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Health and Healing Product Article from Draper Therapies
Draper Therapeutic Products

A Guide to Various Therapeutic Products on the Market

For years now we have seen the release of countless products claiming to help heal and rejuvenate. Therapy comes in many forms for an individual and consists of medication, supplements, specific products and finally, therapeutic systems; a person can get lost in trying to figure out what works best for themselves or their animals outside of a practitioners office .
Medications work for the onset of an injury or for helping to heal and lessen symptoms after a strenuous workout or injury. Supplements are then used for preventative measures or for helping one to recover. Therapeutic products and systems come in many forms but serve as a method to help a hard working individual or to help restore optimum health based on individual needs. 
Therapeutic products have been refined and each year improvements are continually being made. Textiles have been used to provide comfort, wick away moisture, and even fight bacteria; now with the dawn of a new era, textiles can also provide decreased edema, relief from soreness, and increased muscle recovery.

The main thing to consider when choosing a product for you or your pet is what kind of therapy do you require for your specific needs? Most textile based therapeutic products provide heat, which is not safe for all injuries or recovery processes.  When choosing a product, make sure you find the one that is beneficial to you.
There are three main classifications of textile based therapeutic products on the market today; ceramic, negative ionized and Celliant™.

Ceramic Therapy
Ceramic based therapy works with the understanding that its products generate and deliver far infrared heat which has been shown to accelerate circulation within the body. These products use finely ground ceramic powder which has been embedded into the fabric that acts in a way similar to the insulation in your house. The ceramic fibers reflect heat that has been generated by the body and keep it there to help maintain a constant heat supply to the area. 
Ceramic therapy is generally recommended for chronic conditions to help relax and loosen tissues, and to stimulate blood flow to the specific area. Other than limited use in therapeutic purposes, the downfall to ceramic products is the tendency to be a higher maintenance product.  These products typically cannot be put into the dryer and cannot be used every day. To date, no clinical studies have been completed.

Negative Ionized Therapy
One of the newest products on the market today works with negative ions to provide a healing energy delivered through their fabric. The ionized fabric works with you or your animals’ own electromagnetic aura to promote healing in soft tissue and muscles. The theory behind negative ions being used in textiles is that through expending energy, our body’s release a positive charge. If a negative can be found for these positive charges, then energy is released. This energy can then work with the oxygen in your body to help heal it.
Ionized fabrics are made by fabric going through a chemical treatment to help cure the textile. Efficacy can be affected as washing it will slowly diminish the effects over time. At this time only one double blind study has been completed.

Celliant™ Therapy
The third classification of therapeutic products and most proven is Celliant (also known as Holofiber®). It is a polyester based fiber that contains a blend of microscopic optically responsive particles.   These inorganic natural minerals work with the energy released from the body and are designed to recycle this energy back to the body to improve health and overall well being of the wearer.

The natural minerals that make up the composition of Celliant are extruded into polyester when the fiber itself is being made. This process allows the properties of Celliant to last with the life of the product, and as such can never wash or wear out. Holofiber/Celliant has been clinically proven in three double blind “USA” based studies to help reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and help balance overall body temperature.  The benefits of increased oxygenation have been known to reduce swelling and fatigue, increase strength and build endurance, aid in healing and faster recovery from physical exertion. Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to make it more efficient and can be used continually.

In Conclusion
As with any new products that will be a mainstay in your or your animals’ health regime, it is best to do a good amount of research to correctly identify the positive and negative effects it can have. With many products, reading the fine print and speaking with a representative of the company will be your best sources of information. Always consult with a veterinarian or medical professional before using new products which could affect you or your animals’ health.

Where to Find
Draper makes products for pets and horses.
Draper Therapies (including Draper Equine Therapy®, Draper Canine Therapy® and Draper Body Therapy™) offers you their line of body-centric therapeutic products featuring the power of Celliant.  Like all products in the Draper line, the products have been clinically proven to regulate temperature and increase circulation and oxygenation by up to 29%. Clinical studies have also proved that 3 out of 4 patients saw a reduction in pain while using the products.
Each product line caters to their individual group, all while giving the same great benefits to each product. The Draper Equine Therapy line includes a wide range of products for your horse including wraps, saddle pads and blankets. The Draper Canine Therapy line features beds, blankets, and even wraps that can be used for your canine companion or for your felines as well. In their Body line, Draper not only has products for relief during athletic training, but for spa relaxation as well. 

Chester Weber, a very prominent name amongst the horse industry has been proud to partner with Draper Equine Therapy. Chester not only competes at the top of the combined driving world , but he is an avid promoter of the sport, an educator, a volunteer and a valued colleague. In addition to his outstanding competition accomplishments, Weber is active on several USEF committees and is a prime mover in the organization of three combined driving events. Weber and his team use Draper Equine Therapy’s leg wraps on Jamaica (2008 USEF Horse of the Year), as well as the rest of his team. “We use their wraps in the evening and they help to promote circulation and alleviates older sport horses like Jamaica from stocking up,” Weber said. “Compared to other products, I believe Draper Equine Therapy is the best on the market.”
To learn more and achieve a relaxing and well-deserved foray into a less stressful, more blissful life, visit Draper Therapies today

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
28 Draper Lane
Canton, Massachusetts 02021
Phone: 1-800-808-7707

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