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Horse health Information

Horse Health Articles,
Horse Safety Articles

Having the proper information for your Horse health and Nutrition strategy is VITAL to your horse’s health and well being. Horses are fragile animals despite their large size. We hope the information presented here is helpful and remember ALWAYS consult with your Veterinarian before you make a change to your current horse health program.

Bob Pruitt  CEO InfoHorse.com and DREAM!

Horse Health and Horse Safety Articles
How do horses hear? Article from Barbara Paulsen, Owner of Equine AudioHow Do Horses Hear?
Equine audiology.
Article from Barbara Paulsen, Owner of Equine Audio

Treating Horse Scratches, Rain Rot and Mud FeaverTreating Your Horse's Scratches, Rain Rot and RainScald also Called Mud Fever
Article from Banixx

Cleaning and Sanitizing Horse Bits by Brianna TrepanierHow To Clean and Sanitize Your Horse Bits
By Brianna Trepanier for Best Ever Saddle Pads

Protecting Horse Leg Joint Health
7-Tips to Protect Your Horse’s Joints
Article from Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls
written by Karen Elizabeth Baril

Horse Cataracts article.What To Do If Your Horse Has Cataracts
Article from horsecataracts.com

Treating Horse Hooves with ThrushHow To Help Horses with Thrush and Whiteline

Medical gel technology is advancing treatment of white line disease, seedy toe, thrush, candida yeast, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, mold and fungi and the repair of cell damaged hooves.
by Dr Richard Shakalis-hoof researcher, and Michelle Tricca-Naples SBS Equine

Transition Your Horse from Shoes to BarefootTransition Your Horse from Shoes to Barefoot

So, you're thinking about making the decision to transition your horse from shoes to barefoot? This decision doesn't have to be a difficult one. But, it can be a tough decision for many so let's explore a bit about why you want to have your horse barefoot and what the process might entail!
Let's take a look to see how you can best aid the transition.
Article from scootboot.com

Should you ice horse injuries?Is Icing Still a Valid Treatment for Injuries?
EyeOn® Far Infrared Compression and Support, Breathable, four way stretch Leg Wraps
by Douglas Spatz, President, EyeOn Equine Care
Icing damaged tissue does sometimes give temporary pain relief. However, it also delays healing... learn more.

Horse Ulcer Prevention and TreatmentNatural Treatment for Stomach Ulcers in Horses
Ulcers are serious -- leading to poor appetite, dullness, attitude changes, decreased performance, poor body condition, rough hair coat, poor hoof growth, weight loss and colic.
By Dr. Richard Shakalis (Senior Research Scientist SBS Equine)

Thermal Imaging and HorsesWhat Is Causing My Horse To Be Lame?

The benefits that have come from thermal cameras are outstanding.
By: Link Casey
Son & Owner, Casey & Son Horseshoeing School
BWFA President Certified Master Farrier, Master Educator

Nutritional Guide for Broodmares and StallionsNutrition Tips for Stallions and Broodmares
All horses need the proper balance of vitamins and minerals, but for breeding stock, nutrition is a critical component to producing strong and healthy foals.
Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for Ramm Fencing and Stalls

Gentle birthing and imprinting of the foalWelcome to the World – Gentle Horse Birthing and Non-Invasive Imprinting.
De-sensitization and imprinting are found in every trainer’s tool box.
By Liz Mitten Ryan

Horse Joint Health Detection and ManagementEquine Joint Health; Prevention is Key
The key to management is early detection, but therein lies the challenge.
Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for RAMM Stalls and Horse Fencing

Prevention of Back Injuries Horse OwnersProtect Your Back! Injury Prevention for Horse Owners.
Know your physical limits and use the right tools to get the job done.
by Karen Elizabeth Baril for Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls

Avoiding Horse Heat StressTips For Avoiding Heat Stress In Horses

Heat stress within a horse can result in a wide variety of outcomes, from poor performance to death. The rapid progression from the first stage of dehydration to the final stages of extreme heat stroke can take owners by surprise. Learning to recognize the signs of heat stress is the first step to protecting your equine partner.
Article from Best Ever Custom Saddle Pads

