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What’s in your Pet’s Food & Treats?
Healthy Pet Food and Dog Treats

Anything that cannot be sold to humans is sold to pet food manufacturers.
by Complete Natural Nutrition

For decades, people have been praising the benefits of organic and natural foods. They said it was better for us and that processed foods were the enemy. Most people didn’t listen and hence today, the United States is facing an epidemic of gigantic proportions - obesity. Why didn’t we listen back then? Today people have no choice but to listen and better educate themselves on something that their ancestors already knew - natural is better and that Mother Nature was right all along; pure, whole foods are the pathway to a healthy and long life for both people and pets.

What is worse than the evolution of the human food marketplace is the pet food marketplace. Anything that cannot be sold to humans is sold to pet food manufacturers. That literally means anything!! Pet parents are not permitted to know the calorie content or sodium or any other nutritional information about the food they feed to their pet. Pet food regulators do not allow this information to be disclosed on packaging. If a pet food manufacturer wishes to voluntarily disclose a nutritional fact panel on its packaging it runs the risk of having it taken off the shelves. Manufacturers today are only required to disclose a basic guaranteed analysis which amongst other things includes "crude protein" on their packaging. Crude protein is not necessarily digestible protein. Crude protein could be beaks, toe-nails, or other nasty by-products. There is no real transparency and as a result, no easy way for the average pet owner to have all of the facts.

Ingredient Statements

Ingredient statements list ingredients from most to least. The number one ingredient is the most important because it contains the largest percentage of the food product. The first ingredient in most mass produced pet food is rice, soy, corn or wheat followed by some type of chicken meal or by-products. Today there is usually some form of real protein in there but you must read through a 2 inch ingredient statement to find it. When was the last time you saw a dog or cat go crazy for an ear of corn? Dogs and cats were not meant to eat this everyday. Cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores. Some people believe that are pets were better off 50 years ago before commercial pet foods when they ate real whole foods supplied from table scraps.

Many pet food and treat packages are beautifully designed to give off the impression that the quality is superior than it actually is. So many pet products have beautiful chunks of meat and vegetables on the cover. Many say all natural and holistic. What do these terms mean? All natural doesn’t necessarily mean 100% natural. Where is it made? Where are the ingredients sourced from? Many manufacturers may say made in the USA but source their ingredients from China. How is rawhide processed? Rawhide is the skin of an animal, but if it is dipped in formaldehyde, is it still natural? Many questions and the answers if asked are available. Reading the ingredient statement is the first clue as to whether the marketing matches the ingredients. Don’t be fooled by pretty packaging, read the ingredients!

Pet Health Issues & Diet

Our pets are being diagnosed with allergies, diabetes, obesity and other ailments daily. Our pets are more finicky and are developing gut health problems that require restricted diets such as low calorie diets, low sodium diets or low carbohydrate diets. These health issues are more common then ever before. Why is this if the ‘commercial’ foods being fed are superior to real whole foods? Many pet parents believe that their pets’ diagnoses are due to the breed or hereditary. While this may be true, many of the health issues diagnosed are due to poor diet and poor nutrition. If you have a pet with an allergy, you know the frustrations that are endured for months; even years while you and your veterinarian try pet food after pet food hoping to find the right one. What is the allergy? How many allergies? Why won’t my dog eat its food? Are these natural treats I found at a grocery store OK for my dog? The package says “All Natural”. How much more money will I have to spend at the vets office before we find a diagnosis? Do any of these questions and thoughts sound familiar? Well, you are NOT alone. Tens of thousands of pets are having the same issues.

So what do you do? Where do you go? The first thing you need is a basic education on pet nutrition. Your local pet store that carries natural and holistic pet foods is a great source. Other sources may include a holistic veterinarian or online resources. Many local pet stores that carry better products have done their homework on manufacturers. They understand the brand and the company behind it. They know where the products are being manufactured and they are knowledgeable on the ingredients inside. They are able to provide treat and diet solutions to their customers for a variety of health issues. Many carry supplements as well and can help you to decide what is best for your pet. What is known for certain is that education is the key to a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Blowing the Whistle on Treats

Whether you are looking for a premium pet food or pet treats, the solution is the same. You must read ingredient statements. Your goal is to find a treat that you can spoil, train or reward your pet without guilt or a dog bone that will naturally keep your dog’s teeth and gums strong and healthy. Rawhide can be unsafe. Body parts may be natural but how are they processed? And green edible dental chew bones , well, just read the ingredient list. Most green bones contain wheat, soy, gluten and gelatin. Many people feed their dogs many variations of green bones on a daily basis. Feeding a green bone daily is the same as you eating McDonald’s French fries everyday. They taste delicious but are they healthy? In addition, you see chunks of a green bone in your dogs poop, are the ingredients safely digestible? Every ingredient in any chew bone should be safely digestible. Also, some green bones are chewy and bendable. Dogs chew these, may break off large pieces which may cause choking. Dogs always need to be monitored while they are chewing. It always comes back to Mother Nature; she designed bones to be hard so dogs are forced to chew and gnaw, exercising their gums and jaw muscles while scrapping their teeth clean.

Complete Natural Nutrition
Complete Natural Nutrition
Complete Natural Nutrition makes the world’s healthiest pet treats. We are first and foremost a nutrition company. We provide treat solutions and alternatives for pets with health problems and for pet parents that want the very best. All our treats are made with NO wheat, corn, soy, gluten, animal by-products, fillers, artificial ingredients, or added salt or sugar. There are no junk calories and no trans-fat.  Our mission is to provide 100% natural human grade treats that are low fat made, in the USA with US sourced ingredients. We don’t even use natural ingredients like peanut butter, molasses, honey and maple syrup. These are code words for empty calories or natural sugar. Pets don’t need these types of treats everyday and all day for as much as we want to spoil them, especially if they are overweight. “Everything in moderation” is applicable to pets too.

Real Food Toppers

Real Food Toppers is the ideal solution. They are single ingredient premium freeze-dried meat treats for pet parents that want to spoil, train or reward their pet without the guilt of junky calories. Real Food Toppers is also ideal on top of food for that finicky pet as a food enhancer. There are four Real Food Toppers to choose from for both dogs and cats: Pure Chicken Breast, Pure Wild Salmon, Pure Beef Sirloin and Pure Beef Liver. 

Cheese Please Dog Treats

Cheese Please is also just ONE ingredient. It is a human snack disguised as a dog treat that is 99% lactose free. Cheese Please has only 3 calories per nugget and is ideal for agility training or just spoiling and rewarding. A great snack to share with your “best friend”.

Terrabone Edible Dental Chew Bones

Our brand new Terrabone is breakthrough in the industry. Pet parents have been demanding a 100% natural edible dental chew bone. Not only is Terrabone 100% natural, it is made with organic ingredients. The number one ingredient is organic brown ice. No other chew bone in the world compares. Terrabone is the ANTI-green bone because everything in most green bones is NOT in a Terrabone.

At Complete Natural Nutrition we are a nutrition company first and foremost that believes in honesty, integrity and clarity. Our motto is Unmistakably Real which we define as
1) core values that represent honesty, integrity & trust
2) nothing artificial; opposite of fake and
3) the unconditional love of a companion pet.

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
2017 230th Street
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158
Phone: 866-807-7335 x 102
Email: lk@completenaturalnutrition.com
Website: www.completenaturalnutrition.com/

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