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Fighting Hoof Disease - Now Germs Have No Place To Hide!

A team of hoof researchers and leading farriers have developed new strategies that are helping win the fight against hoof disease! Article from SBS Equine

Preventive Maintenance
Almost everyone agrees that the two most important steps in the treatment or prevention of hoof disease is to clean the feet and to remove diseased tissue. Your farrier can help by trimming the flaps of the frog and cutting out some of the diseased tissue. However, it is equally as important for horse owners and their handlers to open up the hooves for oxygen and cleaning. This can be accomplished by frequently washing the feet and picking & brushing the sole and clefts of the frog.

Choice of Chemical Treatments
Extensive field trials by veterinarians at The Horse-Journal comparing the leading commercial hoof remedies found that caustic products (copper sulfate, iodine, formalin, chlorine, etc.) may kill moderate thrush, but their repeated use can be harmful to tender tissue and may slow the healing process. The Horse-Journal said that the ingredients in SBS Thrush Stop were gentle enough and sufficiently antimicrobial to be reliable for severe thrush (hoof disease) without harming the sensitive surrounding tissue.

Delivery Options for Treating Hoof Disease
There is good news and bad news when it comes to fighting hoof disease. The good news is that scientists say bacteria and fungi are easy to kill. The bad news is that they are hard to find in the hoof. Germs are very adept at hiding among healthy hoof tissue. The problem is in delivering the beneficial ingredients to the pathogens where they hide without harming the sensitive surrounding tissue. SBS EQUINE has products that are proven to defeat pathogens without harming sensitive tissue. You also have many options for delivering effective treatment where pathogens hide. SBS EQUINE has the products and systems available to help you win the battle against hoof disease.

1. Sprayers: Use for prevention, early treatment and maintenance.
Sav a Hoof Spray
Sav-A-Hoof Spray!
Convenient spray formula forms an antiseptic barrier against infection on hoof wall, sole & frog.

Toe Grow SprayToe Grow Spray!
This copper peptide complex “switches on” the receptor cells at the coronet band to build and repair damaged tissue.

2. Dauber Applicators: Applies controlled amounts of liquid concentrate to broad areas.
Sav a Hoof Liquid
Sav-A-Hoof Liquid!
Use concentrate on all affected areas including the hoof wall, sole & frog and coronet band.

Sav a Hoof  Conditioner and disinfectantSav-A-Hoof Protectant!
This dual action hoof conditioner provides an antiseptic barrier agains tinfection and repels external moisture & contaminates.

3. Long Neck Twist Caps: For getting ingredients deep into sulcus and under pads.
Toe Grow Gel
Toe Grow Gel!
Same formula as the spray,!
but in gel form. Use in cracks and sulcus after treating thrush infections to repair cell damage.

Med-i-sole Sticks to horse hoof tissue.Med-i-sole!
Gel formula sticks to hoof tissue. Use on sole, frog, and under pads.

Thrush StopThrush Stop!
Penetrates deep into the sulcus to control thrush.

4. Soaking Boots & Bands: Soaking improves contact time for hard to reach infections.
Sav-A-Hoof Spray REFILL or SOAK!
Use both products as a soaking solution. Both penetrate deep into hoof tissue to fight infection without harming healthy hoof issue.

SBS Therapy BandSBS Therapy Band!
Bands absorb five times their weight in liquid and release the active ingredients over a 20 minute period. The Bands improve contact time and reduce waste.

5. Syringe Dispensers: For applying treatment into deeply rooted hoof infections.
Sav-A Hoof Gel
Sav-A-Hoof Gel!
The unique time release formula fights hoof disease along the white line, inside sulcus, and under shoes and pads.

SBS Flushing TubeSBS Flushing Tube & Dispenser!
Plunger blows out dirt & debris. Flexible tip dispenses precise amounts of Sav-A- Hoof products, Med-i-sole, and Toe Grow Gel with no waste.

The most important steps in dealing with hoof disease are cleaning and trimming the hoof. Removing diseased tissue and opening up the flaps of the frog by your farrier can give you a head start to recovery. Improperly trimmed hooves prevent oxygen from getting into crevices. Daily picking and brushing also helps to keep the p!athways open for oxygen and better flow of topical treatments to affected areas.!

Chronic hoof infections are deeply rooted and impossible to stop with one application of a strong topical agent. Repeated use of these strong chemicals can be harmful to the surrounding healthy hoof tissue and slow the healing process. The scientists at SBS EQUINE have developed product formulas and delivery systems that target bacteria and fungi without harming sensitive hoof tissue, thus allowing them to grow and prosper.

Order Your SBS Equine Products Today!
The health of your horse’s hoof is key to the overall health and happiness of your horse. So what are you waiting for? Order your SBS Equine Products Today!
To order SBS products check with your local dealer for availability, or order from any one of the following Vet catalogs: Horsehealth USA  1-800-321-0235, Valley Vet Supply  1-800-356-1005, K.V.Vet Supply  1-800-423-8211, Jeffers Vet Supply  1-800-533-3377, Big Dees Vet Supply  1-800-321-2142. Check out our website for stocking dealers in your area, or have your dealer contact SBS  1-239-354-3361 ,or anyone of the SBS Distributors posted on the site.

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