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How To Find The BEST Arena Footing
The best horse arena footing for your horse.

Article from FootingFirst

Arena surfaces come in many different types & price ranges. Of course, affordable footing is something for which every person strives, but value is the more ? pertinent point. A footing that has good value is one that functions well, though it may not necessarily be the one that is cheapest. There is no value in a cheap footing if it does not function correctly for its intended purpose. Here, education is key. A reputable footing company will help the customer design a base and footing that suites there needs within a budget that’s attainable to them.  
Dust Free Horse Areans Surfaces

The two main types of footing are dust-free and water-dependent. When considering footing for an indoor arena, water -dependent footing can seem as though it is a cost-effective alternative to dust-free footing. However, it is extremely difficult to water consistently indoors, and many areas in the US experience freezing temperatures, which can create issues when watering. For these reasons, many savvy facility owners have chosen dust-free footing over the last decade. Although it is often more expensive than water-dependent footing, dust-free footing is well worth the investment due to its functionality and the reduced day-to-day maintenance that is required for good performance. Watering indoor arenas can raise humidity, cause stains, mold, & corrosion.
Water dependent Horse Arena surfaces

Water use is not ecofriendly.      

Water-dependent and dust-free footings are both sand based, and can be created in many different ways. There are many different types of sand that can be used, but it is extremely important that the sand is the correct shape and size, as sand is the base of a good footing. Once a correct sand is sourced, it can be blended with many different types of additives based on its intended use (i.e. fiber for traction and stability, rubber for movement and cushion, wax or polymers for low-dust or no-dust effects, etc.). However, “additive” is the key word. Many companies sell additives labeled as footing, when in fact they contain no sand (which must be purchased separately), so it’s necessary to be careful with wording when purchasing. Additives are a wonderful addition to sand, but knowing how much to add, what to add, and how much water might be required in a water-dependent version is imperative. The right additives in the wrong sand won’t create good footing.
Testing replicates Areana Footing Use

Enter data driven surfaces. Although something that will surely become Hoof Drop Machine for testing Horse Arena Footing.more advanced in the future, the scientific research of footing and the data it produces are already being utilized in the development of new riding surfaces. At FootingFirst, we have been working diligently to test and investigate our own footing blends. FootingFirst has been involved with several universities that have been testing footing since 2011, and has invested in a large hoof-drop machine that creates information about each blend, allowing us to create a plethora of knowledge about our own surfaces. We measure multiple attributes of each surface, and analyze the data with the goal of creating a standard within the industry. This will be extremely helpful for the industry as a whole, as it will allow the comparison and improvement of all types of surfaces. Specifically, for a surface that isn’t performing as expected, FootingFirst will be able to analyze it to find whether it is lacking traction, torque, or cushioning. These findings can then be used to implement an additive to enhance results.

When surfaces can be measured, it will be an advantage for all in the equestrian sport. Riders will know what to expect at each show venue, and have the ability to pick and choose what horses they will campaign at each. This will also help farriers and vets in their preparation of the horses for competition. When there is enough information that surfaces can be fine-tuned, we can help the sport and create a safer and more effective surface for the horse. This information will support the use of multiple types of riding surfaces (much like tennis, which utilizes both hard courts and clay courts), while promoting a shift in the correct direction for the welfare of the animal and the overall enhancement of the sport.

About Footing First
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Footing First is our newest and most exciting venture in the horse footing business After years of hands-on experience, we were determined to create a superior dust-free footing product... hours of research later, we have done just that.
Our Superior Riding Surface blends address issues that, in the past, have been problematic:

        It is NOT temperature-sensitive
        It provides tremendous stability
        Allows adequate movement
        It is a consistently forgiving surface
        Offers a dust free riding environment

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Discover why we are so passionate about the arenas we build.  Discover why your horse will thank you after working on a FootingFirst™ surface.  Discover why a professional like McLain Ward believes his FootingFirst™ surface is the best he's ridden on... in the world. Quality footing is important for the comfort and health of your horse. Don’t wait call today and tell us about your horses!

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