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Legit Ledgers, LLC with Kristina Vaughn
Legit Ledgers, LLC with Kristina Vaughn is a bookkeeper specializing in helping all equine related businesses. You will love her friendly, knowledgable, and money saving bookkeeping service!

If You are a HORSE BUSINESS--- You Need a Bookkeeper Who Knows Horses!

Kristina Vaughn from Legit Ledgers, LLC  is an ACTIVE horse person who specializes in providing expert financial services for veterinarian professionals and all forms of equine businesses. From freelance trainers and single vet practices to large ranch operations and full service clinics. We are here for all of your bookkeeping needs. As a hard-working business owner looking to grow your operations, we know you don’t have the time or energy to make sure your financials are in order and up to date as often as you probably should. With how hard you work to produce quality top-of-the-line services, maybe you tend to put your bookkeeping on the back shelf. Or maybe you already hired a bookkeeper but still don’t seem to know how much money you actually make or where it is going? If this is the case, you need a bookkeeping professional who cares just as much about your business as you do – that’s us!

But, What If My Books Are a Mess? Can Kristina Still Help Me?
There is NO shame in having messy financial records when you are busy focusing on the activities that actually make you money. Call me today--  and we can determine how I can best help you and your business get organized and out of those shoeboxes!

Kristina Can Sort Through The "Shoebox of Receipts" and Get You Back On Track!

A huge part of what I do is getting businesses back on track and out of disarray. When a client comes to me with a shoebox stuffed full of receipts and records (sometimes from an entire year), I say “no problem!” .  My clients specialize in all things horses all the way from managing barns, selling merchandise, and freelance training up to appraisal and expert witness services. They shouldn’t have to be an expert in keeping financial records as well! Now worries, that’s where I come in!

This process with Legit Ledgers is SIMPLE and STRESS-FREE!
  • Exploration phone call to determine if we are are a good fit for each other
  • Full consultation with record review
  • FREE Plan Proposal Document for you to keep even if you don’t want Legit Ledgers help
  • Documentation Collection and Client Onboarding
  • Flat rate continued monthly relationship with full service and no hidden hourly rates
What If I Just Want Help With My Own QuickBooks System?
We are nothing if not flexible! If you already have Quickbooks Online and need a hand getting your records sorted out and back on track, then look no further. We are Certified Quickbooks Online Pro Advisors and we can absolutely sit down and take a look with you. Rather than signing for ongoing monthly services, we can perform a full cleanup for you and get you back on the wagon for the future. If desired, we can also set up a few training sessions to teach you how to perform the daily and monthly tasks required for your business’s regular record-keeping. Just keep in mind that having a monthly bookkeeping professional can be significantly beneficial for many things including keeping track of old and NEW tax-deductible items.

What Is The Difference Between a Bookkeeper and a CPA? (Certified Public Accountant) It is important to note the differences between an accountant and a 21st Century Bookkeeper:

The 21st Century Bookkeeper performs the record-keeping processes for tracking finances including:
-Track Expenses and Income to tag all potential tax-deductible items specific to your industry
-Payroll Processing
-Customer Invoicing
-Generate Financial Statements and Reports
-Perform key financial analysis to help: improve operations, benchmark to industry standards, budget for growth.
-Work closely with a Tax Professional who specializes in your industry

The Accountant performs high-level accounting services including:
-Reviewing and auditing financial statements in the capacity that they can go to the SEC as a publicly traded company.
-Auditing and Court services
-Tax Reporting services

Legit Ledgers, LLC. is a cloud-based bookkeeping service and not a Certified Public Accountant. Legit Ledgers works in conjunction with your tax professional (CPA or otherwise) to cover all of your bookkeeping needs. We also have excellent tax professional colleagues if a referral is needed.

Can Kristina Help Me Even If I Don't Have Horses? (NOT a horse business)
Kristina is SO wonderful to work with, that many of her "horse business" clients refer her to their "non-horse" friends-- and that is perfectly OK! The GREAT thing about the rules of accounting is that the basics of bookkeeping do not change whether you are the owner of a full-scale breeding operation or an individual who just needs some assistance in getting their finances organized. We offer professional services for businesses who do not deal first-hand with the animals (such as tack shops, supplement suppliers, equipment dealers, etc.) as well as those who do (such as breeders, trainers, veterinarians, sports medicine specialists, etc.).  So don’t be afraid to get in touch! We are here to help YOU!

Is It True That Kristina Works Nationwide?
YES- and clients from across the USA benefit from her amazing, friendly, easy-to-work with, superior bookkeeping service!
We are a completely virtual bookkeeping operation. This keeps costs down for your business. As all of our accounting and receipt management software is cloud-based, we are able to serve you remotely. Rest assured, all of the tools Legit Ledgers utilizes have bank-level security so we can take excellent care of your business-  no matter where you live!

What Kind Of Pricing Can I Expect?
Very AFFORDABLE pricing!!! When you experience all that we do, you will love our amazing rates that help keep your business organized!

Basic Quarterly Services
-  Starting at $200/mo
  • Perfect for new businesses and start-ups within the first 1-2 years of business
  • Account setup and monthly subscription in QBO (cloud-based accounting software)
  • Up to 50 transactions
  • Monthly tracking, classifying, and reconciling of up to 2 bank/credit card accounts
  • Full set of monthly financial reports (explained in terms you understand!)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Up to 1 hour per quarter of phone/video support conference OR 15 minute monthly recorded financial statement presentations
  • NO CONTRACT (30 day cancellation notice required)
Standard Monthly Services - Starting at $300/mo
Ideal for small businesses who are already established.
  • Account setup with QBO (Quickbooks Online cloud-based accounting software) + Hubdoc subscription (receipt/invoice upload and document storage)
  • Monthly tracking, classifying, and reconciling up to 3 bank/credit card accounts
  • Up to 100 transactions per month
  • Full set of monthly financial reports (always in terms you can understand)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Up to 1 hr/month of phone/video conferencing support
  • NO CONTRACT (30 day cancellation notice required)
Premium Monthly Services - Fee Varies
We work with all size businesses! Whether you are a startup or a multimillion dollar company, we are here to help YOU achieve your goals. Of course, with more transactions and cash flow, the monthly fee will be higher.
Our fees are based on the unique needs of your business and can range anywhere from $400 to $900 per month for large and established clients. By investing in a relationship with me, you aren’t just gaining a bookkeeping professional and pristine financial records, you are gaining an ally, and investing in your own success!

Call Kristina, To Get Your Horse Business Books In Order-- Today!!

You'll love her friendly style and amazing, organizational skills and talents. Whether you are a new or already established business, we want to help you achieve success and grow your bottom line. We know your life goals rely on the success of your business. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family, take more vacations, buy a new vehicle, fund your kid’s college account, or reinvest to grow your business. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals no matter what they are. The possibility of saving an extra few thousand dollars (or more) a month could change you and your family’s lives. Call Kristina today-- you'll honestly wonder how you ever got along without her!

Contact: Kristina Vaughn

Corry, pennsylvania 16407
Phone: 814-580-8751
Website: Click Here To Connect

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