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       NEW to InfoHorse.com!  Check out these great Horse Companies!
- Foy Insurance - Equine Insurance offers both Equine and Horse Farm Insurance Programs.
- Solo-Ride® by Hairy Back Ranch lets you safely mount your horse anytime, anywhere!
- Equalizer Systems Hydraulic Horse Trailer Jack makes lifting, leveling and disconnecting easy!
- Pro-Kold Corporation - Enjoy the healing benefits of ice without getting your horse wet!
- NightWatch24 by Protequus monitors your horse and alerts you at the first sign of danger!
- Exclusive "Nano Technology"  Reliq Pet Shampoos - Try it and you'll never use anything else!

New  Horse Articles from our Horse Experts!

Horse grazing. Learn about the horse digestive system.Understanding Your Horses Digestive System
Article by Reba Martinez
Did you ever wonder why your horse’s digestive system seems so fragile?
Does it Seem That Horses Were Designed to Experience Colic Learn Why Your Horse May Develop Digestion Difficulties? Learn all about the horse digestives system to better care for your horse!

Teaching Collection to Your Horse
Is Your Horse’s Head In The Game?
Collection is a combination of vertical flexion with impulsion. We ask for vertical flexion with our hands and impulsion with our legs.
Article from Richard Winters

Important Horse Industry Leaders for 5/29/2016  

Equalizer Systems Horse Trailer Leveling SystemEqualizer Systems Hydraulic Jack For Horse Trailers
If you're hauling horses, you need the hydraulic Equalizer System which makes lifting, leveling and disconnecting from your trailer a breeze! Equalizer Systems have manufactured the most sophisticated and easy to use lifting and leveling systems on the market for over 25 years!
Visit Equalizer Systems to learn more!

Solo-Ride Portable Mounting AidSolo-Ride® mounting aid for horses, solves the problem of mounting your horse anytime, anywhere…whether riding in a saddle or bareback. Simply unfold and drape the Solo-Ride® over your horse’s withers/ or saddle with the mounting stirrup hanging on the left side. Then, adjust the length of the snap end to fit around your horse’s right leg and the stirrup height so it’s just right for you to step into. Once both sides are adjusted, you are ready to mount. Also great for sharing on trail-rides. Solo-Ride® makes mounting your horse easy!

EquiCrown Compression Bandages for Horses.EquiCrown® medical equine compression bandages are the most supportive leg wrap in the horse world!  EquiCrown compression bandages contribute to faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and therefore removal of unwanted toxins. Do you have a horse with Suspensory Ligament problems?  Are you looking for greater support for your Barrel Racer, Jumper, Reiner or Endurance Horse? EquiCrown® is the answer you have been searching for.

Handy Hay Nets for HorsesHandy Hay Nets are one of a kind! These slow feeder hay bags are made of a soft durable high quality netting that is soft on animals muzzles. Our hay nets have hand sewn seams which gives them more flexibility as they  expand and contract, adding to the life of your bags. With Multiple tie string colors so that you can assign each horse their own Handy Hay Net. You’ll save hay, keep their digestive system happy-
Order Handy Hay Nets Today!

Foxden Equine Horse SupplementsQuiescence® by Foxden Equine, is a pelleted Magnesium and Chromium formula designed to support calm, balanced behavior in horses.  It may help animals that are cresty-necked  to reduce the crest, and may also help reduce the tendency to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism and increasing peripheral circulation.
If you are looking for a superior insulin resistance supplement for your horse, you need to order Quiescence® by Foxden Equine today!

Making Horses Fun Training SystemHorses-123 with Evon Montgomery
Evon Montgomery has developed a riding system for all levels of riders called HORSES 1-2-3 Riding System.  This is the most COMPLETE, easy to use, comprehensive approach to training a horse! Evon is a horse trainer who has traveled the country helping horse owners understand a better, EASIER, consistent way to produce both results, and establish control and partnership with your horse. No matter what breed, or discipline you ride, the training necessary to produce both results and partnership are the same! Check us out here!

equineaudiohm3Equine-Audio for high performance audio solutions to professional equine facilities. Wireless microphone systems provide clear sound, critical for your students, pivotal for your audiences. Individually crafted using only the highest quality materials. From concept through completion. Equine-Audio

Nightwatch  Equine Health and Safety MonitorNIGHTWATCH™ is the World’s first equine distress & wellness monitor (patent pending) designed to alert caretakers at the early signs of danger and distress, such as colic or being cast, and offered in the form of an all-leather smart breakaway halter or safety collar. NIGHTWATCH™ uses a variety of sensors to collect continuous real-time data on a horse’s vital signs and behaviors- it learns what is normal for your horse and what is not and alerts you to problems.
Order NIGHTWATCH today!

