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Turf Rake by H Barber and Sons
Turf Rake by H Barber and Sons, rakes, grooms, and, REMOVES Rocks and Debri from your arena! No one needs their horse to get a sprain or stone bruise from rocks- Turf Rake is the solution!

About H Barber and Sons
H. Barber & Sons, Inc.
is a family owned and operated corporation, principally located in Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA.Founder Harold S. Barber first explored the prospects of building machines that clean beaches in the early 1960's. Mr. Barber understood the growing need for this type of equipment and designed the first Barber raking prototype to clean sand beaches.
As H. Barber & Sons, Inc. continued to grow, expansion into other areas of debris collection was a logical progression— and soon they discovered that their TURF RAKE was the perfect solution to creating a velvet sand surface— free of rocks and debris—  for horse riders to enjoy and perform on. Horse Riders from across America can enjoy the years of soft, smooth sand without the real concern and hazard that rocks and debris in your arena can cause. 

Smooth Sand— It’s Not Just “Convenience”- It’s What Your Horse is Riding On!
We’ve all experienced the irritation, disappointment and frustration of entering an arena, only to find it is littered with rocks, debris, roots and other hazards to your horse’s hooves and well being. If you are running a boarding or training stable, you will find that clients will leave to look for a better solution for your horse. But, even if the property is yours, you know that a misstep can mean anything from a stone bruise to a serious fall or injury.

The TURF RAKE by H Barber & Sons, Offers a Smooth Solution To A Rocky Problem!

Go from the arena no one wants to use— to the arena that is everyone’s favorite! The TURF RAKE Grooms, Rakes and, most importantly REMOVES all DEBRI that can hinder your horse’s performance and your enjoyment of your arena. Your clients, boarders or family will love what the TURF RAKE can do for your arenas.

What Does The TURF RAKE Actually Do?
* Removes stone, rock, sod, roots, sticks and similar debris from soil
* Grades rough or scarified soil
* Aerates the soil- leaving a gently harrowed area that is inviting and comfortable to ride on
 * Tines penetrate the soil digging down to remove buried stones ensuring thick top layer of stone free soil

Why Use TURF RAKE At YOUR Arena?
* Who Wants To Spend Hours Picking and Digging out Rocks? NO ONE!  The TURF RAKE stone picker can quickly do the work that previously took many men and many hours of hand raking.

* Simplify Mechanical Methods: The TURF RAKE stone picker in ONE PASS  removes stone, elevates the debris to a hopper at the rear, levels uneven areas and leaves the surface ready for planting all in one pass.

* Make Riding Fun For Yourself and Clients! If you are running a boarding stable, or training barn, you won’t want to see your clients moving somewhere else. Your smooth arenas can mean money in your pocket as clients seek out your stables for an enhanced riding experience.  If you own the property yourself, you will really enjoy being able to ride for hours on a smooth, inviting surface— and your horse will welcome it too!

* Help Ensure the Safety and Well Being Of Your Horses! Few things are more upsetting to a horse owner than hoof or leg injuries and layups. Having a smooth, debris-free arena is going to make a world of difference in savings to help prevent hoof and leg injuries

What  Sizes and Models Of TURF RAKE Are Available?

TURF RAKE comes in three sizes/models: the 600HD, 400HD, and 400. We've found most horse arena owners find the 400 to be a good size, but a simple phone call to our friendly staff will help you decide on the right size and model for your operation. We have several models below-- perfect for your horse arena!!!

TURF RAKE Model 400 (our most popular size for horse stables!)
The  TURF RAKE model 400 is Barber's smallest stone rake. It weighs 1,900 pounds and can lift up to 2,000 pounds in its one (1) cubic yard hopper. Its hydraulic discharge places material neatly on the ground. Within one (1) hour, the model 400 can effectively clean up to two (2) acres. This is very suitable for most moderately sized horse operations. Just give us a call for pricing. 

TURF RAKE Model 400 HD
At 2,700 pounds, the 400HD  TURF RAKE is H. Barber & Sons' moderate-size stone and rock rake. It is equipped with a two (2) cubic yard hopper that will lift 2,400 pounds of debris to a dumping height of nine (9) feet. This mid-size model uses the same heavy-duty conveyor and dump components as the 600HD. The 400HD can clean up to two (2) acres per hour.  Call for pricing.

Make Sure YOUR Arena Has The H Barber TURF RAKE TODAY!

Making sure that your arenas are free from debris and rocks isn’t just a matter of convenience, it is your responsibility as a horse property or stable owner or manager! A rocky arena can mean injury to your horse, a fall to the rider, and even lay-up time if the horse is injured. If you are a trainer or boarding stable, it can mean lost clients and even law suit if the horse gets injured. Let TURF RAKE end your rocky nightmare— you’ll love the difference, you’ll enjoy your arena like never before—  and so will your horses and clients!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
15 Raytkwich Road
Naugatuk, Connecticut 06770
Phone: 800-355-8318 or 203-729-9000
Website: Click Here To Connect

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