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HA-Top Shelf, LLC
HA-Top Shelf is the highest potency, freshest, most potent form of Hyaluronic Acid available for your horses, dogs, cats and family today! Effective for joints, bones, eyes and so much more!

Doug Kiburz, President, Author of “Hyaluronan- The MOST Important Molecule in Your Body"
Doug and his family have been active horse, dog and cat owners for decades. Says Doug: "I have been using hyaluronan (HA) products in our horses and dogs for decades and indeed many supplements used in humans evolved from the canine and equine world. Being in the orthopedic profession I am always looking for ways for patients to help themselves with musculoskeletal problems beyond surgery or prescription medication. The exciting benefits of HA are that it supplements our own endogenous HA, has few side effects or allergic reactions, and is effective. 

I don’t recommend anything I don’t try myself and my family (wife, dogs, cats, horses) and I have been using oral HA products for several years. But advances and improvements are made in every field and the Top Shelf® specifications are a giant step in quality and value. My patients often ask, “why don’t doctors tell their patients about these safe and helpful developments?” That is why we are here to tell you about Top Shelf®. In recent years research has found the HA molecule to be important not just in the musculoskeletal field, but it has significant importance in our immune system, eye health, gastrointestinal health, preventing osteoporosis, longevity and recent developments have shown it to have anti-viral activity. That is why many have “dubbed” hyaluronan “the most important molecule in all vertebrates”.

How Can HA-Top Shelf Help My Horses?
Topshelf- HA offers the freshest, most potent HA available today! We all want the best for our horse companions and want their years with us to be as healthy as possible.  Hyaluronic Acid or HA has been around for 100 years with numerous peer reviewed articles about its benefits for joints, skin, eyes, GI tract, would healing and the immune system. Hyaluronic Acid  has been used as an injectable product in the horse world for decades but now an oral Hyaluronic Acid product is available which helps to regulate nearly every major system and not just support joint health.

As your age, the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid decreases leading to a slow deterioration or the “aging” process.  Research has found a way to supplement the Hyaluronic Acid in every horse, slowing down the decline with a patented, over the counter HA molecule in liquid form.  Topshelf HA is a patented, high molecular weight product with no taste or odor and is sugar, soy, yeast and artificial color FREE.  Topshelf arrives as a powder with a 3 year shelf life and is reconstituted with bottled water.

How Do I Use It? 

Just cover the powder with bottled water-shake-fill to the top with bottled water and let set for 24 hours. It is fresh and ready for use on feed and is best used in 90 days. Place one ounce of the “horse” sized bottle on feed daily.  For quicker response, double the dose for the first week.  One third of the Hyaluronic Acid in every mammal is broken down daily so continued use is necessary.

What About Side Effects?

You mean like greater comfort, health and well being? But… seriously, there are no side effects or reactions as the Topshelf HA is the same molecule which is naturally produced in every mammal-that’s right-in every 2 or 4 legged creature. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – give him a gift in his mouth – for the best all around supplement-reach for the Topshelf.

How Can HA-Top Shelf Help My Dogs?
Topshelf- HA offers the freshest, most potent HA available today! We all want the best for our dogs to keep them as healthy as possible as they are a huge part of our family life and every year is a blessing. Hyaluronic Acid (or “HA”) has been around for 100 years with numerous peer reviewed research articles about its benefits for joints, skin, eyes, GI tract, wound healing and the immune system.

Hyaluronic Acid for dogs is an essential ingredient that every mammal makes for regulation or nearly every major system.  As our canine friends age, Hyaluronic Acid production decreases during the early middle years leading to a slow deterioration or the “aging process”.  Fortunately, research has found a way to enhance or supplement the HA in every dog to slow this “aging” process with a patented HA molecule in liquid form that is easily added to your dog’s food.  Topshelf HA is an over the counter, high molecular weight product with no taste or odor and is sugar, yeast, soy and artificial color FREE. 

How Do I Use It? 

 Topshelf arrives in powder form with a 3 year shelf life and is reconstituted with bottled water-just added bottled water to cover the powder-shake-fill to the top with bottled water and let set for 24 hours.  It is “fresh” and ready to use and the rehydrated HA is best used in 90 days.

Is It True That a Quality Hyaluronic Acid (like Top Shelf) Can Effect Much of The Body?
Yes!! Most people have no idea the effect on health and longevity that a consistent addition of a quality, hyaluronic acid supplement can make. Here are some of the most benefited areas for animals and humans.