Bob Pruitt  CEO InfoHorse.com and DREAM!
Ramm Flex Horse Fence!

ELGEE Power-Vac Barn Vacuum

Castlebrook Horse BarnsCastlebrook Barns
From its inception, Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the equine industry. At Castlebrook we understand that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance. That is why our barns are built with the structural integrity of a full 3/16” steel column and the timeless beauty of tongue and groove lumber. We proudly offer a lifetime structural guarantee on all our barns. We look forward to building the barn of your dreams! Visit Castlebrook Barns.

Parma Company the Original Arena GroomerParma Company are the makers of the ORIGINAL Arena Groomer! Parma Company has a full understanding of what it takes to keep your arena in top condition and has the only registered “Arena Groomer” in America! The Parma Arena Groomer is designed to ensure proper and safe footing in your arena. It prepares your base as well as the top surface in one pass!
 Call Parma Company today!

4 Star Trailers4 Star Trailers are custom built horse trailers with safety and complete customer satisfaction in mind!  4 Star Trailers are built with the patented Concept II Design which gives a smoother side with fewer visible weld marks. Our deluxe model horse trailers are our most popular base models. All of our base models can be customized to suit your every need.
  Call 4Star Trailers Today!

Footing First High QualityAffordable Horse FootingFootings First offers high quality, affordable horse footing.  With our many quality and affordable options at TravelRight you can be assured of only the best footing products. Our great partner, Westchester Footings, can provide the quality consultation and installation you need to get started. Working with two terrific footing companies ensures that your arena will be built or refurbished correctly the very first time. Make sure you work with a company that truly puts Footings First and call us today!

Horse Drinker Automatic Horse WatererBar-Bar-A Fully Automatic Non-Electric Horse Drinker
The water bowl fills with fresh clean water each time your horse puts its nose into the drinker. After drinking, the excess water drains away, leaving an empty bowl.

It works every time!

No Electricity, Self-Cleaning, Non-Freezing , Fully Automatic and Maintenance Free! There's no water to freeze, accumulate debris, or grow algae.
 See our video here!    Visit  Bar-Bar A Website Today!

West Coast FootingsWest Coast Footings offer experienced guidance in building new arenas, daily maintenance programs, troubleshooting, and additives to match any riding discipline. With the growing JD Eee Z line of harrows, arena maintenance has been brought to a higher level of accuracy with our new JD Rack Design.
With Water on Wheels, arena watering is actually fun! The water wagon is designed for arenas, easy to operate, versatile, with even water saturation. We have parts for harrows, drags and used harrows! Visit WestCoastFootings.com

Super Scooper Horse Manure Remover!Super Scooper doesn't spread the horse manure… it removes it! Worms and disease can be better controlled by ridding your pastures and paddocks of manure. 
Easy to attach, fun and quick to operate!  Healthier horses save you money. Water quality and grass quality both improve with the removal of manure. The Super Scooper is an affordable tool to aid in the management of your horses' manure.
Make sure your horse property has the affordable Super Scooper!

Straight Arrow Horse Grooming ProductsSpray AwayStraight Arrow Products Spray Away Horse Wash by Mane n Tail, is the ultimate Equine Shampoo! Exclusive combination of quick-cleaning natural plant esters and surfactants that condition coat, adding body and shine- cleans thoroughly without scrubbing; safe and gentle enough for every day. Detangler by Mane n Tail conditions and fortifies hair strands, for friction free combing. Keeps hair soft and manageable. Visit Mane n Tail today!

Ramm Horse FencingRamm Fencing & Stalls has 21 years experience serving the needs of horse owners while providing the very best customer service. Ramm Fencing and Stalls was started by Debbie and Mike Disbrow as a result of a bad  experience purchasing their own horse fencing. Ramm is known for the highest quality horse products and unsurpassed customer service.
Visit Ramm Fence & Stalls today!

