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How To Make Your Horse’s Coat Shine!
By: HealthyCoat

Whether your horse is for breeding, showing, competing or just enjoying, you always want them looking their best. A shiny, healthy coat is where it all starts. A lustrous coat invariably begins with a complete diet full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, and diligent grooming practices.

Routine grooming will not only contribute to a healthy and shiny coat, but it will also allow the owner to be familiar with the horse’s normal coat, allowing them to notice if there are changes. Changes in the quality of the coat, could be indicative of more severe underlying health issues. In addition, without regular grooming, the environmental dirt and sweat which naturally build up , produces a dull looking coat and can irritate the skin. To achieve the shiny coat you are looking for will require consistent grooming. Your horse should be bathed with your choice of a quality equine shampoo. It is also important to be sure to rinse out all the soap since the residue can irritate the skin and defeat the purpose of the bath. A regular routine of brushing your horse is just as important to achieve a gleaming coat. Start with a curry comb or stiff bristled brush to remove all the topical dirt and debris while brushing in a circular motion. Next comes the fun part! Use a finishing brush with softer bristles to increase circulation and bring out the shine of your horse. This releases the natural oils in his coat creating a stunning looking stallion.

Just as with the horses’ coat, the mane and tail need to be cared for in much the same way. Proper nutrition and grooming are always the most important first steps. As with your own tangled hair, start at the bottom and work your way up on both the mane and tail. It is recommended you use a quality equine detangler, when trying to remove the knots in the mane or tail. Be sure to give a little extra tender loving care to the ends of the mane and tail, as those areas can become brittle and lifeless. You can braid the mane for extra comfort during the hot months and to help protect it from sweat, tangles, breakage or other potential damage. A flowing mane and luxurious tail are the icing on the cake for an amazing looking horse!

While a beautifully maintained and eye-catching mane, coat and tail on a horse make for dazzling pictures, the care you take of the hooves on your horse needs to be just as diligent. Healthy hooves start with a nourishing diet, as well as exercise. Everyone knows how important it is to keep your horses’ hooves clear of debris and small objects by cleaning, or picking them before each ride. This also provides an opportunity to check the horse's pulse and body heat, which could indicate an issue lurking in their system. During the changing seasons, particularly this time of year, when the grass is covered with dew in the morning, and warm and dry during the day, you may experience issues with the horse's shoes loosening. When hooves constantly change from wet, when the hoof swells, to dry, when the hoof contracts, the horseshoe nails could loosen. It is very important to avoid the wet-dry syndrome for any extended period if possible, and regularly check the hoof adhesion.
Beautiful Horse Coat

Grooming and hoof care are important for the external appearance of your horse, diet is what makes for healthy hooves and coat from the inside out. A horses’ main source of nutrition comes from the hay offered, however the amount of nutrients absorbed through this process is dependent on the quality of the hay. There are multiple kinds of hay available, depending on the region of the country where you reside. All varieties of hay do not have the same benefits, so it is important to determine the best hay for the age and nutritional needs of your horse. Grain based feeds could be an important component of their diet as well. There is a plethora of feed options available for horses, making it difficult to determine which one is best. The determination should be made based on the age of your horse and what type of activity will be required.
Healthy Horse

After giving your horse grass, hay, feed and water, you may think your horse’s diet is complete. More than likely, the diet still lacks in certain vitamins, and most definitely lacks in the essential fatty acids which create a lustrous and healthy coat. Grazing on grass and hay will satisfy your horse’s appetite but will fall short in providing the proper nutrients for gut health and overall energy and stamina. The best feed blends will have all the essential vitamins necessary for your horse, including Vitamin A, D, E and C. Unfortunately, the processing of grain feeds remove the essential fatty acids which are necessary for the gleaming coat you are hoping for. Many horse owners have gone to adding supplements to the horse’s diet in order to ensure they receive all the vitamins and fatty acids they require. HealthyCoat is an all-natural supplement which is easily digestible and an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. HealthyCoat also assists in the digestion of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K which come from their hay and grain blend. It contains Vitamin E and Lecithin which are important antioxidants to boost the immune system. HealthyCoat does not use artificial preservatives, and is also fortified with Niacin, Biotin and Vitamin B12. We use our own unique mechanical soybean and flax oil extraction process which uses low temperatures and absolutely no chemicals leaving the supplement nutrient rich. The oil provides omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and other ingredients which promote glossy hair growth and healthy skin, while helping to maintain healthy hoof condition. HealthyCoat also aids in the maintenance of strong joints for your horse.

HealthyCoat for a Healthy Horse CoatWith Healthycoat, athletic and breeding horses will benefit from increased stamina and energy. It is safe for all breeds, ages and stages of horses. Providing the delicious apple flavored supplement to your horse will provide improved digestion, reduced stress, and better overall health. With HealthyCoat added to your feed program along with consistent grooming practices, your horse will have a beautiful coat and will be happier and healthier than ever before. For more information go to www.healthycoat.net.

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