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Curry on a Stik
Curry on a Stik offers truly "Mindful Grooming"! Designed to make bathing, grooming and massage much easier and enjoyable for your horses, dogs and cats!

About Jeffrey Feinstein, Designer and Animal Advocate
Jeffrey Feinstein, creator of Curry On A Stik', has been an animal lover, advocate and breeder of dogs (introduced the Akita to the USA) throughout his life.  He has been involved with animal advocacy groups that helped to pass a law in Florida making it impossible for animal abusers to ever own animals again.  He has devoted his life to the creation of products and resources to improve the lives of animals everywhere. Jeffrey’s standards do not allow him to compromise on quality or performance- or, most importantly, RESULTS. Every product that he is involved with must meet rigorous standards and— of course— meet with the approval, improvement, and enjoyment of the animals these products were created to serve. His passion to serve the comfort and well being of God’s creatures has become a lifelong devotion and, animals owners everywhere, can benefit from the products he has created. 

What Was The Inspiration For “Curry on a Stik’ ”? 
Says Jeffrey, Curry on a Stik', was the direct result of many years of research into products that could groom my own dogs, more comfortably. Our dog Sofi, a 9 yr. old Rhodesian ridgeback rescue, always gave us a hard time when we would groom her. We had tried expensive brushes with a row of metal teeth, but it would just rip out her hair and she would fight us to no end. Slicker brushes with wire teeth would hurt her skin. Grooming  gloves with round nubs would just make a mess and do nothing. We quickly found the solution, which was to create Curry on a Stik’. Now, Sofi loves to be brushed 
every morning. We take her outside and brush every part of her body and she always wants more. The therapeutic aspect helps her to feel so great that she starts running in circles and stops and sits at attention for more. We also curry on a stik when we bath her. The teeth get ALL the way down to her skin and not only removes the shedding hair but massages her as well."

So, What IS Curry On A Stik’
Very simply, it is mindful grooming at its best!  This new curry comb has been specially designed to make massaging,  grooming & bathing easier and much more effective.  Professional Equestrians around the globe are raving about Curry On A Stik'. The shine it will bring to your horses coat will catch everyone's attention in the ring.
  • A Professional Massage/Grooming/Bathing Tool
  •  Decreases Shedding - Increases Coat Health - removes stagnation - increases circulation 
  •  Easy Clean Up - Simply Rinse Or Wash 
  •  Ergonomically designed for ease of use with the arthritic or nerve effected hands - Patent Pending Design!
  • For Quick Grooming, or intensive therapeutic massage sessions - providing an aid in early detection of soreness & injuries
  • Created with Design, Durability, Quality, Performance & Affordability in mind
  •  Easy to Carry - Safe & Effective For use by All Ages!
  • Veterinarian Tested & Approved by Chi Institute Instructor Dr. John Langlois!

What Does World-Renowned Dr. Langlois CVA, CVMMP, TCVM Have To Say?
Says Dr. Langlois, Firstly, I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and certified in Spinal Manipulation Therapy (Chiropractic). I am a faculty member at the Chi University in Reddick, Florida where i teach the disciplines of acupuncture, herbal therapy, Tui-na, an ancient form of Chinese bodywork, food therapy and spinal manipulation to Veterinarians. "Chinese Medicine is a coherent and independent system of thought and practice that has been developed over two millennia. Based on ancient texts, it is the result of a continuous process of critical thinking, as well as extensive clinical observation and testing". The practitioners objective to to treat 'patterns of disharmony' by restoring balance. 

Harmony and health occur when the energy of the body (Qi) and the Blood in the body are freely flowing. Qi and Blood move through energy highways called Channels or Meridians. When this flow is disrupted then there is dysfunction and pain. When the flow affects the Channels it is called stagnation or blockage. As a TCVM practitioner my efforts are to restore the flow, resolve the stagnation and thus relieving pain. I demonstrate to my students on how to use the curry brush (Curryonastik) through various techniques to get the Qi/Blood moving through the body. Establishing Channel flow also benefits the organs (Heart, Lung, Kidney, Spleen and Liver). The Curry on a Stik’ brush is a great complement to my medicine as I have owners, trainers, and grooms using the brush in between my visits to assist and create an effective team effort.

Dr. Langlois States Curry on a Stik’ :
   ►Massages the Skin, Muscle & Fascia
   Patent Pending Ergonomically Designed Handle
   Dual Sided Currying Action 

Acupressure & Massage Stimulation Removes Painful Stagnation  Stress Point Therapy
   Releases Natural Coat Oils
   Stimulates Circulation
   Opens Micro-Vasculature
What If My Horses or Animals Have Issues With Other Discomforts?
Hemp a Better Life is your answer!!! In addition to Curry on a Stik, Jeff created with the support and endorsement of the Dr. Langlois, a phenomenal product called Hemp a Better Life. Part of our inspiration behind this product, was Bud. Bud is our 14 yr old long hair Chihuahua with Cushings disease and sadly he has lost most of the hair on his back. Sadly, he was also paralyzed from bulging disk disease, the cause being unknown. He went through 5 weeks of acupuncture, herbs, CBD from and had plenty of massaging with the help specifically by the Curry on a Stik. We are happy to say that he has recovered fully. Curry on a Stik' works wonders for all & any sized dogs.
Is It True That Curry on a Stik Can Help Animals With Arthritis By Increasing Circulation?
Many of our happy users report horses and dogs are feeling better with regular use of the Curry on a Stik! See our video testimonial below!

What Do People Say About Curry on a Stik’? 

As a Veterinarian, I have been asked many times during my career to endorse products most of which were pharmaceuticals and for many reasons have not to date. Endorsement of this product is a no-brainer. I have shared that I wish to incorporate concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the practice of grooming. That is, taking a mindful, connected approach to grooming allowing for a more fulfilled and effective experience.
Dr. John Langlois DMV, CVA, MS,  CVMMP, TCVM

I just got my Curry on a Stik and it is FANTASTIC!! Looks like it is built to last forever! My horses made their 'happy faces' as I got all their itchy spots, and the old hair just came off leaving a beautiful coat. My 6 dogs loved it-- even rolled on their bellies for a better belly rub and my German Shepard ended up with a pile of old hair on the floor! She loved it and I loved seeing that loose hair come off so easily! Curry on a Stik is a MUST HAVE for every household with animals! - Ann Pruitt-- Director-- InfoHorse

Curry on a Stik’ may be the next great product to enhance the horse-human relationship 
Dee-Dee Cooke
Gunner has sensitive skin, dandruff & sheds like crazy. The soft rubber bristles help break all that up, leaving him with a fresh, shiny coat. 10/10 highly recommend!  Peter Amable 
I have been using Curry on a Stik’ on him regularly & now there’s no more shedding! This product is the real deal!! 

At Only $29.95, Get Curry on a Stik’ For Your Animals Today!’
We know you love your horses, dogs and cats... why not make grooming a truly rewarding experience with Curry on a Stik’ today! You’ll love bringing luster and joy to your animals and they will love  you for it. Available at Chewy, Amazon, our own website and many fine retailers

Contact: Jeffrey Feinstein
9890 NW 11th Terrace
Ocala, Florida 34475
Phone: 917-608-2897
Website: Click Here To Connect

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