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EquiCrown® Medical Compression Bandages

EquiCrown® Medical Equine Compression Bandages have no equal.

About Your Friends at EquiCrown® US

Alex , Donna and Shay von Hauff  are active, and dedicated horse owners that have made providing quality horse products to horse owners a way of life. They have spent years of their life searching for noteworthy products that are a “stand out” in the equine market so that they can ensure that their clients have only the best for their horses. Many of these products are “one of a kind” and all are absolutely
State of the Art! Together they are “Strathcona Ventures” and together they have united to bring their expertise to helping horse owners across North America.

Alex von Hauff: Alex has grown extensive knowledge when it comes to building, maintaining and finding solutions to trouble arenas. He has been a guest lecture at Guelph university, and has written many articles for magazines in both USA and Canada.
Donna von Hauff: Donna has become our expert on compression therapy for horses effected by lymphangitis and cellulitis; working with UC Davies, Guelph, Olympic teams all around the world.
Shay von Hauff: 
Shay has advanced knowledge that is utilized by clients with horses that are struggling with weight issues both heavy and under weight in addition to health aliments tied to dietary concerns.

What Are EquiCrown™  Medical Compression Bandages
The innovative solution for healthy horse legs, EquiCrown®'s unique equine compression wraps, and custom medical compression bandages are designed for a perfect anatomical fit and precisely defined compression from the hoof up. The compression and massage effect on the horse's legs stimulate faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and removal of unwanted toxins, contributing to maintaining healthy horse legs and a faster recovery of leg injuries through healthy rehabilitation.

These breathable and durable bandages are available as standard pairs or as a single leg. EquiCrown® ACTIVES or FITS are designed for front and hind legs for regular use or as treatment for horse injuries.

What 3 Style and Performance Options Do I Have With
EquiCrown® ?
All 3 of our performance styles offer amazing protection and support. EquiCrown® has 3 unique styles and options:

* EquiCrown® ACTIVE:
EquiCrown® ACTIVE compression wraps are a sturdy, easy to apply compression wrap that provides consistent compression in every application. This style is a replacement for traditional polo wraps and comes in front and hind sizes.

The Active is suitable for:

  • Prevention of injury,
  • Maintenance for healthy legs,
  • Therapy for injury’s
* EquiCrown® Fit: EquiCrown® FIT replaces a tradition standing or stable wrap, comes in double -row hook and eye closure which works with wound care and with a horse whose leg circumference fluctuates by a few centimeters. These wraps are more suited to a horse who is regularly stalled overnight or longer.
EquiCrown® FIT wraps are used for:
  • Chronic stocking up.
  • Long periods of stalling.
  • Transport.
  • Post competition.
  • Windpuffs.
  • Tendon/ Suspensory injuries.
  • Lymphangitis.
  • Cellulitis.
  • Pre & post-surgery application.
  • Wound management.
* EquiCrown® FIT "Silver" EquiCrown FIT Silver compression wraps provide an anti-bacterial effect in addition to consistent compression every application. This style replaces a traditional Standing wrap, and comes in front and hind sizes. These are a stock item sold in pairs, or for a single leg.
The Active is suitable for:
  • Chronic stocking up.
  • Long periods of stalling.
  • Transport.
  • Post competition.
  • Windpuff.
  • Tendon/ Suspensory injures.
  • Lymphangitis
  • Cellulitis
  • Mud Fever “Scratches”
  • Pre & post-surgery application.
  • Wound management.
What Is The Difference Between EquiCrown® Compression Braces and Other "Leg Wraps"?
EquiCrown® are medical compression braces for horses. They are characterized by their precise anatomical fit  and produce a predefined pressure that stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the horse’s leg as well as gently massaging the leg. The breathable bandages are available as standard-sized or custom-made items. Thanks to their special knit and optimum compression, they promote and support both lymphatic flow and blood circulation. This contributes to a faster recovery of the horse's legs.

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs EquiCrown® Leg Protection? 

Ask yourself this question, Do you use standing wraps after exercising, or in the trailer on the way to a show? If you answered yes then EquiCrown™ braces would be a great product for you!  EquiCrown®  compression wraps can be used as a preventative measure,, or for a horse that stocks up, all the way to the severe cases of cellulitis, Lymphangitis or elephantiasis.   With their custom fit and precisely defined compression not only are they easy to put on and take off but you never have to worry about the brace being too tight or too loose which can cause injury to a leg. 

Is There An FAQ Page So I Can Learn More?
Absolutely!! Our FAQ page has a comprehensive list of questions (and their answers) that we get so often. If, however, you don't find your particular question answered, please feel free to give us a call! We welcome all calls and are excited to get to know more about you and your horse!

What If My Horse Is Prone To Suspensory Ligament Injuries or Has A Suspensory Ligament Injury?