Horse Feeders by High Country PlasticsThe Slow Feeder Saver by High Country Plastics is designed to give Equine the healthiest and most natural eating experience possible regardless of them being stalled or stabled. The small grate holes prevent horses from wasting feed by consuming it to quickly or spreading it out on the ground by forcing them to take small bites. This also has the added benefit of keeping them occupied longer reducing boredom, which can lead to cribbing and poor temperament.
The Slow Feeder Saver can pay for itself in less than a year by eliminating feed waste! See our Slow Feeder Saver today!

GGT Arena Footing SystemGGT Footing GGT- Footing has the most versatile and affective horse footing solutions in the horse industry.

GGT-Footing, a shredded textile, stabilizes the sand particles - this mimics the effect of the rooting system of turf, stabilizing the surrounding soil particles.

Reduce dust in your horse arena while adding stability, higher slide strength, without packing- and even extend the life of your footing!  Visit GGT Footing! Our video!

ELGEE Power Vac for Horse BarnsElgee Barn Vacuums make cleaning the barn aisles a breeze. Hay, bottles, trash,  shavings are all swept away clean with Elgee Barn Vacuums. Are you tired of barn aisles that are filled with shavings, hay, bits of manure and dirt? Are you looking for a fast, thorough, easy to use, permanent solution to your problem?  For over 40 years the Elgee Power-Vac has been cleaning horse stables and barns coast to coast.  It’s rugged all steel design with patented vacuum baffling lends to its superior performance when the task is too much for manual broom cleaning. You'll be amazed at how easy -- and fast-- it is to have clean, fresh, dirt-free barn aisles! Once you have an ELGEE Barn Vacuum you'll never go back to the "broom" again!  Video

Armour Companies Horse Stall ProductsArmour Companies manufactures a variety of aluminum horse stall doors, stall fronts, barn doors, stable shutters and barn art. Armour’s Barn Components assist builders and individuals with newly built barns or renovation projects. End barn doors, shutters, horse stall doors and alike, arrive fully assembled with the necessary hardware and fasteners for lumber installation. Armour products are NOT KITS, once products are received; installation is achieved with 8-16 fasteners. Our knowledgeable staff will make your renovation easy! Call Armour Companies today!

Butler Professional Horseshoeing SchoolButler Professional Farrier School Expert instructors. Sequential, proven learning system that teaches you MORE in LESS time! Small classes with individual, confidence-building attention. Anatomy, balance, conformation, diseases, customer relations, business practices , and more. Help individual horses perform at their best and gain a financially rewarding  career with principle-centered instruction designed by Dr. Doug Butler!
Butler Professional Farrier School is America’s
most affordable horseshoeing school.

The Bale Barn Covered Hay FeederBale Barns are built stronger, designed to be COOLER in hot weather and are safe and comfortable for your horse! The Bale Barn offers full protection for your hay and the benefits of a slow feeder all in one! Bale Barns have retained strength with solid, one piece construction. Bale Barns have an increased stance, a reinforced base, tapered sides, and are now easier to transport. Your Bale Barn will pay for itself in no time and last for years to come. Order Bale Barn today!

TravelnCorrals Portable Horse CorralsTravel N Corrals, portable horse corrals are simply the best horse trailer corrals, camping corrals, or portable travel horse panels available. 
Lightweight, but very durable, Travel N Corral panels will allow you to build either a 13’ x 13’, 16 X 16 or 18 x 18 round horse stall right next to your trailer in less than 15 minutes.
Travel N Corrals Video and information!

porta Grazer Horse Grazing FeederPORTA-GRAZER by Grazing Feeders, Inc. lets your horse eat the way nature intended!  It is designed to replicate as close as possible a natural grazing environment for your confined equines by slowing down feed intake while simulating natural head down grazing behavior. The PORTA-GRAZER replaces the usual feast and famine system of being fed twice a day and eating too quickly. This durable feeder aids your horse’s digestion by allowing your horse to eat slowly throughout the day. The PORTA -GRAZER makes feeding much more pleasant for you as well. Get information on the Porta-Grazer today!
See our Video!

