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How to Choose the Right Supplements for Horses 
Helping horses with cushings through better nutrition

The True Meaning of the Phrase "Healthy as a Horse"
Every horse owner wants a healthy, happy horse. Keeping a horse as a companion animal is an investment of time, energy, and money.
By Missing Link Products

A horse's value is tied to health and wellness, and at times, ability to perform various tasks on the race track, on the farm, or on the trail. So what traits are indicators of balanced equine health?

Here are some things to look for:
1. Sustained energy levels - horses with fatigue or low stamina probably have health or nutrition issues.

2. Healthy immune systems - horses with fully functional immune systems can fight off sickness, parasites, and a host of other problems.

3. Healthy digestive system - horses with a proper natural diet should be able to digest their food and make use of the nutrients in food. 

4. Healthy skin and coat - horses with dry skin, bald patches, itchiness, and other external problems are often suffering from some kind of imbalance.

5. Healthy joints and full range of motion - horses must maintain healthy soft tissue, muscle, tendon, and ligament function in order to be fully active. 
Nutrition Support Chart

6. Strong, tough hooves - Unhealthy hooves can cause a variety of other issues for a horse. Strong hooves are essential for full mobility and physical activity. 

Use Modern Dietary Science and Supplements for Horses to Ensure Total Equine Health
In order to properly care for a horse and maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible horse owners must consult with experts and learn about the most recent breakthroughs in modern, dietary science and high quality, equine supplements. It is important to choose supplements for horses that include a unique blend of raw, natural ingredients and provide essential nutrients not found in common commercial horse feed. Dietary elements such as glucosamine nutritionally supports collagen production (a protein that supports healthy joints). Flax Seed is an important ingredient high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that nutritionally supports a healthy skin and coat and muscle, tendon & ligament function. These functional ingredients are key for any horse regardless of age, breed, or size.

Natural, quality whole foods are what your horse needs to thrive and maintain optimal health. Over time, horses evolved to graze on a varied diet of natural feeds. Unfortunately our modern processed foods, like dry grain, are lacking in some essential vitamins and minerals. Equine supplements containing these vitamins and minerals can be easily added to regular daily feed. Specialized, high quality supplements just for horses that contain ingredients generally not included in their modern diet provide the ultimate level of nutritional support.
Missing Link Horse Nutrition Supplements

Commonly Used Supplements for Horses
Horses that live among a plentiful pasture with widely available hay and are subjected to light are generally healthy but still may need equine supplements. Strenuous activity is far from uncommon for horses, and as horses get older the possible necessity for equine supplements increases. Some common ingredients in horse supplements include:
- ground flaxseed for fat and omega 3 fatty acids
- cane molasses for palatability and minerals
- rice bran for minerals and antioxidants
- glucosamine to support healthy joints and flexibility
- omega fatty acids to help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, which nutritionally support intercellular health, energy levels, immune system functions, and muscle, tendon, and ligament function
- dietary fiber to promote a healthy digestive system
- photo (plant) nutrients to support general overall health and wellness
These types of equine supplements can be premixed into feeds by supplement producers or bought separately to be added later as a traditional equine feed supplement.

Why Are Supplements for Horses Important?
All horses need supplements including show horses, racing horses, lactating mares, foals, older horses, and sick horses. Choosing the right supplements for any horse can help provide the nutrition necessary for all the crucial stages of development and life.
Supplements for horses containing protein, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and phytonutrients are all essential building blocks horses should not be deprived of at any time, but especially when they need them the most (like as a foal or as they progress into advanced age). Equine supplements are there when store bought feeds fail to deliver everything a horse needs.

Supplements for Horses Made from the Highest Quality Ingredients  
High quality equine supplements should possess an abundance and variety of nutrients that are not present in a horse’s everyday diet. Supplements for horses should also use only high quality ingredients derived from natural sources and left as raw and untouched as possible. The main purpose of equine supplements is to restore the nutrients left out of most store bought feeds, leaving those raw ingredients unprocessed is just crucial as the ingredients themselves. Supplements for horses must also be microbiologically safe, with every ingredient undergoing close scrutiny so that a horse achieves long term health benefits.

Missing Link’s Approach to Equine Supplements
The food supplement creators at Missing Link pride themselves on designing high quality equine supplements. All ingredients are left in a raw, unprocessed form to ensure that none of the nutrition is stripped in the formulation. Missing Link also performs rigorous testing on every ingredient in their equine supplements to make sure the packaged formula is not only super-nutritious but super-safe. This scrutiny extends further to the packaging material, equipment, facilities, and the training of every Missing Link employee.

Buy Supplements for Horses Made in Facilities that Are Registered by the FDA and USDA
All supplements for horses created by Missing Link have undergone extensive testing and registration by the FDA and USDA. Using an exacting scientific process to legitimately back up customer claims to horse health. Missing Link guarantees only the highest quality ingredients are used to develop supplements for horses, as well as supplements for cats and dogs.

Omega 3 Superfood for horses!All Missing Link Supplements for Horses are Formulated and Made in the USA at a California Facility
Missing Link was started in Valencia, California by veterinarian Dr. Robert M. Collett. Dr. Collett has over 40 years of experience and has taken his vast expertise and applied it to making sure every horse owner has the opportunity to purchase top quality, nutrition-based dietary supplements for horses. Missing Link formulates all of its unique supplements for horses in-house in the United States. Missing Link equine supplements are tested in the laboratory and have proven themselves with horse owners everywhere.

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