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Horse Identification
Horse Identification Products by EquestriSafe!

Horse ID Collars and Fetlock ID Bands by EquestriSafe
Be prepared before emergencies happen with EquestriSafe Horse ID Collars and Fetlock ID Bands!

About Our Company
EquestriSafe is the brainchild of two friends who came together over horses, learning and friendship. After 6 years of working together on making their horses' partners not only to themselves and each other, they decided that working together in business might just be the next step they needed to take on together. Dedicated to horse safety they began developing a product line and working on enlisting other product manufactures that provide safety items for your horse and you the owner.

Horse ID Collars
Horse ID Collar with the plastic sleeve starts at $25.50 for the standard size which fits a neck 31” -35”.  We also have a draft size that fits 36” – 39” size neck along with the embroidered products and new reflective products (coming soon).  Please visit our website for pricing of these products.  We will custom downsize at no charge; if you need to fit a smaller pony/mini or donkey we are happy to help.  Call for pricing to custom fit larger sizes than listed.

Fetlock ID Bands
The Original Fetlock ID Bands is a form of identification that is attached to your horse so your horse acan be identified in an emergency or other situations. The Original Fetlock ID Band with the plastic sleeve starts at $12.95 for standard which fit 8 ” – 10 “fetlocks.  We also have available Draft size fit 13 ” – 15” fetlocks along with the embroidered products and new reflective items (coming soon).  We will custom downsize at no charge; if you need to fit a smaller pony/mini or donkey we are happy to help.  Call for pricing to custom fit larger sizes than listed.

Are They Easy To Clean?
Yes! Just view video below!


Should I Use EquestriSafe Products When Trail Riding Or Camping?
EquestriSafe has designed our products for Fetlock ID Bands and Horse ID Collars Safety and protection, which should be used if your horse has to be evacuated in an traveling, camping, endurance races, trail riding, hunting season and any emergency situation.

What Other Uses Do Horse ID Collars And Fetlock Bands Have?
The Horse ID Collars and Fetlock bands can also be used for your broodmare herd and foals.  Just think if you could identify immediately a mare’s foal without DNA testing by putting a fetlock band on the foal that matches the mare’s id number at the time of birth, how easy is that?

Horse ID collars can be used by equine rescues or shelters.  This is an easy way identify horses with special needs such as feed or supplement requirements, diabetes, founder or other issues that someone might not be aware of that might harm the animal.  Shelters can use them also to identify for the veterinarians those animals that need care; identify as well which location/property where the animal was removed.

Evacuation teams can use and re-use the collars when an emergency happens in the area to identify the property in which the animal was transported from during an emergency.

How Do I Put My Contact Information On The Fetlock Band Or Horse ID Collar?
The best option to for putting on your contact information is to purchase one of our embroidered products to make sure your information is clear and easy to read. If for any reason your horse must be evacuated from your property or barn, then these collars are a way to provide additional identification.  The cost of embroidery for both the Fetlock ID bands and Horse ID Collars is nominal compared to you getting your horse returned to you after a disaster such as a fire, hurricane, and tornado, flood, when traveling or if you get separated from your horse on a trail ride or camping .If you wish you also have the option of putting on the information yourself by writing your information on the original items with a permanent marker (do not use a grease pen). With the Horse ID collar you can also use 1” vinyl letters for your name and/or phone number any color will also work, again on the plastic insert.

Can I Wash My Horse ID Collars and Fetlock Bands?
All of the EquestriSafe products are washable by hand without compromising the integrity of the product.  Both the Horse ID collar and the Fetlock ID bands are made of soft nylon webbing that is easy to wash with soap, water and a little vinegar.  Even the original products with the plastic inserts are washable.  Use a liquid dish detergent to bring them back to life.  Here is a hint:  If you put the Fetlock ID band up on the cannon bone of your horse they do not get dirty quite as fast.

Can The Horse ID Collars Get Caught And Harm My Horse?
We have tested to Horse ID collars for both the strength of the hook and loop and the elastic and have found that they will release from the neck at a safe pull ration as to not cause severe injury to your horse.  Keep in mind that horses break away from snaps, locks, and lead and these collars will release with much less pull back than these other metal items.


What Do Customers Say About Our Products?
I just got our EqustriSafe Collars for our staff and can't say enough about the quality! Here in Florida we deal with hurricanes and fires frequently, and it is so nice to know that there is something we can do to help identify our horses should they become lost!

My neighbor's horse took off without her. Had it been wearing a fetlock band the people who found it would have know exactly how to return it. Instead it took a week of searching.  I now use my fetlock ID band every time I am on trail whether near my home or not. "
Kimberly Dwight, President of Equestrian Trails Corral 138, Palmdale, CA

I have been using temporary ID bands for my horses because I live in an area prone to fires.  The problem was that they need to be replaced every 2 weeks.  I now ONLY use the Fetlock ID bands on my horses 24/7.  I won’t allow any of my horses leave my property without at least one Fetlock ID band.  I even put a Fetlock ID band on each of my foals within 24 hrs of them being born. I also recently gelded my stallion and forgot about that the Fetlock ID band was on his leg, after all the bleeding, washing, etc. the next day I removed the band and with a little soap, water and vinegar it was back to looking brand new.   I highly recommend that everybody get these for peace of mind.
Wendie Hazlett, Curly Bashkir breeder, Acton, CA

I wanted an identification piece so that in the event my horse and I became separated on the trail we would be able to with one another again.  I put the fetlock ID band on my horse anytime we go on a trail.
Katie H., Anaheim, CA

Order Your EquestriSafe Products Today!
Keeping your horse safe is a vital part of horse ownership. You never know when a fire, flood, storm, or even a situation that would separate you from your horse while shipping or on the trail can occur. Make sure your horse is identifiable for those unforeseen situations. For more information about all of our products and to place your order, please call us today!
Contact: Our Friendly Staff
P.O Box 600
Acton, California 93510
Phone: 877-600-1375

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