Horse Colic TreatmentSayWhoa!    Is a One Time Dose per event of onset of symptoms related to Fecal Impaction, Gas, Sand and Spasmodic
Just place in mouth with supplied oral doser – Horse just swallows. Hear gut sounds returning quickly. Safe for Horses.  Mares lactating or in foal.  Performance Horses.  Drug Free Formula.  Formula that is the All Natural Holistic way. 
Keep on Your Shelf. Remember Say Whoa!
In Your Moment of Need – It’s What You Do First!

LifeLine Performance Horse SupplementsLIFELINE®'s  Equine Elite® and AgeWell® began over 30 years ago when scientists discovered the powerful role bioactive proteins play in helping support and maintain normal immune function.
LIFELINE® Equine Performance pellets work because of BioThrive™ bioactive proteins, our serum-powered active ingredient that is proven to ease the negative effects of stress in animals.
Joints, Breathing, and Performance can improve immensely with LIFELIFE®!  See LIFELINE® Equine Elite® or LIFELINE® AgeWell® today!

iFeed Automatic Horse FeederHealthy Horses Perform Better! The iFEED Automatic Feeder for Horses starts at only $399.
It can feed your horse as many times a day as you choose !  It helps prevent ulcers, lessens manure , helps detour colic,  and alleviates boredom. Dispersing your horse’s grain in small doses can improve the health, performance and save money.

Call iFeed ORIGINAL Automatic Grain Feeder today for your horses health!

Nisim International Hair Growth!Nisim helps you grow your horse's mane and tail FAST!! FAST Horse Shampoo and Cream Rinse can help accelerate your horse's own ability to grow a healthy mane and tail-quickly. If your horse is in need of a mane or tail "miracle" give them a healthy diet and FAST Equine Shampoo for Longer Mane and Tail to encourage rapid hair growth.
Check out Nisim today!

Hand Care for Horse Care Alpha Skin Solutions  is the most effective hand and skin cleaner on the market remove the most stubborn stains on skin--including Thrush Treatment Solutions. The proprietary humectant blend of moisturizers addresses and repairs even the most dry and cracked skin- while removing odors and common product stains most horse owners experience.  Order Alpha Skin Solutions hand cleaner for horse owners today for soft, clean hands.

Guardian Horse BeddingGuardian Bedding knows that horse bedding is one of the greatest expenses for any farm owner.  As farm owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of reducing animal bedding costs while maintaining the level of care you require.  Year after year, we remain committed to providing the highest quality horse bedding options at the best possible prices.
Call and visit Guardian Bedding Today!

SSG GlovesSSG Riding Gloves For Every Riding Discipline!
SSG  produce a  range of gloves for both professional use and everyday riding. Designed with the rider in mind, and with over 50 styles to choose from, SSG gloves offer a quality gloves for every type of equestrianism.  Warm and cold weather styles and sizing from child's to adult! SSG Gloves!

Reveal 4-n-1 Arena Grooming DragThe Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena drag for your horse property.

It is a rugged hard working tool designed to make arena grooming and maintenance fast and easy. It has a versatile three- point hitch hook up.
The roller works in conjunction with the harrow beam to pulverize and groom.

Ground is just dirt, but great footing is made by The Reveal 4-N-1.

Clear Choice Natural Equine Shampoo and ConditionerClear Choice Natural Equine Shampoo and Conditioner by Intrepid International is made with natural ingredients that naturally soften, cleanse, and revitalize your horse's coat, mane and tail. Clear Choice is easy to use, easy to rinse, affordable  equine shampoo and conditioner that offers spectacular results your horse can feel and you can see! Make sure that Clear Choice is in your tack room today!

Ramm Stalls and Horse FencingRamm Horse Stalls
Ramm Fencing, Stalls and Solutions will help you to plan the horse stalls you have always dreamed of and offer a wide horse stall selection; from designer series horse stalls, to welded stalls, standard and economy horse stalls, portable stalls and custom one of a kind stalls.
Visit Ramm and see their selection of Horse stalls.

NewHSHmNew Holland Supply, LLC. offers custom wood Barn Doors and handmade Hardware to enhance the looks of your barn or post frame building. New Holland Supply has a national reputation for excellence,  dedicated customer service, and superior craftsmanship! Our Handcrafted Custom Doors will add both beauty and value to your structure. We ship all over the United States!
Visit New Holland Supply Today!

