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Tough® 1 Blankets by JT International
Tough® 1 Blankets by JT International offer the best in protection, design, fit and durability!

About Tough®1 by JT International, Dist.

From winter to spring and summer to fall, Tough®1 has Blankets and Sheets to cover every horse’s needs. Our blankets and sheets offer the durability you need at a price that fits just right. Tough1 offers a large variety of colors and patterns as well as styles, weights and fills. Learn more about choosing blanket for your horse below:

Why Tough®1 Blankets Are The RIGHT Choice For Your Horses!
When it comes to finding the right protection for your horse in inclement weather, there are two main factors: fill and denier.

Poly fill or “weight” of a blanket determines it’s warmth. Fill is measured in grams--the higher the value the warmer the blanket. Tough®1 blankets are available in weights from 0 grams to 400 grams, for options to fit any region and its weather.

The strength of the outer shell is measured as “denier” and is determined by the material’s thread thickness. Calm and quiet horses can do well with very light denier starting at 210D, while energetic and destructive horses will find Tough®1’s super tough 1680D a more suitable match.

Things to Consider When It Comes To Choosing a Blanket’s Weight and Denier:

At Tough®1, we know each horse is different, which is why it’s important for the owner to choose the best blanket for his or her horse’s environmental needs so here are great tips to help you select the right blanket for your horse:

Coat Condition – Is your horse body clipped or does he lack adequate haircoat for the winter? The need for a heavier blanket goes up in temperatures starting at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Environment – Keep in mind the length of time your horse will spend outside and the weather forecast for the length of time. If the horse is turned out for extended periods of time without much shelter in freezing temperatures, a heavier blanket is needed. If the horse stays indoors for majority of his time, you can get away with a lighter weight blanket or sheet.

Health – Age and weight can be one of the largest factors in deciding on a blanket style. Older horses that have trouble keeping weight on will benefit from the protection of a heavyweight blanket, but mature horses on the heavier side of the body condition chart can get away without a heavy blanket.

Pasture Buddies – If your horse is turned out for extended periods of time with a herd of horses that like to play, you may need a stronger/higher denier as a means of avoiding tears and bite marks.

What Types Of Blankets Are There, and Which Is Right For MY Horse?

Turnout Blankets
Horse turnout blankets are made for the horse spending time outside. Made with a durable, rugged ripstop poly outer shell, our turnout blankets are water resistant and designed for ultimate freedom of motion with gussets and darts at the shoulder and a tail flap for extra protection.

Tough®1’s turnout blankets also feature fleece wither protection, crossed surcingles with elastic ends (to allow for more free movement without pulling on the straps), adjustable double buckle front with “Quick Grip” closure and replacement leg straps with elastic ends.

Miniature Blankets
The little guys won’t get left out in the cold. Miniature Horses and ponies can benefit from Tough1 Turnout Blankets, thanks to the wide size offering from 36 inches to 50 in most styles. Made exclusively for Miniatures, these blankets are made with the same quality construction, including double buckle fronts, replaceable leg straps with elastic ends, fleece wither protection, shoulder gussets for freedom in moving and a tail flap to reduce tail breakage.  Mini turnout blankets come in 600D and 1200D, with a 250 gram fill. Our Heavyweight Miniature Stable Blanket fits sizes 36 to 51 inches and features a belly wrap with elastic straps.

Foal Blankets
Foals can be protected from the cold temperatures with the Tough®1 600D Heavy Turnout Blanket. This blanket comes in two styles—one with a double front buckle and tail flap, the other with an adjustable, wrap-around quick grip closure that allows the blanket to “grow” with the foal. Both feature a 250 gram fill that will keep baby warm and allow for comfort during those first precious weeks.

But What If I Need Extra Warmth?
If you’re looking for a little versatility to your sheet or lightweight blanket, the Tough®1 Blanket Liner is great for horse owners across the country. Made from a soft 70 denier nylon that’s breathable, there are two different options for fill: 150 gram and 250 gram. Flexible for use with any sheet or blanket, the closed front blanket liner has an adjustable surcingle belly strap and slots for the blanket/sheet’s leg straps to fit through to secure the liner in place.

Another layering option is using the SoftFleece Blanket Liner/Sheet from Tough®1. Perfect for cool nights, cooling out or as an extra layer, the Softfleece Blanket Liner/Sheet has an adjustable buckle front, fleece wither protection, single surcingle and adjustable leg straps.

For fuller coverage, the 1200D Full Neck Turnout Blanket provides extra warmth with attached double “quick grip” closure neck cover that has a loose, comfortable fit to moves with your horse. Tough1 also provides neck covers that are designed to be used with the entire line of Tough1 Waterproof Turnout Blankets. These neck covers are made with 250 grams of poly fill and comes in 600D and 1200D ripstop outer shells (1200D comes in only black, 600D comes in black or brown). The Poly Neck Cover is secured with three adjustable snap closures along the underside of the neck, along with connectors to attach securely to the blanket’s D-rings.

Still need some extra protection for your horse? The Tough®1600D Waterproof LycraFlex Neck Cover gives your horse full coverage and protection from the chill, from nose to tail, when paired with a Tough1 Waterproof Turnout Blanket. The neck cover is attached to a Lycra hood with large eye and ear holes for a comfortable fit. A zipper goes from the chin to the chest for easy on/off. It’s the perfect combination of a neck over and Lycra hood.

Why Should I Blanket My Horse?
Blankets are primarily used to shield horses from a variety of weather conditions. There are many proponents to blanketing your horse—it’s up to you to decide what is the best style, fit and weight for your horse and what is best with what they need.

Consider the Following When Deciding to Blanket or Not This Winter:

  • How old is your horse?
  • What is his body condition and typical winter coat thickness?
  • Is this an active show horse that needs to stay sleek for the show ring year-round?
  • What’s a typical winter like for your region?
  • Are you planning on doing some traveling with your horse to different regions this winter and need to have him ready to combat any weather?

Don't Forget our Fly Sheets and Masks!
Tough®1 has the best Fly Protection Products in the industry. Well fitted and designed to keep your horse free from the irriation and distraction of pesky flies! You'll love the style and your horse will love the protection!

When It Comes To Blanketing Questions, Tough®1 Is The ANSWER!

You can never be too prepared as a horse owner, and that includes having a horse “closet” full of a variety of blankets and accessories to keep your horse happy, healthy and comfortable. Because each horse and every situation is unique, consult a professional to discuss the best way to keep your horse warm all winter long. Order Tough1® Today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
12607 Southeastern Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46259
Phone: 888-584-4677 or 317-862-6842
Website: Click Here To Connect

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