Horse Hoof ThrushEQUINE THRUSH –
What It Is and How to Deal With It

For our horses’ sake, keep the stalls clean, keep the floors cleared of feces, keep them clear of mud, keep that pick and wire brush close at hand and use them daily. Catch it early!
Article from Omega Field

Winter Horse Blanket Tips Tips for Winter Horse Blanketing
Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls
As soon as the mercury falls, many of us ask the age-old question; to blanket or not to blanket? Ahhh….if Shakespeare had been a horseman he’d have known the right questions to ask.

Prevention is the Horse Owners Responsibility.When it Comes to Horses... AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE
especially when it comes to our responsibilities to the animals we are blessed enough to care for...
Article from Omega Fields®, Inc.

Small horse Property ManagementManaging The Small Acreage Horse Farm
Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls

Horse grazing. Learn about the horse digestive system.Understanding Your Horses Digestive System
Article by Reba Martinez
Did you ever wonder why your horse’s digestive system seems so fragile?
Does it Seem That Horses Were Designed to Experience Colic Learn Why Your Horse May Develop Digestion Difficulties? Learn all about the horse digestives system to better care for your horse!

Keeping Horses Safe by Accident ProofingAccident Proof Your Horse Farm

Most accidents on the horse farm can be avoided by making safety your number one priority!
 by Karen Elizabeth Baril for Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls

Choosing horse bedding for best horse health!Your choice of stall bedding will have an impact on the health and performance of your horse.

Success horse health begins in your barn… Start with your horse bedding.
Article from Jonathan Brant at Guardian Horse Bedding

Outdoor Horse Wash Rack
Horse Wash Stall Safety and Construction

It’s more than a luxury. In some barns, the wash stall is used as a place to hose off muddy fetlocks, deliver heat or light therapy, administer to wounds, and---of course, wash horses.
Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for
RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls

Horse Grazing BenefitsHow Grazing Benefits Your Horses Health
Remember, horses do not eat to be full but only enough to not be hungry, thus the term trickle feeder.
Article from Walt Tharp Grazing Feeders Inc Porta-Grazer™

Horse Colic Testimonial
Horse Colic Causes Cowboy Distress
I knew… that hated killer, Colic, was paying us a visit today.
My mind began to whirl, This can’t be happening!
Article from SayWhoa.com written by Jeff Wilson

Towing a Horse Trailer in Winter weather.Hauling Horses: Driving Tips for Adverse Conditions

Winter driving does present special challenges, but learning how to drive defensively will help you and your precious cargo arrive at your destination safely.
For RAMM Stalls & Horse Fencing written by Karen Elizabeth Baril and Debbie Disbrow

When You Should Blanket Your HorseTo Blanket or Not to Blanket...Your Horse

Horse blankets were designed to protect your horse from cold, inclement weather, insects, and potentially damaging ultraviolet rays.
Article from Geri Capobianco for Temperall Inc.

Horse DentistryEquine Dentistry

Equine dentistry is a field that’s under constant discussion – how to perform equine dentistry and how conservative or aggressive to be when doing it.
Article from Allison Kuhl for Omega Fields®, Inc.

Horse Accident PreventionBuilding Blocks of Horse Accident Prevention
Safety experts know that accident prevention relies on three key building blocks; maintaining an awareness of potential danger, controlling the physical environment, and practicing good personal or work habits.
Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for
RAMM Stalls & Horse Fencing

Horse Turnout for Good Horse Health
Horse Turnout
Turnout; necessary for your horse's good health
The more freedom of movement your horse enjoys, the more efficient the following four systems work for him.

Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for RAMM Stalls & Horse Fencing

Hay Cubes or Baled HayHay or Cubes? That is the Question
I load up as many bales of hay as I can before leaving home. However, after a couple weeks I'm running low and need to find a new source of feed and I'm thousands of miles away from my original hay source. With that in mind, I've done some research and have made a decision to share this information with you.