Redstone Supply Horse Fencing and Supplies!Redstone Supply offers Guaranteed Lowest Pricing on horse fencing. Their affordable horse fence selection includes  Nationally Known Brands like Finishline, Centaur, Gallagher, Zareba- and more- and all at GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICING!  Redstone Supply will help horse owners every step of the way with their low cost, high quality horse fencing purchase.
Call Redstone Supply today and save on the best horse fencing brands in America!

Grand  Premium Plus Complete Horse SupplementGrand Premium Plus by Grand Meadows is the most COMPLETE Horse Supplement on the market today! It is a  vitamin, mineral, coat, hoof, digestive, probiotic and joint supplement all in one! Think of the savings and the benefit to your horse to have that complete nutrition every day! With GRAND PREMIUM PLUS (NASC Certified!) horse owners don’t get just a little of everything, but the actual complete daily dose with highest quality ingredients of every nutrient your horse might need to support complete and total health from the inside out! No more guess work, no more ordering from several sources to try to ensure your horse has what they need. With GRAND PREMIUM PLUS you have everything you need in 1 supplement.

EquiPedic Saddle PadsEquiPedic® Saddle Pads for Horses can improve your horse's performance, increase the oxygenated blood flow levels across the horse's back and can build strength and accelerate muscle recovery- Thus providing your horse with more energy without supplements! It can even lower the body surface temperature of a horse and eliminate saddle fit problems and pressure points.
For more information and to watch the video demonstration,
visit EquiPedic® Saddle Pad today.

Healthy Steps Horse SupplementsWith Joint Eze by Healthy Steps Equine is the most effective Equine Arthritis Supplement in America containing all 4 forms of vital glucosamines for maximum support maintaining joint flexibility!
No loading dose necessary because it contains the right amount of ingredients for your horse, the first time, the last time and with every dose in-between! IT WORKS!
Order Joint EZE today your horse will thank you!

Corinthian Insurance AgencyCorinthian Insurance- Whether you want to insure your horse, your farm or your equine business Corinthian Insurance offers the absolute best coverage available from A rated insurance companies that LOVE to insure horses and farms. Additionally we offer programs to ensure you horse and will be happy to work with you to make sure right amount of insurance to meet your unique needs.
Visit Corinthian Insurance today!

safetyhitchhmadSafety Hitch By  The Automated Safety Hitch™ allows you to haul your horses with ease and safety as never before!  With the Automated Safety Hitch™, you don't need a big heavy truck to transport your horses safely and comfortably.  Just align, attach and secure The Automated Safety Hitch™ to your pickup or SUV with the push of a button and you'll be on your way.
Call us at 940-320-3008

EquiFUSE Equine Shampoo and Coat CareEquiFUSE® Equine Shampoo and Coat Care is an equine skin care line developing high performance shampoos, conditioners, and shine products unlike any you have experienced before. EquiFUSE® horse bathing products contain 100% natural fragrances including the essentials oils of oranges, lemons, sesame seeds, and limes. Finally, EquiFUSE® products are formulated, developed and packaged here in the United States under rigorous quality standards. So say goodbye to harsh equine bathing and grooming products and start using EquiFUSE® for the quality coat care your horse deserves. Buy EquiFUSE today and see your horse shine like never before!  See our VIDEO too!

Shoo-fly Fly Control for Horses!Since 1979, Shoo-fly Automatic Fly Control System for Horse barns offers the most effective, reliable fly control for horse owners today.

Our affordable systems are easy to install and will keep your barns and stalls free of flies and flying pests. The Shoo-fly formula is safe and extremely effective— your horses will be calmer and healthier.

Make sure your barns and stalls are FLY FREE areas with Shoo-fly. Call and order today.    See our Video!

SUNCOAST Horse BeddingSUNCOAST® Pine Shavings Bedding offers premium quality, pure pine shavings horse bedding for excellent cushioning and maximum absorbency. Clean and essentially dust-free SUNCOAST manufactured Pine Shavings are made from 100% organic pine wood shavings that are high-heat dried and screened multiple times to remove dust.  Our low moisture, low dust flakes are the highest quality , fluffiest, and most absorbent bedding you can provide for your horse. SUNCOAST's unique 4-to-1 ultra-compressed packaging offers more expanded cubic feet per bale… which means MORE for your Money. Buy Suncoast Shavings today!

