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Do You Want To Know What Your Horse Is Thinking? Morgan Horse named Sugar
Article by Carol Hensell

Our furry family members are always thinking.  Have you ever wondered what they are trying to say or what they are thinking?  Why do they suddenly have an 'attitude'? Have a different behavior change? Let's focus on the horse. They are highly intelligent animals capable of complex problem-solving, social interaction, and emotional complexity. Their intelligence is unique and different from that of other animals, which is an essential aspect of their behavior and well-being. By understanding horse intelligence, we can better appreciate their abilities and develop more effective communication and interaction methods. So, what does this have to do with animal communicators? First, let's explore what animal communicators are.  Yes, they talk to animals, but how? They may use techniques such as telepathy, intuition, or energy reading to communicate with animals, which they then share with the animal's owner or caregiver. This can include information about the animal's feelings, needs, desires, and concerns, as well as its thoughts and opinions. What can't they do? Communicate with animals in a way that is universally understood. As an example, I will describe some of my experiences. When they use words, they are always "short," not complete sentences. They can be funny, like a child saying something.

An example would be 'blue bucket' (water), 'horse doctor' (equine vet), and ‘horse hospital on wheels' (I want to trailer to the clinic and see the equine vet). Not all communicators worldwide would understand this, yet I do. Animal communicators use their own abilities, which are unique to them. Many, like me, have multiple ways to receive information from horses/animals.

I have also written to my clients: "Animal communication is NEVER to be substituted for veterinary care." I will not try to diagnose an animal. Also, being an Empath, I may 'feel' a toothache, achy parts, a sore back, or a taste in my mouth. However, I will never tell a client this is 100% the 'medical' issue. I am not a vet. So, a little about my background.

I was born in a small town in Virginia, and I had many friends. Little did I know that other About Carol Hensell Animal Communicatorpeople couldn't see or hear them!  Since both of my parents had abilities, they never ridiculed me; they just let me enjoy my 'friends.'  Additionally, numerous animals followed me home! It appeared like they were my 'magnet,' and I was allowed to keep every single one.  And the feelings [energy] I had from them were sometimes heart-breaking. When I was 13 years old, we moved, and something new started happening that same year. The lights would dim or go intermittently whenever I walked into a room. I also began seeing orbs dancing around. And while the orbs didn't scare me, the lights sure did! In my early twenties, I'd had two (2) sons and apparently a home with spirits that loved to 'help out.' (and appear to me). There were a few times that the boys' bedroom was a mess. (Can anyone relate)! I went to find my sons and asked them to clean it up. We would walk back to their bedroom and, to our surprise, find it had already been straightened up and cleaned.  Additionally, there were times when I smelled a wet dog and saw a little black trotting down my friend's hallway. She never smelled nor saw the little pooch. As for animal communication, I found a communicator who mentored me for several years. We would both connect with an animal, which is how I learned. Not surprisingly, I learn something new from all my animal' chats,' and they never cease to amaze me. And why shouldn't they? After all, each has their own personality, which is different, just like their human counterparts! Tidbit:  The most frequent thing I hear from animals, especially horses, is, "I am not a tool; I have feelings." Surprising? Maybe not so much the feelings, but the 'tool' part, yes. Their feelings are often not taken too seriously; they want 'humans' to understand; they have the same feelings as we do; they get hurt, just like we do, and they get jealous and annoyed, just like us. What they really want humans to understand is they are not tools. What does that mean? From their mouths to your ears, it simply means, "Please do not use me, then put me away." Similar to using a tool. An example is a trail riding horse. They are saddled up, tied at a hitching post, ridden multiple times, unsaddled, groomed (maybe), and 'put away.' *Note* I am not saying all trail-riding stables do this; however, as I was authoring this article, a horse 'showed' me that scenario as an example.

Another aspect is their names. Many do not like them, and a name change can sometimes modify a particular aspect of their behavior.  An example is from one of my clients.  She purchased a black off-the-track 3-year-old thoroughbred named Supah Blitz. He had a very unique back with a sway and a hump. She would have never taken this horse home as his confirmation did not scream sport horse. Here is her story:
"Then the guy jogged him down the road, and he floated across the ground. I took him home and he was rather rambunctious to ride. I decided to call him Rico Swavey. Training started off well if you could ride through the first 10 minutes. He was rank, wild, and so full of himself. I reached out to Carol to see if there was anything he wanted to tell me. Yes, he said, "I hate my name." I was like, ok? I really like Rico Swavey. He said he wanted to be called Silver. I chuckled and said he knows he's black, right? Anyway, I was like, Silver it is. I can't argue with a name. He, Silver, has taken many children to their first events and is such a competitor. He has competed in AZ, CA & Montana. No one in their right mind would have ever thought this wild child would be the one teaching kids how to jump. Yet, still, to this day, people ask, "Why do you call that one Silver when he's black"? I just shrug my shoulders and tell them," That's what he wanted to be called."
Silver is the name of this horse.

- Did you know…. All mediums are psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. A medium is someone who can connect with one or more of your loved ones who have crossed over; a psychic is someone who communicates and gives intuitive information about your life, relationships, and future. And an animal communicator communicates with animals. -

Ann Pruitt, Director at InfoHorse shares 2 experiences with Carol Hensell
I have a Morgan horse named Sugar who was displaying signs of lameness, and vets, X-rays, and farriers could not find out what was wrong. In desperation I called CAROL, who spoke to my horse. My horse told Carol that her shoulder and neck were sore and that she needed a few weeks off. Carol suggested 6 full weeks off. I did it… and Voila! My horse is back to Normal

My horse and I are very close and devoted to each other. My Morgan mare is my sweetest friend and she runs to me whenever she sees me. We have had so many great adventures. One time I came off her during a canter where a stirrup broke… and she stayed by my side, got down on her knees and nudged me “up”. I LOVE my horse. … so when she started to run FROM ME— very suddenly— I was horrified and heart broken. What was wrong? This lasted for over a week— I was so depressed. I texted Carol and said “Please ask Sugar WHY she is running away from me!”— I got an answer from  Carol the next morning. Carol said… “Ann, were you gone? Your horse says you were GONE for a LONG time and that she is showing you how UPSET she was that you were gone. She knows it hurts your feelings, she feels badly about that, but she wants YOU to know how HURT she was that you weren’t there!”

I told Carol, “YES, I was gone for 10 days on a vacation with my daughter. Please tell Sugar how sorry I am, how MUCH I missed her and PLEASE do NOT run away from me any more!”

Carol did… and that after noon when I came to the barn, Sugar RAN UP TO ME— I was overjoyed! I hugged her and told her how sorry I was to be gone and how much I loved her— so grateful to Carol and now my horse is back to NORMAL! Thank you Carol!!” Carol is VERY reasonably priced!

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