Horse Travel Supplement TipsSupplement Tips That Help Keep Horses Healthy While Traveling

When the need arises to haul our horses to shows, clinics, vet offices or distant trails, it is our job to ensure that they stay as healthy and stress-free as possible. A combination of proper management and the right nutritional support can ensure your horses’ travels are stress-free!
Article by Becky Young for Kentucky Performance Products, LLC

Cleaning the Barn for Horse HealthKeeping Your Barn Clean is Important for Our Horse's Health

Cleaning assists our horse's immune systems by decontaminating and removing  the pathogens that have accumulated!
Article from ELGEE Industrial and Commercial Vacuums

Keeping Our Horses Safe!Herd Dynamics; Keeping Our Domestic Horses Safe

 by Karen Elizabeth Baril for RAMM Stalls & Horse Fencing
The better you understand domestic herd dynamics the easier it will be to keep your horses safe!

Tips when loaning your horseSafety Tips When Riding a Borrowed Horse
May I ride your horse?
By Brenda Hendrix
American Association for Horsemanship Safety

Horse Hoof Article from Omega FieldsInformation on Horse Hooves
 Hoof trimmers are happy to hear questions about the horse’s hoof and why some unusual conditions develop. The hoof can be a complex, even a bit mysterious, mechanism, and we appreciate the opportunity to do some educating. Article for Omega Fields

winterfeedhmHorse Feeding Tips for the Cold Winter Months
and Here are five tips to make sure your feed room and hayloft are ready for winter.
Article from Kentucky Performance Products LLC.

Slow Feeding Your Horse!Slow feeding…. What it Means for the Health of Your Horse.
today’s modern horse keeping practices have unfortunately forced horses  into sedentary lifestyles where free ranging and getting plenty of exercise foraging for foodstuffs has essentially become a thing of the past.
Article by Dr. Amy M Gill for RS Bioceuticals

Be Prepared for Horse Emergencies!Emergency Preparedness for Horse Owners - Before Emergencies Happen

It’s not a matter of if; it's a matter of when an emergency situation will happen to you!
Article by EquestriSafe

Virtual Horse RacingVirtual Horse Racing – Can it end the ethical dilemma?
Those who are against the horse racing industry would certainly much prefer people owning, training and racing a virtual horse to real ones.

Fighting Hoof DiseaseFighting Hoof Disease -
Now Germs Have No Place To Hide! A team of hoof researchers and leading farriers have developed new strategies that are helping win the fight against hoof disease! 

Helping horses with arthritisHow to Help with Equine Arthritis Pain
Anyone who's developed arthritis can tell you that it's a terrible affliction; not only are their joints disintegrating, but they hurt like the dickens while doing so. Fortunately, we can make our horse's life immensely easier.
Article from Omega Fields, Nutrition for a Healthy Life!

Saving Aztec with SayWhoa from StopsColicStopping Horse Colic, Saving Aztec

What every horse owner needs sitting on their shelf
How SayWhoa from StopsColic saved my horse -
written by Wendy Malone

Tool for fighting Hoof Disease
Simple Flushing Tool Effective Against Hoof Disease!
Contributions by Dr. Richard Shakalis & Dr. John Pautienis  
According to hoof researchers, the most important step in fighting hoof disease is cleaning the feet and removing diseased tissue.
Article from SBS Equine Products

Horse Stalls Horse Stall: an Enclosure for a Horse
The definition is simple, but choosing the best materials for your stalls requires planning and research!

Article from ARC Integrated Systems by Jeff Covel, 

Basic Nutritional Support for HorsesGetting Started with the Right Nutrition for Horses
What you feed your horse directly affects your horse’s growth, performance, and lifespan. If you are a horse owner or trainer you can use helpful, credible information regarding the fundamental basics of nutrition for horses.
Introduction to Nutrition for Horses by Missing Link Products

Omega Fields Horse SupplementsHorses are Smart; How to Make Them Smarter
We evaluate a horse from a number of standpoints – breed, personality, conformation, age, training, among others – and we should include intelligence in the list.
Article brought to you by Omega Fields

Horse Hoof Conditioners ArticleModern Horse Hoof Conditioners
New Hoof Conditioners provide Total Hoof Care that even Grandpa would approve!
by Dr. M. J. Pautienis, Dr. Richard Shakalis, and Ray Tricca for SBS Equine

Using SatWhoa by Stops ColicSayWhoa by Stops Colic Testimonial, from Linda Brown , A Wizards Spell Gypsy Horse Ranch in Burleson, Texas.

