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Land, Aqua and "Trot" Treadmills  by Treadlite Treadmills
Treadlite well built walking, trotting or water treadmills! The Aqua Tread (shown below) is an absolutely well designed,  amazing WATER Treadmill!

About Owner Ephraim Allgyer:
Treadlite Horse Treadmills is a family owned company with a keen interest in the horse world. Growing up with horses all our lives has taught us much about the benefits of regular exercise for horses. Our goal is to help make equine fitness a fun, easy and successful experience. We know that a fit horse is a horse that can both stay healthier and perform better. 
About Our High-Quality, Portable, Aluminum Treadmills for Horses
Your horses will get years of exercise with equine equipment from TreadLite Horse Treadmills. Our units are handmade, Amish built, and manufactured 100% in the USA using high-quality aluminum and parts. They are designed to perform with many horses using them over a long period of time and, because they're aluminum, they're rust-free and lightweight. The treadmills come with standard wheels for easy transport, and brake lights can be added at your request.

With Treadlite, You Can Ensure Your Horses Get the Exercise They Need
Horse treadmills offer your animals well-known benefits, including exercise and an improved mental state, stamina, and physical conditioning. A happy and healthy horse also saves you from countless expensive medical bills. Whether you're doing show prep with one animal or have many horses, they're a staple for all owners and an essential piece of stable equipment! 
Clients use our treadmills for all kinds of horses.
  • Racehorses
  • Showhorses
  • Workhorses
  • Pleasure horses
What Sets Treadlite Horse Treadmills Apart From Others?
At Treadlite Horse Treadmills, our treadmills are expertly handcrafted by the owner with USA sourced components to ensure top quality in every unit. We take pride in their usability, durability and longevity. Each Treadmill is hand crafted for excellence, dependability and safety for both horse and operator. Horse friendly, user friendly and Amish-built to last for years! 
  • Made in the USA
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 1-Year Full Warranty
  • Shipping Nationwide
  • Customization is available— just talk to Ephraim!
Are The Treadmills Easy To Operate?
Yes, our Treadmills are built with ease of use in mind! We know that a treadmill that is easy to operate and performs well, will be a joy to owners who only want to be able to use them with peace of mind and with ease for their horses. With an 8 inch switch box mounted on the side with various switches including incline raise/lower, emergency stop, auto timer, speed control, and even a forward/reverse option! Exercising your horse has never been easier! 

Are There Multiple Settings For Speed?
Yes! You as operator have complete control over the speed. A speed control knob with settings from 1-10 is mounted on the control box to help you choose the level of work out that is best for your horse.
Want The Added Benefit and Resistance of WATER?  Treadlite’s Aqua Tread Is The Answer!
Our AquaTread was designed with longevity, no leaks and ease of use in mind to make for a great experience for horses and their handlers.  The AquaTread is 32 inches wide by 10 feet long (32” x 10’) with unbreakable glass on both sides to view limb performance. It includes enter and exit ramps which then fold up to create a watertight enclosure. Then just press the fill switch to fill the Treadmill to the desired depth and you are all set!
What Conditions Might Find The AquaTread To Be Of More Benefit To My Horse?
Extensive research has proven that water exercise/hydrotherapy has greatly helped heal a wide range of unsoundness, such as sore stifles, back pain, laminitis, sore or stiff muscles and even serious tendon injuries. Water offers a gentle resistance that helps to strengthen and restore while decreasing discomfort.  It is also widely appreciated by performance horse trainers, ie. dressage, race horse, competition and show horses for building back and neck muscles and improving joint flexibility. 

How Can Either The Land or The Aqua Tread Help Horses That Are Stalled Most Of The Day?
Horses are designed to move throughout the day. It is important to circulation, muscles and even their lungs to enjoy movement and exertion during the day. Stalled horses will greatly benefit from 15-30 minutes treadmill exercise daily including strengthened muscle and limbs, mental clarity, easier to handle and all around a healthier happier horse! 

What If My Horse Is On “Stall Rest”, How Can a Treadmill Help Me?
Most vets recommend treadmill exercise for horses even when on stall rest as it may actually assist in recovery from laminitis, sore or stiff muscles and even gut and mental health. Horses need exercise for blood circulation and physical and mental health. Although we recommend your vet make a case by case decision based on the situation.
What Do Horse Owners Say About Treadlite? 
“I have never seen a more portable yet well built treadmill than the Treadlite” - Indiana

Your Satisfaction With Our Treadmill Is Guaranteed!!
TreadLite Horse Treadmills has painstakingly taken the time to design and develop a great product at a reasonable price. They're available in gas or electric models, and we'll soon offer a water treadmill, as well. Our one-year full warranty covers 100% of the parts and labor.

Contact: Ephraim Allgyer
3260 Marsh Creek Road
Howard, Pennsylvania 16841
Phone: 570-367-3604
Website: Click Here To Connect

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