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How to Learn To Communicate With Animals
Sue Ann Smith How to Communicate with Horses!

Invariably, I find clients are already using their Intuitive Talents more than they think.  So, I thought y'all would enjoy this guide to help jump start you today! 
By SueAnn Smith

Your Intentions Matter.  Whatever your True Intentions are, that's your energy put into motion, creating something, whether you are aware of it or not. So make them happy, successful intentions!  Being readily open to the idea of using your Intuition + Intending to use it for the betterment of yourself & your animals, is a great start.  This is your foundation to build upon.

Do your best to let it be easy, however you go about it.  It's best to approach this with a sense of ease!  (Not to be confused with laziness.)  You can dip your toe in the pool today with the idea of allowing your Intuition to surface.  Pushing & Insisting Energies won't help you very much.  So, watch for anything like that popping up.  Think Light & Easy Flow bringing through what you need, instead.  Do you want to build upon your foundation using power tools or by banging the heck out of a nail with a cave man rock? 

What's on your mind, how do you want to use this for yourself?  And be sure to use your Intuition for helpful & honorable reasons only.  Let's build this the right way for you.  Remember, everything we do, think, say, feel emotionally, etc. is energy in motion which draws back to us more of that same type energy!  Pretty darn sure you won’t like end results of using your talents for unsavory or petty goals.  I recommend working within the umbrella idea of “What truly serves my/our Highest & Best Good?”  This will keep you on the right track & operating in Good Vibes for yourself & others.

So, starting with the premise that you want to know what's on learning what's on your horse's mind.your animal's mind or to be guided regarding your own well being, as examples, should help you accomplish exactly that.  Having said that…The idea of being clear enough about where you're going with this, yet flexible enough to receive even more important information than what you think you're looking for, can serve you really well.  I can't tell you how many times I've had burning desire to know about one thing I thought was important right then, yet guidance about something else would push through first & end up being much more valuable.  Until I understood what was happening, I found it confusing.  Now I just know to appreciate & “run with the Truth that comes through” period.  That way I don't miss a real gift of helpful information!  Keeping your thoughts as simple & uncluttered as possible will help with this, too.

(If you're in the spot of sensing you need to know “something,” but can't quite put your finger on it, consider seeking help before wrestling with it too much.  Receiving messages from someone else can have a different impact on us & work to our advantage sometimes.)

Be open to hearing the Truth.  Sometimes Intuition will confirm the obvious & flow with what makes sense on the surface.  However, Intuition may also bring through unexpected truths, something other than what you had in mind or would have come up with on your own.  That’s part of the Beauty of having & using Intuition!  Wanting to control the answers, truly diminishes its gifts & positive aspects.  Although it would give you a chance to learn something a more challenging way.  However it goes for you, know you can always, always, always learn from your experiences.  Be open to reflecting upon them & make them count.  Being open to the truth will help you so much more than practicing avoidance.  Truth is a “High Vibe Energy” which tends to feel much more positive to us when all is said & done.

Start in a simple way & go from there!  Now let's get into more of the good stuff!  Starting with “yes or no” questions is recommended until you learn to fly with all of this more.  Whether you are looking for general guidance for yourself or communicating directly with an animal, this is a good jumping off place.  So, you could ask if your horse is hurting anywhere…needs a change in diet or training…or ask if you need to know something about your career or personal well being, as examples.  See if you sense yes or no, positive or negative type responses, feelings or indications of any kind & go on from there till you get enough clarity to guide you.  Any time you feel you're “straining or mashing on something” let it go & come back to it when you sense more ease with it.  (If you're already beyond yes & no questions, then Woo Hoo for you!  This guide will still help you stay on track in a good way.  So, keep on reading…) 

Additional guidance…You may “hear” the answers in your mind or “just know” what they are without understanding how or why.  Truth has a way of “resounding” with us, so you'll probably “feel” it somehow.  Learn to start trusting what you pick up on.  Practice on easier things first & you’ll start to sense what I mean with all of this.  It's like loping your horse in a circle on the proper lead…you learn to feel what that feels like (more in “sync & smooth”) versus being on the wrong lead.  Know, too, when to call in the “Big Guns” help for yourself.  Getting personalized help at the right time can be key to refining & expanding how much you can help yourself.
Intuitive tools.