EquiCrown® braces will help support the suspensory ligament while the horse is at rest.  With that being said the braces can be used while at work but will not give the support the suspensory needs if there is a problem that has already developed. 

How Do I Measure For My Compression Wraps

Why Can't I Just Use Regular Bandages And Get The Same Results?

Compression wrapping is a developed talent that not many people have.  Wrapping a leg to tight or to loose can be detrimental to your horse.  You can bow a tendon, or push the fluids of the legs In the wrong direction creating more swelling.  The science behind EquiCrown® braces is their graduated compression.  Meaning the brace has 100% compression around the fetlock and decreases gradually to 40% at the top of the brace around the cannon bone.  This allows any fluid in the leg including blood to be forced back up the leg and into circulation, giving the fluid nowhere to pool which is what creates swelling in their legs.  The other bonus is their anatomically perfect fit, this does not allow the “leg wrapper” to wrap to tight or to loose.  The braces are equipped with hook and eyes for a first closure then a zipper to keep the even pressure on the leg, so NO MORE WRAPPING!

Instructions For Use &  Care Of EquiCrown® Medical Compression Bandages
EquiCrown® Compression Bandages for horses are made of a very robust and durable knitted fabric. However, avoid any contact with pointed or sharp-edged items to prevent damage to the bandages. Feel free to visit our instructions page which is detailed for each of our compression bandages. Below are instructions for our popular "active" bandages.

Putting on EquiCrown "Active"
  1. Place the bandage around the horse leg starting at the back of the leg. The fastener should point to the outer side.     The fetlock needs to be placed into the provided bulge.
  2. First, close the Velcro fastener to pre-set the bandage.
  3. Reopen the top Velcro fastener to fasten the zipper, continue to zip the bandage downward while unfastening and then securing Velcro over the closed zipper.
  4. The end of the zipper should be folded back and secured under the Velcro fastener.
  5. If necessary, adjust the bandage for fit. The zipper needs to point to the outer side of the horse leg.


Putting On The EquiCrown® Fit

  1. Place the bandage around the leg of the horse, starting at the back of the leg. The fastener should point to the front. The bandage needs to be closed right on top of the cannon bone.
  2. Starting from the top, fasten the hooks.
  3. You may find it necessary to tighten the bandage by one row of hooks during the course of the treatment.

What Disciplines Benefit From EquiCrown®?

Whether you’re taking your horse for a slow trail ride, through an eventing course, around barrels, around a track or up and down a polo field your horse can benefit from EquiCrown™ braces.  They are a great essential to every discipline.

Can I Wash My EquiCrown® Leg Boots?

EquiCrown™ braces should be machine washed and machine dried at least once a week if used on a daily basis.  Every wash restores the brace to its original shape – thereby restoring their full compression effect!

How Do I Know What Size To Order For My Horse?

EquiCrown® compression wraps are sized for both the front and hind legs of YOUR horse, as well as custom made sizes.  The standard fit compression wraps need to have two measurements.   One around the fetlock and the other around the mid cannon, please ensure the tape measure is not to loose because you want the braces to fit snuggly around the horses legs in order for the compression to work effectively.

How Long Can My Horse Wear The Braces?

We are glad you asked! Depending on the situation, the wraps can be successfully worn 2-22 hours in a day. Here are some guidelines to be helpful.

* Healthy Competition Horse- For any healthy horse that is involved in competitive sports or active training, we usually recommend putting on their EquiCrown, wraps 2 hours ahead of the competition, then the horse can wear (or elect not to wear) the wraps during competition (owner disgression), and once done, then usually wear their EquiCrown wraps for an additional hour after competition or performance is over.

* Horse Suffering with WindPuffs-- may wish to wear the wraps 12 hours a day.

* Tendon or Suspensory Injury--may wear the wraps 22 hours per day. 6+ months is the normal for a tendon injury and 8+ months for suspensory ligament.
Note: Consulation with your vet should be active and ongoing and this includes rest period, and slow re-entry into activity to discourage further injury.

What Are Braces Made From and Are They Breathable?

EquiCrown™ braces are comprised of 74% polyamide, 17% elastane, and 9% viscose.  The braces are made of with an open weave knit that is air permeable which does not allow for heat accumulation, making them very breathable.

Order EquiCrown® Today!

You know that everything is literally riding on your horse's legs-- EquiCrown® Compression Wraps offer the most comprehensive protection to ligaments and tendons in the industry today.  You are also welcome to call us, we would love to hear from you and learn about your horse and show you how EquiCrown™ can make a performance difference for your horse.  For more information and to place your order, please call us today-- We ship WORLD WIDE daily!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
52155 Range Road # 233
Sherwood Park, Albert, Canada T8B 1C5
Phone: 780-464-0485 or 888-913-3150
Website: Click Here To Connect

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