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Removing Odors and Germs
from Your Home, Truck and Horse Trailer
Removing Odors around Horses.
by Lou Osburn

The possessions in our life, whether tangible, (like your truck, your home, your pets, your ‘stuff’), or intangible, (think delicious smells of freshly baked  blueberry pie,  the deep odors of the  earth after a quick summer shower,  the morning sun streaming into your bedroom, the warm, sweet smelling breath of your horse or the rough, deep odors in the fur of your dog) are captured in our heart, and live in that place we call home.  

Home is the place where we find refuge from daily stresses, and a place of restoration for our mind, body and soul.  Whether small or large, simple or elegant, practical or impossibly crammed with our ‘stuff’,   it represents who we are, and serves as the nest in which we survive.  Especially after a long trip, trucking the horses to and fro, or in the evening when we come home dead tired from work in the barn, that is where we want to be…in our fresh smelling and comfortable home.
Well, that is the way it SHOULD be.  Uh-Oh.  The dog pooped on the carpet while you were out of the house.  Somebody forgot to leave the doggy door open.  It rained in the window last week, and now the walls are a bit mildewed, and a funny, musty smell is emerging, like wet earth, in the bedroom.  Oh NO!  The lettuce melted in the vegetable bin of the ‘fridge’, and it smells like …well, you know how that stinks!  And, the bathroom really reeks.  Why can’t those guys hit the toilet anyway?  Somebody has to get this place back in order!  WAIT!  Is that a skunk that I smell ?  Where is that dog anyway! Gotta get some help here.  I can’t live like this!  HELP!

Then, there is the truck.  The beautiful truck that was so shiny on the car lot and so clean and fresh smelling when you brought it home, has been put to work.  Alas, the usual things begin to pile up.  Your dogs just who just love a good ride in the cabin with you have muddy paws, and muddy paws leave muddy smells.  You know, the “What have you been romping through now, pup?”  odors.  And, ‘someone must have been smoking something AWFUL in this truck’ smells.  Also, the amount of debris that collects in a vehicle is amazing.  Where in the world did that box of food come from?  Oh, you mean that greenish-nasty glob of stuff.  Last month, I went to the local greasy spoon café.  It must have been the left -over’s I forgot to bring in the house.  There is every likelihood that dangerous germs, bacteria, mold and mildew fungus is lurking in each and every corner.   Soon, the task of cleaning it up becomes too daunting to face.  Maybe if it all atrophies, there won’t be any more bad odors anywhere.
Gotta get some help here.  I can drive around in this pile of foul smelling stuff!  How do I do it?

Horse Trailer:
Which brings us to the horse trailer.  Yeah, all of the literature you received when you first purchased the trailer is still in the file with other documents.   As a good steward of your property, you know that maintaining  the trailer isn’t just about the mechanical aspects of owning and using one.   Keeping the vehicle or trailer in good mechanical order is absolutely necessary.  But there is another aspect of trailer maintenance that is vitally important for you and for the health of your animals.   A clean, fresh smelling and sanitary trailer must be as high a priority as keeping good tires on it.  Neglecting to clean crevices and corners after each use, not paying attention to debris that houses all kinds of bad pathogens, not taking time to keep up the inside as well as the outside in good condition can create an unsafe, unhealthy, contaminated site for your costly animals.  Some horse transporters have a very clearly defined chart of how to clean and maintain the horse trailer on a regular basis.  If you do not have such a chart, plan one around these basic principles:

If you use  mats, clean thoroughly, they should be completely dry before returning to the trailer.
Get into the corners, crevices, above windows and doors.  Spiders, dusty particles, harmful bacteria and viruses collect there.
Clean storage bins regularly, don’t let food pellets collect and mold or mildew.  Remember, some fungus is good for us-but mold is a bad thing for horses and people too.

Keep it dry.  Use a product that is safe, environmentally ‘green’, will not harm you or your
horses, and which will remove odors and bad pathogens completely from the trailer.
Hose or Pressure wash several times a year, depending how often you use the trailer, and how well you have kept it clean between hauls. Keep food bins clean, and also the things that you put in them.  Never store a dirty, wet blanket overnight in a bin!

Common sense rules.   Consistency reigns.  And, everyone wins! Our world is created of pathogens that cause us grief as well as prosperity.  We have grief, because these invisible pathogens can cause terrible odors, human and animals illness , suffering and in some cases, death.   We find prosperity in bacteria and funguses, because those beneficial bacteria and funguses far outnumber the harmful ones.  After all, bacteria are necessary for building up and breaking down organic compounds, for causing soil enrichment  for leguminous crops, for fermentation of beverages as well as the tasty food that we love, such as cheese and bread.
Fungi as well, have more benefits than negatives.  Fungi are critical in developing good soil, and growing high-quality and healthy plants.  Funguses are also a necessary ingredient in the food and chemical industries, improving our lives from the ground up.
But, we are well aware that these same pathogens which make our world a superior place to live, which enrich our lives also, can be the agent causing terrible smells that stink up our environment, and are not healthy for us and our animals.

What then, is the premier cleaner/deodorizer/disinfect/sanitizer to use in your home, to totally clean your truck, to make sparkling clean the horse trailer?  Well, it’s Nok-Out of course! Nok-Out is the 21st Century answer to cleaning/deodorizing issues around animals.  It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe to use on skin, in the air, in the animal wash (think blankets!), to clean the barn…you name a problem…Nok-Out has the answer.   By the way, Nok-Out is EPA Registered to destroy all pathogens of significance that are in our environment today.  Yes, It kills the H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu Virus) too. 

Laboratory results document that Nok-Out does no harm, does not cause or exacerbate allergies, will not stain or bleach.  But it DOES destroy all odor.   When Nok-Out gets on the Source of any odor or other contamination, it immediately works to eliminate that odor on contact!  While on a horse ride, camping,  in the trailer, anywhere! Nok-Out is the product you want and need.  Does your horse get scratches from other animals, passing tree branches, etc?  Spray the skin/scratch with Nok-Out!  It will kill the bacteria that causes itching, burning and misery.  Then, you can use your ordinary salve to heal the wound.  Cooling, calming, refreshing Nok-Out, doing no harm, and being good for you and your animals.    A truly remarkable product for you to try  today!

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