Consider the possibility of other Intuitive Tools & try being open to yours.  If you’re comfortable with it, be open to other helpful Intuitive Indicators.  See if you feel anything at all in your body.  Sensing things such as ease, relief, happiness, freedom, expansion, feeling lightness or heaviness, sadness, pain, uneasiness... could happen momentarily & give great guidance, confirmation.  You may catch images in your mind, too.  Staying with good intentions & wanting it evolve in its own best way for you, is a great space to stay in. (I was guided early on by my personal team of Spirit Light Help, to remain largely self-taught along with their assistance.  Once I took the leap professionally, it became clear I was meant to help others without restrictions, boundaries or other's dogmas in my mind.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend such an austere pathway to clients, yet it does show how things can work uniquely for each of us, as it needs to.)

Get help you need, when you need it!  Like the idea of having Intuitive back up or clarification from someone else?  Then get it !  Reach out for the professional help you feel most drawn to in a good way.  Don't be afraid to ask questions up front and all along the way.  Don't be afraid to switch whom you're working with, when you sense you should, either.  Also know there's a difference between priceless personal experience & needless floundering.  Many of us have trouble asking for help… struggle energy tends to work against you, so catch yourself if you start going there.  Look for your own sweet spot of personal learning & happy accomplishment accompanied by proper help from someone walking the path ahead of you with more experience.  Receiving confirmation from someone else regarding what you've done correctly on your own can build all important confidence.  And… having confidence with this can be absolutely key!  Plus, consulting with a pro can help train & guide you way beyond your perceived limitations as your wondrous path with this unfolds.  (Fun, right!?!)

Thankfully receive whatever comes to you, even if it's just a word.  There are times when having more information & understanding can be essential regarding whatever is happening for you, your animals or around your life.  Yet, “more” isn't always better.  Life changing messages can come in the form of  just a few words or “sensing” a simple concept.  Know small bits of Intuitive Feedback can still give you what you need, in each moment!  Acquiring some level of Faith that you can know what you really need to each moment, will help.  Be thankful for all the Intuitive Help that comes through.  Doing so not only puts more “Good Energy” around you, it will help keep the “Intuitive Flow” going for you.

Final Note:  Know you truly can help yourself this minute!  Know this can work however it needs to for you, individually.  Allow your own best talents to reveal themselves in their own best ways.  Be patient with yourself.  Be kind & honorable when using your Intuition.  Gain confidence.  Be Grateful.  Intend to use this Divine Gift for Love & Light only.  Seek counsel, teaching & support, as needed. Yep!  Work with whomever feels most right to you for developing your Special Spiritual Talents ~*~ Happy Journey from Sue Ann & The Woo Hoo Spirit Team ~*~
I am passionate about my work & helping others!  See the whole enchilada at SueAnnTexas.com & use Savings Code: InfoArticle10% in the Readings & Energy Work Collection.  (Good for one checkout per client through 8/31/16.)  As always, give me a shout, if I can help out! Click ~ Contact Sue Ann Now ~ with questions & comments.
Some Helpful Links:   Browse Readings & Energy Work Collection or go straight to Phone Appointment , Single & 3 Question Emailed Readings ,  Elevate Your Talents while Saving Buckaroos! , Emailed Personal Spirit Team Reading and there's more in the The Shop!

You're invited to enjoy free Daily Spirit Messages at their own site: TheShare-SueAnnTexas.com or via Email Subscription.
COMMON SENSE REMINDER FOLKS ~~> I offer my services in the spirit of helping others & fulfilling my Divinely Guided Purpose.  My Intentions are to do so with Full On Integrity & Joy.  Consult & work with all appropriate medical, legal , health & other professionals as needed for you, your business & your animals.  Follow your own guidance, heart, intuition & good judgement as you see fit.  Your life is YOUR own journey, as it should be. Blessings & Very Happy Journey to You Always!

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