OCD Pellets Build Stronger Bone for HorsesOCD Pellets (Optimal Cartilage Development) are a revolutionary nutritional supplement to maintain, protect and restore equine bone health, and joint health for your horse. 
With micro-sized molecules (Isolates) for superior assimilation and utilization of active ingredients, OCD Pellets encourages new cartilage growth and joint lubrication for your horse, while providing relief from inflammation.
Corta-Flx®, a clinically proven formula found in OCD Pellets also assist inflammation.

Hyndsight Horse Trailer CameraHyndsight Journey is the best Wire-FREE Horse Trailer, or Horse Barn Camera System available on the market today! The lithium batteries are rechargeable, with an average battery life of 4-5 hours per full charge.
Hyndsight Journey is incredibly rugged and durable. Pair up to 4 cameras to one monitor for maximum versatility, and enjoy the accurate, non-fisheyed view from each camera. Monitor your horses with ease and reliability as never before!
Check out Hyndsight Journey today!

Mary Ann Kennedy Music for People who Love Horses!Mary Ann Kennedy is the Grammy nominated hit songwriter from Nashville, TN, and now creates music that celebrates the horse, for people who love horses!
Listen to music that inspires your love of being with horses.
Mary Ann seems to express what we all feel in our hearts for our beloved horses and the life we all live with them.
Through melody, rhythm and humor in song, this is music that we horse lovers can listen and ride to.  Music from the heart about horses and the animals we love. There's none other like it! Check out her website and check out her music videos here!

thinlinehmad2015Thin Line Horse Saddle Pads offers saddle pads that focus on the comfort both horse and rider. ThinLine Saddle Pads® improve fit and stability in the saddle; minimize horse and rider workload, reduce stress and improve performance.
In addition, they are the only saddle pads recommended by spinal surgeons. According to Neurosurgeon and lifelong horseman, James Warson, MD I’ve never known a horse to have a back problems if he had a well fitting saddle and a ThinLine saddle pad.
 Make sure you have a Thinline Saddle Pad for your western or english riding horse today!

FodderTech Horse Fodder System!Fodder Tech is the newest way to feed your horses year round, rain, shine, sun or snow! Now you can have fresh, wholesome grass for your horses without the fear of hay prices that can skyrocket or pastures that don't produce enough good pasture! FodderTech manufactures state-of-the-art fodder systems which reliably produce high-quality, low-cost green feed for horses.  A hydroponic fodder-based diet has been shown to support hoof health and energy, can improve top-line and coat appearance, and helps support reduced incidence of colic as well as respiratory problems to which dry hay often contributes. FodderTech systems  operate mold-free, with very little labor.  Visit FodderTech!

New horizons Equine Education CenterNew Horizons Equine Education Center offers the most comprehensive equine education online today. Our online horse courses offer step-by-step courses from basic horsemanship through advanced principles of equine science and management. You can study at home!  Our equine courses are affordable, easy to understand and are approved by AQHA, AHA, ApHC and APHA. Call New Horizons Equine Education and start your equine future today!

CEECOACH Horse and Rider Communication DeviceCEECOACH is a handsfree communication device for horse instructors and trainers. The system can have 1 moderator and up to 5 participants communicating at the same time.  The system can communicate over a distance of up to 1600 feet (1/3 mile) without a smartphone or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology.  Whether you are trail riding, barrel horse racing, reining or dressage the CEECOACH™ makes training and riding more enjoyable, eventful, social and safe.
Order CEECOACH™  today!

Ice Horse Cold Therapy Products for Horses!Easy to use and reusable, Ice Horse® Cold Therapy Wraps remove heat, and reduce and inflammation of tendons, ligaments, backs and hooves for your horse.
Ice Horse® frozen inserts stay cold for over 2 hours. The secret is the ice. When frozen, Ice Horse inserts turn to soft fluffy snow that molds to the horses legs for maximum coverage and cooling. Learn why more veterinarians recommend Ice Horse®  than any other cold therapy product.
Put the power of Ice Horse®  Cold Therapy to work for you— see our video and order today!

