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Synergy Compete™ by SEB Equine, LLC
Synergy Compete™ by SEB Equine, LLC is the most comprehensive, highly absorbable, comprehensive, COMPLETE SUPPLEMENT- and most ingredients  are CERTIFIED ORGANIC!

About Sandi Biewald, President of Synergy Compete
Says Sandi:
Hi I am Sandi Biewald the president of Synergy Compete.  I purchased this company about 6 years ago for the original developer/nutritionist, Heather Coombs.  I worked with Heather developing this product in 2004.  She was tired of feeding a little of this to address one issue, and then a little of something else to address another issue.  It was developed to balance the needs of the whole horse.  I have been feeding it since it was developed and jumped on the opportunity to own the supplement.  I had been working full time but two years ago I decided to attempt this full time and boy has it been a journey.  I worked as a commodity buyer in the feed mill industury so I was able to gain contacts to help me with getting a mixing company the followed government regulations and FDA FSMA policies.  I know my product is made in a safe facility where only specialty animal products are produced.  I have been in the horse industry for nearly all my life and I know the importance of what a good nutrition program has to offer.

How Do I Know If My Horse Can Benefit From Synergy?
Synergy Compete was formulated to be balanced to the whole horse's needs.  It is made with quality performance levels of vitamins  and chelated minerals.  It also contains a proprietary blend of all-natural enzymes to help the nutrients travel futher into the gut for better absorbtion.  It contains a premium source of essential fatty acids (energy sources and membrane constituents) and Omega 3 (provide the starting point for making hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of artery walls, and inflammation). It is formulated with organic selenium yeast 2000 which is essential for muscle development.  Along with a natural source of Vitamin E it is a component of proteins that prevent muscle conditions such as tying up and it is also important to reproductive health. It contains a special enzyme that was tested to help reduce muscle fatigue for quicker recovery after a hard ride.  It contains prebiotics to improve gut health, feed effeciency, digestion, reduced risk of digestive upsets and strengthening the immune system. It is loaded with joint support and concentrated biotin for hoof integrity.  You can find what more it has to offer by visiting

Is It True That Synergy Compete Has 2 Packages For 1 Amazing Supplement? Why?
Many companies do NOT realize that there are nutrients that should never be stored together since doing so will cause them to react and prematurely breakdown. That is why we are careful to put together 2 packages for this amazing supplement and you give 1 serving from EACH pouch every day! The pouches separate the fat-soluble from water-soluble ingredients. This is allows for better stability and purity. Once fed, these nutrients work together synergistically for your horse’s nutritional benefit.

What TWO FORMULAS Are Available With Synergy Compete?
Synergy Compete comes in 2 amazing formulas so that you can select which formula will be right for your horse(s). 

Synergy Compete™ is packaged with the fat⁸ and water soluble nutrients separately, creating better stability for storage and purity upon feeding. Once fed together, these nutrients work synergistically for the nutritional benefits of your equine athlete. This product offers high levels of quality natural ingredients needed by performance horses. $79.99

Synergy Compete- w/HA™ complete nutrition+ Hyaluronic Acid! This comprehensive formula is everything you need for both nutrition and added joint support! Dual packaged with the fat and water soluble nutrients separately, creating better stability for storage and purity upon feeding. Once fed together, these nutrients work synergistically for the nutritional benefits of your equine athlete. This product offers high levels of quality natural ingredients needed by performance horses. $89.99

What Makes Synergy Compete So Effective? 
The RESULTS! Synergy Compete offers high quality, natural forms of nutrients. We use several certified organic ingredients plus a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and pre-biotics in an herbal base. Using the most effective ingredients, in just the right amounts to be fully effective, you will see the benefits in just a few short weeks!

Why Is Synergy Compete SUPERIOR For Any Kind Of Performance Horse?
By making a complete formula, we ensure that you have an all-in-one supplement. With less bulk and less confusion than using several different supplements, it is easier for use while traveling. It will save you money.

What About My Broodmares and Stallions?
Your broodmares and stallions benefit greatly for both breeding and performance and it has an amazing affect on the birth of healthy, beautiful, strong foals! See our video below!

Is It TRUE That Synergy Compete Replaces All Of These Supplements? YES!

  • Performance Levels of Vitamins & Chelated Minerals
  • Proprietary Blend of All Natural Enzymes
  • Premium Source of Essential Fatty Acids and Omega 3
  • Organic Selenium Yeast 2000
  • Natural Source Vitamin E
  • Prebiotics
  • Joint Support with MSM, Glucosamine, Yucca and in the HA-Hyaluronic Acid
  • Coat Sheen
  • Concentrated Biotin for Hoof Integrity
  • Support for “Bleeders”
  • Support for Competition and Hauling Stress
  • Support for “Tying Up”
  • Enhances Mental Focus
  • Aids in Ulcer Management
  • Electrolytes
About Heather Coombs Creator, Competitor, & Equine Nutritionist
Says Heather: I am a competitor myself, so the formulas originated out of need. My background includes an in-depth education in equine nutrition that is backed up by a family history of nutrition in the successful herbal supplement industry. As a competitor, I was disappointed and unimpressed with the supplements available for our horses. It took me 15 years of education, research and development to create what I believe to be the Perfect Performance Supplement. I am very proud of the product quality and results produced by using Synergy Compete!

What If My Horse Is Not A “Barrel Racer” or Speed Horse?
Synergy Compete is for the whole horse of any breed or discipline!  It is also great for breeding programs to help with the reproductive system and semen quality.  This is a supplement that any horse will benefit from.

How Long Should I Leave My Horse On Synergy?
Says Sandi... I have all my horses on Synergy Compete daily!  I compete and we have a breeding program.  They receive a daily dose and when not being used we cut down to 1/2 the daily requirements to keep them healthy and happy.  The doses are adjusted to the size, age and use of the horse.

What If My Horse Is Only 1-2 Years Old, Can Synergy Help? 
Synegy Compete is a great building block for your developing horses.  It supplies the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. These are mostly organic, all in the correct dosage to be highly effective and will ensure your baby has the proper nutrients.

What Do Horse Owners Say About Synergy Compete?
Our amazing before/ after stories and testimonials speak for themselves!

Synergy Compete definitely helps my reining horses appearances and performance. Bob Loomis

Synergy Compete had a calming effect on my horse, allowing her more focus and stamina to compete in the arena. Everything the equine athlete needs in one package- that's AWESOME! — Kourtney Woods  

Buy Synergy Compete Today and Your Horse Will Have The Most COMPLETE Supplement Ever!
You buy the horse— the best saddle, the best saddle pad, and put on the best made support boots money can buy. But your horse may be lacking in nutrients that keep him or her from performing their best. With Synergy Compete— your horse will have a solid nutritional foundation from which he or she can build and train into their best, performance and health. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Order Synergy Compete today!

Contact: Sandi Biewald
2148 E 3950 North
Filer, Idaho 83328
Phone: 208-329-6937
Website: Click Here To Connect

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