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Every horse owner has an idea of how they would their horse to live. Nothing is too good for their prized possession… until the word, budget, enters into the discussion. Article by Armour Companies

Once all of the numbers are crunched, a more utilitarian approach typically becomes the most viable option. There are a myriad of stall manufacturers that offer everything from grace and splendor to the ultimate in “slip-shod”. Somewhere in between is where most horse owners prefer to shop.

When shopping for horse stalls, the three most important items to consider are:
1. Safety
2. Durability
3. Space allocation (stall size)

Safety would cover such things as easy access in and out of the stall as well as making sure there are no sharp edges or protrusions of any kind. The spacing of the grill work bars is an absolute consideration. If they are too far apart, or not stout enough, you have a serious accident just waiting to happen. Bars that are fabricated from 14 ga. steel, 1” in diameter and set 3”oc (2”apart) are recommended. Sidewall planking is another area that should be given special attention. With sidewall planks typically spanning 10-14 feet, it is important that they be “tied” together at the midway point by a vertical support, commonly referred to as a “wall stiffener”. If these two items are addressed properly, the risk of your horse “casting” will be practically non-existent.

How are the stalls constructed? Are they durable? What is the gauge of steel? How far apart are the grill bars spaced? How thick are the doors? The majority of stalls being produced today are referred to as “slab stalls”. These are stalls that are 1 ” thick and require total on site assembly. The most durable stalls doors are 2”-2 ” thick and are delivered to the site completely assembled. Spending a little time researching whether or not the Stall Manufacturer follows these standards is imperative.

Horse Stalls

Adequate space for your horse is essential. Attempting to build 6 – 8’ wide stalls in a space allocation of 48’ is a “no-no”.  Going with 4 – 12’ wide stalls in the same space allocation is a much wiser and safer decision.

Once you have decided upon the safety, durability and space requirements, you are ready to shop for your stalls. By following the guidelines listed above, you have greatly reduced the number of manufactures that produce safe, durable stalls.
Armour Horse Stalls

The final consideration when shopping for affordable stalls should be the appearance. Do your stalls have a warm feeling to them; something that makes you feel good when you walk into your barn? After all, your horses are a source of pride and where they live should be too... as long as it’s affordable. Woodstar Products offers 17 different door styles, all featuring distinctive inlaid wood patterns. The stalls feature all of the suggested safety and durability requirements while offering the “warmth and character of wood”.  Safety, durability, size, affordability and beauty. Why not have it all?

Armour Companies can help you with your barn! Armour manufactures a variety of aluminum horse stall doors, stall fronts, end barn doors, stable  shutters and even newest to it’s collection: Barn Art. Armour’s Barn Components assist builders and individuals with newly built barns or renovation projects. End barn doors, shutters, horse stall doors and alike, arrive fully assembled with the necessary hardware and fasteners for lumber installation. Armour products are NOT KITS, once products are received; installation is achieved with 8-16 fasteners. Some of the Armour barn products are made with or without lumber for those with discriminating taste. Our high quality aluminum equine accessories will illuminate and ventilate any barn structure and our knowledgeable staff is trained to meet each customers needs.

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