FREE AIRWAY Horse Health Supplement- FREE AIRWAY by La Victoria Performance Products is a supplement that can help horses to breathe better! It can assist in the relief of stable cough, nasal discharge, mild heaves, and seasonal allergies.  Formulated by Veterinarians, the active ingredients are: Vitamin C, Calcium, Rose Hips, Acerola Berry, and Citrus Bioflavonoids. It was formulated for nasal and pulmonary issues. Free Airway works to boost their immune system, letting their body support its ability to fight off bacteria, virus and fungus, that can lead to respiratory distress.
Get Free Airway for your horse today!

Synbiont Agricultural WashSynbiont Ag Wash is an effective Infection Prevention spray that can be used to clean your animals, barns, horse stalls and more! 

Are you afraid of exposing your animals to harmful bacteria or dangerous chemicals?  Spray Synbiont Ag Wash on directly your horses, and all horse equipment, feeders and all places where your horses are.

Learn more about Synbiont and enjoy true bio-security today.

Arena Werks Arena DragsThe Original Arena Werks™ by Snodgress Equipment
If your considered about having the proper footing in your arena, then you need The Original Arena Werks™ Drags, are a collection of rotary harrows designed to guarantee your horse sure footing in your arena. Snodgress Equipment has a commitment to quality because they only use the best materials in their products and comes with a lifetime manufacturer defects guarantee!
Check out the Original Arena Werks equipment on our website!

Hoof Cinch Horse Hoof HealthThe Hoof Cinch is an affordable, safe, painless way to treat and even correct, founder. The Hoof Cinch™ is easily applied by Farriers, Veterinarians or even the horse owner..  The Hoof Cinch just requires the hoof to be trimmed level and balanced. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make to your horse. Don't let your horse suffer when HoofCinch can help! You'll be glad you did! Contact HoofCinch today! (855) 442-4624

Source Micronutrients for HorsesSOURCE Micronutrient Supplements have made believers out of both horse and dog owners since 1975! No matter what supplements your horse may be adding SOURCE will help increase the ability of those supplements to be effective and the additional micronutrients can support an improved horse coat, hooves, temperament- and more! While SOURCE is marketed strictly as a nutritional supplement and makes no medical claims, SOURCE believes that its positive effects are to due replacement of micronutrients no longer available in our food supplies.
Try it and become a believer in SOURCE Micronutrients for all your horses and dogs!

Valley Vuew Ranch Summer Camp for Girls!Valley View Ranch Equestrian Camp is a private equestrian camp for girls who love horses! Located in scenic Northwest Georgia. Our focus is to give each girl horsemanship instruction. Plenty of  saddle time on trails plus the care and the responsibility of having her own horse.
A private equestrian summer camp for girls ages 8-17!
A’Top Lookout Mountain Since 1954!
Several riding programs are offered at Valley View Ranch!

The Bitless Bridle by Dr CookThe BitlessBridle ™ by Dr. Cook calms your horse and clarifies communication. Bits cause anxiety and pain, obstruct your horse’s breathing and interfere with proper balance.  There is a safe, effective and painless alternative.   Read through over 400 pages of user testimonials on our website to see what other riders just like you have discovered.  We offer a 30 day risk free trial.
Visit BitlessBridle Today!

The University of Montana WesternThe University of Montana Western offers the ONLY  4 Year Natural Horsemanship Degree in the country!
Learn natural horsemanship training skills. Our students also have access to the Montana Center for Horsemanship, a brand new facility featuring a full-size outdoor arena and individual horse boarding. We also offer intercollegiate athletics in rodeo and equestrian.
Check out Montana Western Today for a bright equine career future tomorrow! Watch our Video!

TrailGuard Roadside Assistance for the Horse OwnerTrailguard offers safe, affordable roadside assistance for horse owners. Trailguard was founded with one mission in mind- guarding you down life's trails. Trailguard is a full service provider of roadside and travel assistance. We specialize in assisting those who are hauling livestock!  Our staff understands the urgency and complexity our members face when stranded-especially when hauling horses and livestock. At less than $1 a day, every horse owner can enjoy peace of mind traveling with Trailguard!

DuraCornum Horse Hoof Moisture Control!DuraCornum by EquineSec Horse Hoof Moisture Control
Have hoof issues with horses standing in moisture or mud? Or is dry weather turning your horse’s hooves into a dry scaly nightmare? DuraCornum COMPLETE Hoof Protection System provides a barrier for the entire hoof to give your horse’s feet the best possible care and protection!
DuraCornum’s breathable EXTERNAL Moisture Absorption Shield protects against waterlogged hooves and provides an INTERNAL Moisture Balance that fights dry, flakey cracked hooves, while improving exfoliation. Check us out now!

