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How To Have Better Communication With Your Horse Trainer!
Better Communication for Horse Trainers

Whether you are just starting out or are a well-seasoned rider, taking regularly scheduled lessons with an experience trainer can help you step up your game.
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Whether it is watching stunning movies like Black Beauty, National Velvet or more recent shows like WARHORSE, SeaBiscuit or Secretariat, America’s love affair with the horse is as strong as our history is rich with men and women working side by side with horses. Because the automobile and tractor have replaced the horse, many people have to depend upon riding stables and horse vacations to get their experience with horses… the more dedicated are working with quality horse instructors to reach their riding and showing goals.

A good riding instructor can make a world of difference to both riders and the horses. Horseback riding lessons are more than just a passing fancy in a young person’s heart.  It is estimated that there are over 7 million people in the U.S. that ride horses every year.  Many take lessons on a regular basis with a skilled trainer – a wise decision when you consider horses can weigh well over 1,000 pounds and travel up to 40 mph.  Taking regular lessons is an excellent way to attain time in the saddle which will give horse and rider some lasting benefits.  These include building strong relations with your horse, building mutual respect, and learning how to work together as a team for fun and safe riding.
Building a relationship with your horse through Horse Trainer Lessons

Whether you are just starting out or are a well-seasoned rider, taking regularly scheduled lessons with an experience trainer can help you step up your game.  There have been several articles published regarding this topic.  The Certified Horsemanship Association recently published one such article by Sarah Evers Conrad titled, “The Top 15 Benefits of Horseback Riding.” Horseback riding lessons will help to keep you fit and in shape as regular time in the saddle can make you both a better and stronger rider.  Riding will keep you happy, after all no one can deny that riding is fun!  Lessons will also offer companionship and socialization between horse and rider, rider and trainer and fellow students in group or clinic situations.  Riding lessons allow you to learn the tricks of the trade from an expert in the equestrian discipline that you have an interest – and may very well make you a new friend at the same time.  Arguably most important, horseback riding lessons enhance your problem solving abilities when quick decisions need to be made in the saddle.  Knowledge can help to significantly reduce or eliminate horseback riding accidents and keep both horse and rider safe

Successful training will teach you and your horse to better read each other, or communicate effectively.  While preparing for a show, your horse needs to know what is expected of him/her with appropriate instruction from the rider.  Similarly, your lessons – whether private, group or clinical - can be greatly enhanced with clear and concise communication.  It is essential that the rider has immediate feedback while practicing or preparing for their next show or competition.  Using a Bluetooth communication system will provide privacy and clarity in communication, even in a crowded arena.

Winning equestrian teams are just that – a team - the horse and rider working together in unison.  Communication is essential in creating such a pairing.  Similarly, effective training requires fluent and cohesive communication between instructor and student.  Purchasing a system that utilizes Bluetooth technology that provides private, crystal clear sound quality is the communication tool of choice for Olympic and professional trainers. 

Private conversation between Rider and Trainer

With the development of  CEECOACH® for riding instructors and student alike, communication has taken on a more refined (no more yelling!) and effective meaning. CEECOACH® is a handsfree communication device developed utilizing Bluetooth® technology to provide private, quality communication between trainers and riders.  The system can have 1 moderator and up to 5 participants communicating at the same time over a distance of up to 1600 feet (1/3 mile) without a smartphone or mobile phone network.  Whether you are training or competing in English or Western riding disciplines,

CEECOACH® makes your equestrian activity more enjoyable, eventful, social and safe.
CEECOACH communication between Rider and Equestrian TrainerThe benefits to Horse Instructions while using this system:
Bluetooth® technology is more reliable than standard FM radio systems
Award winning and modern design
Easy and intuitive operation
Splash and dust-proof
Excellent speaking & sound quality
Simultaneous, Full-Duplex speaking
Variable mounting options
Fast Plug & Play connection
High battery performance
If you are serious about your love of horses and are either looking to work with a good riding instructor, or are currently working with a great instructor , be sure to introduce them to CEECOACH® (only $350!) which can make a world of difference in your riding skills and show performance! You’ll never regret better communication— and your competition will be left in the dust wondering how you did it. Contact CEECOACH® and enjoy the benefits that true, personalized communication can offer to you and your training goals today!

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Director of Operations/Administration
Valeo peiker Telematics Product Line
 Phone: +1 972 929 8811 ext 109
peiker acustic, Inc.
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Coppell, Texas 75019 USA
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