prevent damage. 

***Chronic Laminitis is the condition the horse is left in after the damage has occurred. The goal of treating Chronic laminitis is to Repair damage. This goal is remarkably difficult because the critical structures that suspend the bone column within the hoof capsule have been destroyed. The critical components of the extra cellular matrix (ECM) have also been destroyed; therefore, the scaffolding for the tissue and signaling properties of the ECM must be repaired first. If the horse reaches the Chronic phase 95% of the time the horse ends up dead or useless. 

How Long Does The Acute Stage Usually Last?

Acute stage of laminitis when carbohydrate overload was associated with the developmental stage is accepted to be 72 hours. When the developmental phase is associated with metabolic issues the Acute phase can last in excess of 4 weeks… the point is, you need our Desmosphyrine Kit IMMEDIATELY… don’t wait!

But… How Do I Know If My Horse Is Experiencing an Acute Laminitis Attack?

The late Dr. Kauffman of the University of Missouri said it best. If your horse is pinned down experiencing pain on both front feet and reluctant to move. It is likely in the Acute phase of Laminitis. 

How Does The Desmosphyrine Work?

Desmosphyrine turns free radical oxygen to water; therefore the enzymes responsible for separating the structures holding the lamina together remain dormant, thus preventing the collapse of the laminae, and preventing the coffin bone from dangerous rotation

How Do I Apply The Desmosphyrine Treatment?

Our Desmosphyrine is applied topically after clipping 1 inch above the hairline. It is massaged in the clipped area for approximately 30 seconds and the excess is coated evenly over the hoof wall. These steps are repeated on all 4 hoofs every 12 hours for 3 days when toxicity was the trigger. When a metabolic disorder was the trigger only the front feet need to be treated with a loading dose of a full packet administered to each front foot on the first day. The subsequent days 1/2 the dosing is applied to each front foot every 12 hours for 10 days.

What Has Been The Success Record of  Desmosphyrine?

The success rate of Desmosphyrine in clinical trials has been 95% effective at preventing rotation. 1 foot on 1 horse suffered just under 1 degree of rotation following 1 bout with high ACTH levels, subsequently contracting  Salmonella and a second Acute attack of laminitis triggered by Colitis all within approximately 9 weeks… this would be far from the usual case with Laminitis.  


Overnight Shipping Is Available, But It Is Smarter To Have Our Treatment ON HAND!

Overnight shipping is available, but relying on that service is highly discouraged. We have found Overnight shipping over major holidays or during storms or hurricanes is not available. During November and December it is not guaranteed because of the demand placed on carriers delivering gift items. It is far better to have this treatment ON HAND.  If you have several horses, ponies, Morgans, insulin resistant or overweight horses, this is a MUST HAVE product on hand!

Desmosphyrine 24 Dose Treatment— Only $600 To Stop Laminitis!

Anyone who has had experience with Laminitis, knows that it can drain your bank account and your heart. Our 3 day, 24 Dose Desmosphyrine Treatment ,is only $600— and, when applied and used as directed, has (thus far) a 95% success rate. It is the most affordable “miracle of hope”you could possibly buy for your horse! It should be applied topically on all 4 feet every 12 hours for 72 hours. The proprietary superoxide dismutase works to preserve the desmosomal bonds of the lamina from the oxidative stress catalyze by MMP-1, MMP-2, MMP-9, MMP-13, ADAMTS-4. Desmosphyrine uses Superoxide Dismutase to protect the basement membrane from Reactive Oxygen Species and preserves the Desmosomal Bonds of the lamina when caught in time

Is It True That It Has a Shelf Life Of 3 years?

Yes, our Desmosphyrine 24 Dose Treatment Kit has a shelf life of 3 years kept at moderate temperatures. This means that you can be prepared for as long as 3+ years to prevent the destruction of laminitis by putting a stop to it at the onset!!

Hear About "Frosty, PRCA Barrel Horse"— Saved by our Desmosphyrine 24 Dose


  • Frosty is a PRCA barrel horse who got in the feed room on November 4, 2015.
  • Frosty was treated with Desmosphyrine on November 5, 6, and 7.
  • He was back under the saddle on December 28, 2015.
  • He ran in the PRCA rodeo in San Angelo, Texas in February 2016, placing second. 
  • In March 2016, Frosty ran in the Patriot and came in eighth by a thousandth of a second.

Finally, a REAL SOLUTION To The Laminitis Nightmare— Order Today!

Laminitis is one of the leading causes of death with horses. Sea Biscuit, Secretariat, Barbaro, Kip Deville, and numerous others have succumbed to the nightmare of Laminitis.

It took every bit of skill, knowledge, study and Chemistry knowledge — coupled with a pure refusal to give up, by farrier Derrick Cooke CJF— to come up with what others are calling a ‘miracle’ in the horse world. Invited to speak at national farrier clinics, Derrick travels throughout America teaching farriers and veterinarians about Desmosphyrine and the miracle it offers to horses at the onset of Laminitis. It will be the best $600 you will spend— the life you are preparing to save, could be that of your own horse. Desmosphyrine may be all the stands between YOUR horse and certain death. Call and order today.

Contact: Derrick Cooke 
105 Burkhalter Road
Claxton, Georgia 30417
Phone: 817-771-8779
Website: Click Here To Connect

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