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ATVs Are  The All Purpose Tool For Horse Owners

By D.P. Goossens  Country Manufacturing, Inc.

For many years, the utility tractor was the essential piece of equipment for the small horse property owner. But recently as ATV and UTV vehicles have become larger and more powerful, these pieces of equipment are rapidly becoming the must have item for the small to medium size horse farm. Call them what you wish, ATV, Quads, Utility Vehicles, they have proven their worth to saving time and eliminating labor around the horse farm. Horsewomen have found that an ATV or utility vehicle is much easier to handle than a tractor in many cases and much easier to attach equipment to the ATV than they can with a tractor.

Using an ATV around the farm however calls for a much tougher breed of equipment to make that vehicle useful. Many folks have purchased small steel carts designed for use behind of a lawn tractor only to be disappointed that the cart could not stand up to hauling bales of hay, sacks of grain, dirt, sand and fence posts without falling apart and requiring constant repairs.
  With the needs of the horse owner in mind, Country Manufacturing has developed a series of heavy duty ATV trailers and products designed for use behind of an ATV. These trailers and carts are made specifically to handle the types of loads and addresses the needs of heavy-duty construction but light in weight for the horsewoman to use.
Heavy Duty ATV Trailer

The ATV series of carts and trailers feature dump beds, adjustable hitch and telescoping tongue for ATV owners who have racks on the back of their ATV. The telescoping tongue allows you to expend the tongue out of the cargo box, so you can turn easily without damaging the back of your vehicle. These carts and trailers can easily be converted into a flatbed trailer for hauling bulky materials and stacks of haybales.

ATVs can be used for spreading manure and harrowing pastures and fields as well as hauling supplies and materials. These products can truly make your ATV the all-purpose piece of equipment around your horse property.
Make your ATV a cost efficient piece of equipment around your horse farm with our heavy-duty ATV products.

About Our Company
Quality ATV Products By Country Manufacturing
Country Manufacturing is an industry leader in Heavy Duty ATV products!
Country Manufacturing was started in 1978 by Joe Chattin for the purpose of producing a garden tractor size manure spreader for the equine market. As time progressed, other products for the horse, lawn & garden and ATV industries evolved. Today the company caters not only to the small gentleman farmers, but also large equine facilities and commercial businesses.

Our business is geographically located in Fredericktown, Ohio. This central Ohio location is a rural community with excellent work ethic and family values. Our small factory engineers and produces 85% of the goods that we sell. The Chattin family, Joe - founder, Gay - wife and advertising, Cami - daughter and sales and Chad - son, production and purchasing, all contribute to the manufacturing efforts. The remaining employees are all long-term loyal workers dedicated to producing tough and dependable products.

Single Axle ATV Trailers
Our single axle ATV trailers are designed with an outside width to track with most ATV's for maximum maneuverability but still provide the stability you need to control your load. All of our ATV trailers are designed for a standard pin-type hitch for ease of use. We manufacture both medium duty ATV trailers as well as heavy duty ATV models.

Twin Axle ATV Trailers
Our tandem axle ATV trailers are designed with an outside width to track with most ATV's for maximum maneuverability but still provide the stability you need to control your load. The tandem design allows for HEAVY loads while the suspension floats with the terrain. All of our ATV trailers are designed for a standard pin-type hitch for ease of use.

Twin Axle ATV Wagon
Our twin axle ATV wagons are designed to track inside the width of your ATV for maximum maneuverability but still provide the stability you need to control your load. The steerable front end allows for HEAVY loads which you can leave on the wagon while unhitched. All of our ATV wagons are designed for a standard pin-type hitch for ease of use.

ATV Harrows
Harrows have a multitude of uses such as working gravel driveways, dethatching pastures, working up horse arenas and working areas for food plots! Our harrows can handle almost anything.

Is The ATV Equipment Easy For Horsewomen To Use?
Our ATV equipment is designed with the horsewoman in mind. Balanced so the equipment is easy to move by people with a smaller stature and lightweight, but stronger and more durable than what you will find in any retail chain store.

What Do Customers Say About Our Products?
Thank you for making a trailer tough enough for ranch work. We have torn up 2 trailers in the last 8 months and your's is wonderful!
Julie T.

Just wanted to let you know your wagon is exactly what we needed on our farm and it is definately built to last.
Sandy J.

I ordered your Model 7500ATV 4 months ago for hauling firewood over rough terrain and I can't express how pleased I am with it. You people know how to build a great trailer!
Carl W.
New York

Order Your Country Manufacturing ATV Product Today!
Contact: Our Friendly Staff
P.O. Box 104 or 333 Salem Ave
Frederick Town, Ohio 43019
Phone: 740 - 694 -9926
Email: info@countrymanufacturing.com
Website: countryatv.com

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