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How Online Training Can Help Both Horse and Rider
Become a Better Horse Rider with Online Horse Training

Online Training will reinforce and streamline all that you already know.
Article from The Lyons Legacy Online Training System

Stop being a passenger on your own horse!  Be the driver and improve your riding by training your own horse. Your riding will improve and your confidence will increase enormously as you learn how to train your own horse online. Online Training will reinforce and streamline all that you already know. One of the biggest challenges of sending your horse out to trainers is that you as the owner often can't understand how the horse has been trained. This makes it difficult to maintain the training. Online training can give you the education you need to work personally with your horse and get the most out of the training.

Each horse learns differently. Online training gives you opportunity to work at your and your horse’s own pace.  Programs that offer lifetime ownership or a downloadable format also give you the flexibility to go back and review lessons as often as needed.  It allows you to build a reference library with material for all future projects and potential problems you encounter.
Riding and handling horses is a physically engaging activity. At first glance, online distance learning might seem challenging. However, online training is valuable and presented in unique ways, from video and written instructions to demonstrations. Seeing instructors do things well but also seeing them make mistakes, explaining everything in detail us very valuable. If you still have questions, trainers are available through online meetings, emails, Facebook groups or phone calls. YES, you can learn horsemanship online!|
Learn Horsemanship Online

Whether you are new to riding, an advanced level rider, coming back to riding after a long break or want to increase your confidence, the advantages of training your own horse are immense. You and your horse progress at the same pace, you understand exactly what your horse knows and how he/she learned it. This knowledge keeps you and your horse connected, safe and builds confidence and trust between you.  Some riders have been told to buy a 'push-button' horse in order to learn to ride. Horses aren't born with 'buttons'; their cues and responses were trained. The key is to learn their buttons, or how they were trained, and that will never be exactly the same as the person who trained them. With online training you create your own language between you and your horse which allows you to achieve levels of communication and harmony faster and more effectively. Your relationship with your horse will be highly tuned to you alone.

If you can't ride well, your horse will not respond well and may be difficult to ride. You are always training your horse whenever you are with it, either for better or worse. The wonderful thing about online training is that while you are training your horse, you will also be improving your riding...you’ll both get better together! Additionally, the joy and satisfaction of training your own horse will spur you both on to ever-expanding improvement.

Online training is perfect for anyone who wants to connect better with their horse, ride with more confidence, and have the ability to creatively teach others. Lessons are divided into simple, easy-to-follow steps. The training videos are short, enabling you to teach a quick lesson whenever you have the time. If you have 15-20 minutes a few times a week - you'll be amazed what you can achieve.
Finding the right online training program can be overwhelming.  It’s critical to choose online training from an established and reputable trainer. 

When comparing different options here are some things you should expect:
Step by step videos breaking down the material into manageable steps
Lifetime ownership of the educational materials
Suitability for all horses and riders
Downloadable materials
Virtual meetings or groups for opportunity to connect with your trainer as questions arise
Money back guarantee

Many trainers offer in person clinics and workshops, but time constraints, budget limitations, and travel requirements can make those Josh Lyons Legacy Training is a Friendly Communityopportunities unrealistic for some horse owners.  You are also faced with a limited amount of time to cover the material presented.  With online training, you get a broader variety of educational resources, and also have opportunity to revisit concepts and spend the time you need to retain the information.  Clinics here and there certainly provide important in person learning, but real progress is made through regular, consistent work on yourself - with your horse.

The Lyons Legacy Online Training System is a program that meets all your needs. The Lyons Legacy Foundation Training Course leads you step-by-step through the training. No more guessing what to do next, just follow the course. We all progress at different rates and at times life gets in the way. Once you register for the Lyons Legacy Online Training you'll be a member for life. The Lyons Legacy Foundation Training Course is suitable for all horses and riding disciplines - it's all about creating soft, responsive and willing horses.

The Lyons Legacy has a friendly and supportive community. Meet with Josh in a virtual zoom meeting room and ask questions or talk about your successes. As a Lyons Legacy Foundation Training Course member, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with fellow trainers. Additionally, Josh is always available to connect personally via Facebook, text message, or phone as needed.

Josh Lyons grew up learning from “America’s Most Trusted Horseman”, his father, John Lyons. He has continued to learn and grow , developing effective, easy to understand horse training methods used by riders and trainers around the world. Now, for the very first time, Josh’s methods are available for you to learn online, giving the Lyons Legacy training a global reach and building an unrivaled online community. The Lyons Legacy John Lyons Horse TrainingOnline Training System is constantly being updated and improved, making it easier for both horse and rider, wherever you may live.

Josh spends his days at horse training clinics, giving private instruction, teaching at his equine events, filming videos for the online training and coming to you live for a personal chat about your progress. Through the Josh Lyons Online Training Program, there now exists a unique and ever-expanding platform to help you train your own horse and empower every horse person to achieve a higher level of understanding. Come and join our supportive online community and watch your horse training excel!
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- Monthly Coaching Calls
- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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