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Horse Training Articles, Horse Care Articles

How to choose the right horse for you.How to Pick the Right Horse

Choosing the right horse for you is a process, but you shouldn’t make yourself feel pressured or hurried.
Article from Evon Montgomery Creator of THE HORSES 1, 2, 3 SYSTEM

Lead Change Honesty Horse Training
Richard WintersAre You And Your Horse Prepared?
A Little More Leg Horsemanship
Broadening the Horsemanship Envelope
Mechanics Versus Psychology Horse Training
Direction and Drive Horse Training
Help Wanted! Horsemanship Journey
Getting The Proper Bend In Your Horse's Body
Is Your Horse’s Head In The Game?
Get That Hip Over!
From Rider to Horseman
Look Out For Equine Magnets
What's Up With Cowboy Dressage?
Hay or Cubes? That is the Question
Horses and Cows
Perfecting The Circle
Executing the Canter Departure
Teaching Our Horses A Better Back Up
Handling Horse Competition Pressure
Colt Starting – Getting It Right!
Making A Cow Horse Turn
Horse Training - Reading The Signs
Preparing Your Horse For The Real World
My Horsemanship Speech
How To Ride A Big Motor Horse
Teaching Your Horse the Haunches-In Maneuver
Follow Your Horse's Fears
How To Pony a Horse
Watch That Eye to keep Your Horse in Frame
Colt Starting Guidelines with Richard Winters
Good Horse Management and Pasture Practice
Saddle Horse Versus Pack Horse with Richard Winters
Improving Your Horsemanship with Richard Winters
Understanding Horse Auctions
Putting Our Horses Through the Full Range of Motion
How Horses Learn with Richard Winters
The Art of Horsemanship With Richard Winters
Colt Starting with Richard and Sarah Winters
One Hundred Palominos! with Richard Winters
Canter Departures with Richard Winters Horsemanship
Hobble Training Your Horse with Richard Winters

Rein Management with Richard Winters
Rein Management Part II With Richard Winters
Round Pen Reasoning Your Horse with Richard Winters
The Equine Pre-Ride Check, Richard Winters
Keeping Your Horse Balanced with Richard Winters
Horseback Riding in the Water, Just Another Day at the Beach from Richard Winters
Rein Communication
Rein Communication
If I pick up on the bridle reins, I expect something to happen. My horse needs to yield, give and or slow down. 
Richard Winters Horsemanship

Is Your Horse Really Broke? By Richard Winters Horsemanship
Training a Horse to Carry a Flag, Patriotic Preparation Richard Winters
No Horse Training Short Cuts By Richard Winters Horsemanship
Understanding the Snaffle Bit  From Richard Winters Horsemanship
Horse Training is Feel, Timing, and Balance by Richard Winters
Are You Ready For A Horsemanship Clinic? by Richard Winters
Teaching Your Horse To Handle A Rope by Richard Winters
Teaching Your Horse To Handle A Rope - Part II Richard Winters
Performance Horsemanship with Richard Winters
True Horsemanship – A Life Long Journey from Richard Winters
How to Develop Our Horses Speed with Control by Richard Winters
Fixing the Barn Sour, Gate Sour, Buddy Sour Horse with Richard Winters
Introducing Horses to Cattle Work Performance Horsemanship with Richard Winters
Cross Country Horse Hauling  A two month horsemanship tour. Richard Winters
Control Your Horses Movement - Connecting Down to the Feet By Richard Winters
Performance Horsemanship, Rein and Leg Management Richard Winters
Riding with Straightness, Performance Horsemanship with Richard Winters
Richard Winters is the Winner of the 2009 Road to the Horse
Colt Training, by Richard Winters
Four Part Harmony, by Richard Winters
Riding The Seemingly Simple Circle by Richard Winters
Starting Horses on Cow Work Down The Fence by Richard Winters
Lunge Line Logic by Richard Winters
Colt Starting Part 1. What Can You Expect in Sixty Days?
Colt Starting Part 2 One Step at a Time
Colt Starting Part 3, Mounting Up and Riding Off
Bridling Problems

Developing Horse Riding ConfidenceTake the lead - Developing Horse Riding Confidence
By Evon Montgomery

Bryan NeubertAcquiring Softness in Horse Training 
Our definition: Getting your horse in a position and in a frame of mind to accept a request, whatever that may be.       
By Bryan Neubert

Nathan CoffmanRound Penning Starting a horse is a lot like building a house.  If you don’t have a good foundation, the house will collapse. by Nathan Coffman Training

Neck Reining  vs.  Shoulder Reining  by Nathan Coffman Training
Trailer Loading 101 by Nathan Coffman
DON’T “BABY” YOUR BABY By Nathan Coffman
Be Aware that your Foal Behavior Could Become Your Adult Horse Behavior!

Steve Sikora Horse TrainerLeading Your Horse - Who's Leading Who? By Steve Sikora
Am I Finished Yet? Continuing Horse Training By: Steve Sikora
Way To Go - By Steve Sikora Using Your Legs for a Light Responsive Horse
Horse Trainer Self Control. My horse is stuck! By Steve Sikora

How To Help Horses That Bite By Sarah Burnside

Making Our Show Stall Decorations Fire Safe by Laurie Loveman
Horse Show Stall Decorations should be made of fire retardant fabrics and/or coatings as one of the best ways to prevent a catastrophe!
No-Cost FIRE Prevention For Your Barn By Laurie Loveman ©

Diane SullivanFlexibility by Diane Sullivan
Adapt the training for each new circumstance encountered.

Training AdviceHorse Trainer Advice and Training Tips
from John Lyons Certified Horse Trainers

Steve Werklund End of Trail Equine TrainingCatch Me If You Can!! by Steve Werklund Not knowing what to do keeps many a horse locked up in a small stall or paddock, or wearing the halter all the time.
Cures For a Hard Mouth Horse by Steve Werklund

Articles by InfoHorse.com
Time to Go! Emergency Plan for the Horse Owner
Basic First Aid for Horses including Suggestions for Your Equine First Aid Kit
My PMU Horse, Dream
John Lyon's Bright Zip Remembered 1975-2003

Josh Lyons, John LyonsLooking for a Horse Trainer?
Many horse owners at some time or another seek out a trainer to work with their horse. With today’s sources, magazines to Internet, finding a trainer may be quite easy. Knowing what to look for in a trainer may be a different matter.  I would like to give you a few suggestions to consider as you search.

By John Lyons for the Lyons Legacy Horse Trainer Program

Jeff SpencerBits By Jeff Spencer of the Spencer Training & Horsemanship School
Have you ever been confused about bits? Here are some tips on bit selection
Warming Up Your Horse Right by Jeff Spencer
 Be sure your horse is mentally or physically ready to go to work.

Bob Pruitt  CEO InfoHorse.com and DREAM!

Fear ends where knowledge begins.
Horsemanship Tip

I was watching a lady being led by her horse today;) The horse had a halter with the big fuzzy noseband so it wouldn't be uncomfortable... and it wasn't at all because he was walking all over the place with the Owner hanging onto the lead rope near the tail.

The horse is simply doing something he has been allowed to do. Allow it or ignored it, if you live with it then you have taught it.

Great articles here to help us improve our horsemanship!

Enjoy your horses!

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