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Tips When Towing
5 Star Ford Towing Tips

Trailer towing can put a high demand on you and your truck.  Whether you are towing a load of hay or your Goose Neck Horse Trailer, below are some basic tips that will help you transport your horse trailer safely. by 5 Star Ford

Weight Distribution
·Be sure to properly distribute your load, keeping the center of gravity low for best handling.
·Place heavy cargo in the front half of the trailer with lighter cargo in the rear (within limits of tongue load or king pin weight).
·Be sure to balance the load from side to side, this will help with handling and tire wear.
·Secure the load to prevent shifting

Before Starting
·Practice makes perfect!  Be sure to practice turning, braking, and backing your trailer away from heavy traffic.
·Know your clearance height on your trailer.
·Check equipment before you head out.  Make sure lights are in full working order, blinkers, brake lights, etc.

Tire Pressure
·Check your tire pressure regularly to ensure proper inflation.
·Tires that are under-inflated will get hot and can cause damage including blow out.  If your tires are over-inflated, they will wear unevenly.

·Back up slowly with someone spotting you.
·Place one hand on the bottom of steering wheel and move it in the direction you want the trailer to go.
·Remember, small changes in steering make a large difference in trailer movement.

·Take turns wide to make sure your trailer clears the corner.

·Allow a large distance when stopping.
·If your trailer starts to sway, be sure to apply the brakes gradually.
·Remember your GVWR (The maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded vehicle including passenger and cargo).
·If your trailer has electric brakes, use an optional trailer brake to make it easier to stop smoothly.

Parking With A Trailer
·Park away from other vehicles if possible.
·Do not park on a steep incline.  If you do not have any other choice, place wheel chocks under the trailer’s wheels.
·Use your parking brake.

Acceleration And Passing
·Remember, the added weight and length of your trailer will decrease your acceleration and passing ability
·If you must pass a slow moving vehicle, be sure you use extreme caution.  Allow enough time and distance to safely pass.
·Pass only on a level road; do not attempt to pass if your visibility is hindered in any way.

On The Road
·Once you start a trip, be sure to stop after the first 30-40 miles to double-check your equipment.  You will want to check your hitch, lights, wheel lugs, tires, cargo, and engine oil.

For additional trailering information pertaining to your vehicle, please refer to the vehicle Owner Guide.

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