Helping Your Fire Department to Help You

Does your fire department know anything about your property besides its address?  Would they know what to expect and what their priorities should be?
by Laurie Loveman

Down Under Saddle SupplyTrail Riding Safety
We all know that horseback riding can be a dangerous recreation. This is how do to minimize the risks!
Mike Bergin, Down Under Saddle Supply

Better nutrition helped this cushings disease horse.How to Choose the Right Supplements for Horses
The True Meaning of the Phrase "Healthy as a Horse"
Every horse owner wants a healthy, happy horse.
By Missing Link Products

Magnetic Therapy for HorsesMagnetic Therapy for Horses, Increasing the Performance of Sporthorses!
What therapy modalities can effectively support your horse’s performance in the show ring and help when your horse is laid up?
Article from SportInnovations LLC

Horse Stable Air Quality by Tom CroceMaintaining Good Air Quality in Horse Stables

Maintaining good air quality in your barn is the single most important thing you can do to keep you horse healthy and happy. Article by Thomas L. Croce, Architects

Benefits of Equine MassageBenefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy for Performance Horses
So what exactly is equine sports massage therapy? To help us better understand what this means, we turn to certified equine sports massage therapist, Gwen Bernardo, to shed some light on  equine massage.
Article from Equus Athletics makers of EquiStix

Feeding horses.Feral Horse or Domestic Horse: Aren’t They the Same Animal
Biologically, yes, of course.And yet if either were to find itself in the other’s domain, we’d truly have a stranger in a strange land.
Feeding our Domestic Horses - Written By Walt Friedrich for Omega Fields

Successful Feeding for the HorseFeeding Horses, Are We Doing What's Right the Horse?
by Franklin L. Pellegrini, DVM and Peter Bedding, PhD
 for SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™
from Freedom Health, LLC

Horse PostureHorse Posture and Performance
As a professional bodywork therapist for over 30 years and practicing in the equine field solely for the last 15 years I have learned some amazing information and put it together in a format that is easy to understand and just makes sense.
Dino Fretterd CEMT of  Dino's Best Equine Bodywork System

Nilan Hoof PlatesNolan Hoof Plates, A Real and Lasting Solution for Founder and Laminitis
Finally there is hope for horse owners and help for their horses.

By Dale Blankenship for Nolan Hoof Health

Thrush Stop cures Chronic ThrushHow to Treat  Thrush in Horses!
Field Trials reveal steps to treating chronic thrush and help keep it from coming back. Thrush Stop product article detailing successful thrush treatment method from By Ray Tricca, SBS Equine

Helping Laminitic HorsesHelping Horses with Laminitis
Laminitis The Symtoms and Critical First Steps for Care
Laminitis, commonly called ‘founder’ is one of the worst diagnoses a horse owner can receive.
by LaminitisSTOP from Balanced Eco Solutions

Horse Sarcoid TreatmentSarcoid Treatments for Horses
Equine Sarcoids - One of the most mis-managed problem for horses and their owners.
By: Balanced Eco Solutions

Equine Energy Requirements By Dr. Kristina Hiney, PhD – Omega Fields® Equine Nutrition Advisor - Determining equine energy requirements for a horse is not only a function of the weight of the horse, but also their body condition and function as an athlete.