* Joints

* Bones
* Skin
* Muscles
* Eyes
* Lungs
* Intestines
* Immune System

What Was The Motivation For HA- Top Shelf
Says Doug Kiburz: Being an Orthopedic surgeon and a ranch owner provides the opportunity to care for two and four legged “critters” as there are many similarities in treatment and care.   Some treatment options I recommend to patients evolved from the canine and equine world and it is just as satisfying to help patients with nonsurgical approaches.  We did hock injections for our horses for years until an oral Hyaluronic Acid product became available.  It worked so well for our horses and dogs I did one of the first HA studies on humans with equally good results especially regarding its effectiveness and safety profile. There is no “placebo” effect on a horse or dog-they are either better or they aren’t.  Like most families, our horses and companion animals are part of the family and often the “best” part of the family.  When we had the opportunity to work with pharmacists and chemical engineers to create Topshelf it was a “no brainer” to be involved with a product that was so helpful to so many.  That is why I tell patients that I take it, my dog takes it, our horses and mule take it and my wife takes it-not necessarily in the order of importance!

Why Is Hyaluronic Acid Often Referenced As The Body’s Most Important Molecule?

Hyaluronic Acid is present in nearly every cell which can itself produce HA,  but is concentrated in the musculoskeletal system, skin and eyes.  The benefits to the joints are profound in lubricating and protecting joints, absorbing shock, mediating inflammation and providing nutrition to the articular cartilage.

Studies have shown that HA has the capacity to increase bone density and assist anti-osteoporosis treatments in their affinity to target bone cells. It also helps to maintain the layer of support for bones and several dental studies have demonstrated the increased bone healing capacity of HA  and the health of periodontal tissue.  The FDA has approved HA for bone fillers and bone repair as many new investigations are underway in the treatment of osteoporosis. See Doug's highly informative, easy to read FREE E-Book on Hyaluronic Acid

Is It True That HA-Top Shelf Can Help Support Healthy Eyes For Humans and Animals?
YES! Eyes are 99% water but it is the hyaluronic acid that absorbs 1000 times its weight in water that maintains and lubricates and protects the eye.  HA was initially discovered in 1934 from the fluid in the eye.  HA has been used in eye surgery and as eye drops and is beneficial for “dry eye” syndrome.  It lowers inflammation and speeds healing after eye surgery and peer reviewed studies have also shown that “oral HA” may be as effective in healing as HA eye drops after injury or surgery. Because our body has a constant turnover of HA, an ongoing resupply of HA is needed to maintain the water balance in the eye and as the eye and the rest of the body ages the HA production decreases making HA supplementation a reasonable consideration.  

How Can HA-Top Shelf Help Digestive Problems or Acid Reflux

Yes. Topshelf offers great gut-health support for horses, dogs, cats and even people! The GI (gut) system is essential to well being and health by maintaining hydration (HA absorbs 1000 times its weight in water) immunity and the GI microbiome (healthy bacteria). The gut and skin and brain work together and HA keeps the gut healthy so harmful bacteria and chemicals cannot enter the blood stream. HA regulates water transport and inflammation  to keep normal permeability for everything that has to be absorbed into the system OR kept in the intestines.  With abnormal permeability, unwanted cells and chemicals enter the bloodstream and may lead to chronic illnesses.  Equine gastric ulcer syndrome may be caused by NSAIDs (anti-inflammatories), exercise, stress or diet change. Oral HA has been shown to be of benefit in its treatment, just as HA is helpful for treating gastric reflux in humans.  HA is absorbed as it enters the GI tract from the mouth through the small intestine and seems to be a key to maintaining a healthy gut.

Let HA-Top Shelf Help Your Family and Animal Friends Today!
The stories from satisfied clients come in nearly daily. When you see the difference that Topshelf- HA can make for your animals and family- you will never want to be without it!! From joint comfort, to eye support to healthy gut and immune system— you will learn why Topshelf is on the “top shelves” of Americans across the country. We make a difference you can both see, and feel! Our pricing and potency can NOT be beat! Call and order today!

Contact: Doug Kiburz
5075 Hwy Y
Sedalia, Missouri 65301
Phone: 660-460-9077
Website: Click Here To Connect

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