WikiWags help prevent dog accidents!Wiki Wags™ puts you back in control with the perfect fit protection of Wiki Wags™  brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps.
Our male disposable doggie diaper wrap restore peace and control in the home and are comfortable, affordable, dog diapers and a"must have" for male markers!
Enjoy peace, harmony and the beauty of a house free from  urine stains and odor with Wiki Wags today!
Visit Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps on the web!

Equestrian Law, Horse Lawyer Bing  I. Bush Jr.Law Offices of Bing I. Bush Jr., A Professional Corporation
Highly regarded civil and business litigation firm specializing in all Equine-related legal matters.
Practicing nationally Bing represents owners, trainers, jockeys and others before the Stewards of Racing Boards, State & Federal Courts in full range of disputes including Financial & Contractual disputes, Equine insurance issues, Equine related Liability & Personal injury etc.
 Contact Bing I Bush Jr. A.P.C. Today!

Herbs for HorsesEquine Science offers a natural, safe and effective means to help horses fighting insulin resistance, laminitis, founder and more! Equine Sugar Balance is an herbal blend which supports normal sugar metabolism, nourishes the glandular system, helps restore normal thyroid function. Cipex Circulatory Performance Enhancer is a unique blend of natural herbs that may help improve circulation to tissues, speed repair and possibly halt tissue damage-  which can be very beneficial if your horse requires the repair of damaged tissues such as injuries, wounds, laminitis and more. Visit Equine Science, Herbs4Horses today!

Soft Ride Horse Comfort BootsSoft-Ride Boots are a miracle boot for horses with sore feet or who need added protection during layups or transport. Soft-Ride boots offer both support and comfort to horses that need the extra protection for their hooves. The tough outer shell gives the horse a “rocker” base of support while a removable, washable orthotic insert cushions and supports the bottom of the hoof. Soft-Ride Boots provide support, protection, and comfort for horses. Soft-Ride boots are also a solution for simple management of foot lameness problems in horses.
Visit Soft-Ride Today and be sure to see our Video.

MILLLCREEK Manufacturing of Horse Manure SpreadersMillcreek Manure Spreaders by Millcreek MFG, Inc.
Born out of a rich, dynamic agricultural tradition in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, Millcreek Manufacturing, Inc. has gained a reputation for combining unmatched craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to deliver top value for every equipment dollar.
Our Compact Stainless Steel Manure Spreader has no equal and is the first of it's kind in America!
Learn more about our Horse Manure Spreaders and watch our video here!

Kunafin fly and mosquito control for horses!Kunafin Fly Control for Horse Barns, Property and Stables ensures that your horses have the best protection from flies possible. Manure attracts flies! Kunafin has over 40 years of expertise in developing ‘fly parasites’ that are completely harmless to humans and animals…but deadly to flies. Flies can cause serious problems, so you need a product with serious results! Kunafin offers affordable Fly Control that works!

Total Equine Horse FeedsTotal Equine® is the most ABSORBABLE feed on the market today. 40 years of research to ensure that this feed contains everything your horse. We also offer Total Equine® LNSC, formulated and designed for Insulin Resistance or Cushing’s Syndrome horses. Total Equine® Essentials, provides essential minerals and vitamins as well as the level of Ascophyllum nodosum for maximum blood flow and nerve health in a 1.0 lb. per day feeding rate. Order Total Equine®

High Country PlasticsHigh Country Plastics makes horse trailer water caddies and water caddies for your truck so that your horse can have water from his own stable anytime, day or night. Portable water tanks for your horse truck or horse trailer is vital to the health and well being of your horse.
Visit High Country Plastics for Water Caddies suited for both Truck or Trailer today!

Wind River Horse FencingWindRiver Fence offers HDPE Horse Fencing- Fencing for horses is inherently maintenance free. The color is integral to the product and so it is truly colorfast. Unlike wood and metal fences, you will never have to paint it, it doesn't get brittle with age or the cold and horses don't eat it like they would a wood fence!
It does not rot, does not attract bugs - 6 great colors to choose from. Enjoy our 20 year warranty!
Call WindRiver Fence today!

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