Soaking the Horses HoofSafe Hoof Soaking Techniques for Chronic Hoof Infections
Soaking the hoof can be an effective way of treating against chronic infections, but there can be serious consequences if done carelessly.
By Ray Tricca, SBS Equine Products

Feeding Guidelines for Equine Health by Dr. Kristina Hiney, PhD – Omega Fields® Equine Nutrition Advisor

Equine Gastric Ulcers: Prevention and Alternative to NSAIDS Articles by:
Dr. Kristina Hiney, PhD, Omega Fields® Equine Nutrition Advisor

Horse Sleeping Habits, Horse Stall Comfort There is so much resting on your stall floor decision!
Equine Products By SoftStall

Underrun Heels by Doug ButlerUnderrun Heels & What To Do About Them
Underrun heels are a common problem in today’s performance horses. Underrun heels are defined as heels where the angle of the hoof heels is less than that of the hoof toe when viewed from the side.
Doug Butler PhD, CJF, FWCF Butler Professional Farrier School

NutriBitHorses and Electrolytes, The Proper Balance
You can lead a horse to the salt block but you can’t make him lick.  This statement is as true as the old maxim concerning making a horse drink water.

Removing Odors and Germs around HorsesRemoving Odors and Germs
from Your Home, Truck and Horse Trailer
by Lou Osburn
and Nok-Out, Odor Eliminator, Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

Therapeutic Products for Horses and Pets ArticleHealth and Healing a Product Article
A Guide to Various Therapeutic Products on the Market
When choosing a product, make sure you find the one that is specifically going to be a beneficial to your horse or pet.
Article by  Draper Therapies

EPM Treatment for Horses, Preventing EPM
EPM, Equine Protozoa Myeloencephalitis; Any horse that eats hay, grain, or grazes in a pasture is susceptible to getting EPM.
by Heartland Veterinary Supply and Pharmacy

Horse Stall DesignCreating a Safe and Healthy Stable Stall Design
Stalls are the most basic component of every stable, who’s primary function is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our horses.
By Thomas L. Croce Architects Inc.

The Special Needs of Mares Product Article from Smooth Run Equine

Equine Gastric Ulcers ArticleEquine Gastric Ulcers: A Real Problem with a Natural Solution Gastric ulcers and are a major health concern for horses.
By Dr. Richard Shakalis co-founder and researcher for SBS Equine Products

Colic – What Are the Causes? by Jay Altman, DVM

Prevention and Treatment of Sand Colic by Jay Altman, DVM

Flax Seed Horse supplements By  Omega Fields™

Horse Guard Implements Organically Bound Selenium

Combating Colic and Impactions this Fall and All Year Long by Andrea Haller

Hydro-Therapy Can Make a Difference to YOUR Horse! By Linda Keene

Garlic Is It Good for Your Horse by Smooth Run Equine

Horse Safety Articles
N0-Cost FIRE Prevention For Your Barn By Laurie Loveman
Buy Your Horses a Fan That Won’t Kill Them by Laurie Loveman
Making Our Show Stall Decorations Fire Safe by Laurie Loveman
Horse Evacuation,Emergency Plan: Time to Go! Fires, floods, disasters happen.

Hoof Care Articles
Thrush Stop cures Chronic ThrushHow to Treat  Thrush in Horses!
Field Trials reveal steps to treating chronic thrush and help keep it from coming back. Thrush Stop product article detailing successful thrush treatment method from By Ray Tricca, SBS Equine

The Science Behind Modern Hoof Sealants! by Dr. M. J. Pautienis and Dr. Richard Shakalis
Technology  for Humans, Now Used To Repair Hooves By Ron Perszewski
Laminitis & Founder Prevention and Treatment for the Greatest Chance of Success Doug Butler
Hoof Health, Hoof Conformation for Horse Owners  Monique Craig from EponaShoe
Founder Treatment by Monique Craig,  www.EponaShoe.com

The Soaking Boot™  Veterinarian-approved alternative to treating the #1 cause of lameness.
The Long Heels Myth from Vettec Hoof Care Products understand the hoof for correction.
The Horse named “United Steele”  Hoof History and Hoof-it II Pads By Cyndee Pryor
Using the Easyboot Bare on a Barefoot Horse for Trail or Endurance Riding by Karen Chaton

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